Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oops. ..

I being computer illiterate pressed publish blog by mistake, I wasn't finished!! I never got to spell check, ignore the typing blunders, oh there will be many!!
Help I don't know how to send this on to my blogger friends as I have never done this before, I wanted to send it on to,
1. Rony, The Ghelerter twins
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Childhood memories

I have been meme by Sen, it was to list 5 childhood memories ,

1. My summers at Pt. Burwell on lake Erie, my Grandma had a trailer there. Every weekend my Grandma would load her big brand new Chrysler New Yorker and drive as many kids as we could cram into that big boat. Seat belts were not an issue , I just dated myself, so we would even sit on each other's lap. My Grammie would turn on the radio, it had a reverbarator on it so it sounded almost like it echoed, she would crank up the tunes and we would sing at the top of our lungs(usually the Bee Gees,still love em'). We would unload at the south beach, have Sammie's french fries and a coke, swim and then all sandy we headed home in what I called the bat mobile, I still hear the radio in my head and my Grandma singing.

2. This may gross out some readers-beware, told ya so.
My father is a Paramedic, when I was 8 the paremedics used to be privatized, they were not government run. So the company my Dad worked for also had a body removal service, they would pick up deceased persons and take them to funeral homes or airports ect. My dad would pick me up from school(yes, it did gross out my friends, they thought I was whacked)in the body buggy, as I referred to it and we would pick up and deliver. My dad and I would have our best chitty chats in the buggy because , well, it wasn't like anyone could hear us or give away secrets. I remember on trip on the infamous 401, my Father hit upon an accident and we made a very sudden stop, lets just say thank goodness I was a short child and the headrests were tall. Or maybe it was the time when my dad was taking someone from a small town hospital and he had to take the deceased down an icy ramp in January, I think you can get the picture. I think what I loved most about these memories other than the talks is that I did learn life lessons, my father showed such respect for his job, there was the occasional ggigle but it was to keep the job light or it could of become a serious stressor in his life because of the sights he had to see. He also went to the deceased homes if they had to be taken out and sometimes they had been there a very long time or perhaps it might have been ruled a suicide, this was always very tough. The company also did the "clean" up, I could go if the home or the scene was appropriate.

3.Saturday mornings with my Grandpam, after a back bacon and egg breakfast (his with stinky blue cheese, do people actually eat that stuff?), we would cuddle on the front room couch where Grandpa would drink his aromatic black coffee and read the newspaper. After that we would head down the street to my Uncles grocery store and I could get penny candy, boy you could get a fist full back then for a dime.

4. My Mom used to be a hairdresser many moons ago and I can still remember all the times she would experiment different and new styles on my head, many colors, many lengths and to this day i am still in therapy from the relentless ribbing and teasing. Sitting with my Mom while she experimented was great , she would usually manage to get the scoop on new boyfriends, who of my friends was doing what , that sort of thing. It was good bonding time, my Mom is only 16 yrs older than me so sometimes it felt like I was telling my secrets to my older sister, I would have to shut it and catch myself before I got in too deep.

5.Our family time in Florida, we would go down every year for the month of February, my grandparents were already down there for the winter months(snowbirds).I fondly remember Disney World, Bush Gardens and there was one special place we would go and I can't remember the name, something like the Kaypock Inn(maybe someone in Florida can help me out here). It was beautiful old home with majestic gardens, the food was to die for.
I would love to send this on to ,
1. Rony, The Ghelerter Twins

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All in a day's play

Workin' at he car wash

I'm going to squirt you

Here I go...

Please Mom come in!!
A nice relaxing play day in the sun, two tired girls at bedtime and one exhausted Mom. Too tired to blog, now that's tired!

Monday, May 28, 2007

party pooped

Princess Jen and her best friend Princess Jill- 2nd in line to throne

Well we are officially party pooped right out, the princess birthday party was fantastic! We had seven little beautiful princesses descend on our castle.They had on their princess formal attire accompanied with all the proper accessories, crown, jewels , party shoes and tons of glitter. There was plenty of entertainment, musical thrones, duck,duck,golden goose, find the treasure and balancing the golden egg on the silver spoon. I think the favourite entertainment was the palace joker(sorry honey, you were fantastic) and the dragon. There was also a cardboard castle that the Queen Mother made, she was frantically painting it the morning of the party, it was a great back drop for a royal photo op.
Next was on to the high tea, the princess requested cheese and peperoni pizza and cake decorated with Mrs. Pots and her son chips. After that it was time for the princesses to go off to their castles, a royal good time was had by all, cheerio.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy 5th my Princess

On May 26th my Princess turned five years old, it's so hard to believe. As her Mommy it seems like yesterday our CB group all piled into a very crowded and loud motel room. This is where you were placed in my arms for the first time, you were the most beautiful (still are)child I had ever seen, I had dreamt of our meeting , how Mommy would cry with overwhelming joy. I was so overcome the tears couldn't even flow, here I was looking into the eyes of an angel, you were the most adorable child I had ever seen, lots of shiny black hair, chubby cheeks that hugged the sweetest dimple(a kiss from an angel).
So as I reflect on our first meeting, I can't help but wonder today of the mother that held you for the first time, looked into your eyes and saw the life that she grew inside of her. I want her to know how much I love her and thank her for for her wonderful gift. I want her to know how much we cherish, treasure and love her baby, how we will watch her grow in to the woman you wanted her to become. Please know that we are one in thought today as our baby celebrates five years of life. A beautiful life because of you, thank you.

Friday, May 25, 2007

My athletic angel

Waiting for the ball- the glove
looks bigger than her.

Big raspberry to you ..

While in a a dollar store this morning (shopping for birthday grab bags) my little Jilly bean wanted some bubbles, we had purchased some yesterday (by the gallon)so I told her no and continued shopping. A horrendous fit ensued and she threw herself around in the shopping cart like the Tasmanian devil she can be, I continued to shop and ignored her. She ultimately got very cross that I wasn't giving into her demands. Her temper was flaring and she was screaming at the top of her lungs, again I ignored her because I was almost done shopping and I'll be damned if I was leaving and driving home only to return later that night on my own(gas being$1.10 litre, I'm cheap and the drive back and home is 15 minute one way).When out of the screams someone tapped my shoulder and said "Why the hell don't you take that kid outside?
My temper was not in a good place, my reply was "Excuse me but why don't you mind your own business. Again like an idiot he must be, he repeated his question again.
I am so angry that I replied in a curt manner, "If I was beating her butt, fine intervene, but she is only have a temper tantrum , she is a baby, babies cry." He walked away muttering to himself.
The saleswoman apologized for his comments, I said "I paid no attention."
I go into the van and I was spent, dealing with Jilly's tantrum and then the clown and his stupid comments, I was angry and shaky, how dare someone tell me how to discipline my child.
I had let him WIN, I was affected by his actions, some people suck ,so here's to you .. a big, no HUGE, fat raspberry. My world was so LUCKY to have you in it today.. thanks for nothin'.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Father

Today is my Father's birthday, happy birthday , I love you.
Love your girls,
Kerri, Jennifer and Jillian

Monday, May 21, 2007

Soccer Mom

After a very busy Victoria Holiday Weekend, it was great to wind it down with watching Princess Puddin' Pop play soccer. I love being a soccer Mom, Jen is a great player, she runs like the wind and can really kick a ball . This year she really has a fan in her sister, she was on the sidelines yelling"Go Blue", "Ya Jie Jie"(it made Mommy melt).

Sunday, May 20, 2007

No matter what..

No matter how many bathroom in the house I always have someone standing beside me while I pee
No matter how many dirty diapers I have changed at home during the day, every time we leave the house to go out to the mall ect, I hear "Mom Poo". Why is it I always leave the diaper bag in the van?
No matter how many questions I answer in a day there always a little voice asking"Why Mom".
No matter how many times I go to the grocery store (with a list)I always forget something.
No matter how many outfits I have to change into there is always sticky,dirty little digits that will find there way to them.
No matter how close I am to my princesses(or husband)they'll yell "MOM" in a shrieking , screaming voice like I am a million miles away.
No matter what I cook for the masses someone will say "YUCK, I don't like that".
No matter how big my girls get they'll always be my babies.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy birthday to me

As I celebrate my 42nd birthday today I got this sense of contentment that I never felt in my twenties and certainly not in my thirties. I am so happy how my life is unfolding, I have this wonderful husband who is just the most amazing Daddy. Then there are my two little monkeys, I never imagined I would be a Mommy , in my twenties I had a hysterectomy so I faced the hard reality that there would not be a pregnancy , I wouldn't feel life growing inside me, at the time it didn't register with me because i hadn't met the man I would want to spend the rest of my life with.
In my thirties I had met my husband, fell madly in love and couldn't wait to be a Mommy, we knew our path was adoption and looked happily to our future. During our paper chase to complete our dossier, I had routine blood work (I have blood disorder so extra documentation was in order) when my Hematologist found so irregularities, I had contacted Hep C due to many blood transfusion during my hysterectomy. Our dreams fell apart, we were told that our adoption plans would probably would be put on hold or worse forget them altogether. My liver specialist didn't know at this point if i had a lot of damage or if this was going to be something that might take my life.
Long story short my husband said we were not going to give up on our dream , we put together our dossier and didn't inform family in case we were rejected for health reasons. We had applied to Vietnam, well just as our dossier landed in Vietnam, it closed down , we were crushed, I was truly convinced that I was not meant to be a Mom. Again my husband didn't let me give up, we switched to the China program, our agency couldn't tell us for sure how China would deal with our health issues but they felt optimistic that we were going to be parents.
I tried to put the wait out of my thoughts because I was sure we would get the call and I was going to so devastated, as hard as i tried i did nothing but dream of my daughter, her little face , our first meeting , the first time she said mommy.
We were expecting news of referral in January of 2003, one afternoon my husband and I were at home and the phone rang, it was our agency , my heart sunk like a rock falling into a deep well, I was convinced if they were calling in December it was devastating news.
All i could hear after, "you have a little girl" is a blur, tears flowed and I felt like I couldn't get my breath. After the call we ran downstairs to our computer and watched our baby pop up on the screen, the most beautiful child. At this moment i knew what i had felt in my twenties was sooo wrong I did feel the life of my child inside me, she was in my heart, I felt it immediately. It was the most wonderful thing in the whole world.
Not long after Jenny came home, reality hit me hard, i had to go on treatment weeks after our return from China. I had a round of treatment for six months, it didn't work and i was devastated, didn't this damn drug know I was a Mom ,I wanted to live to see her many milestones. Another six months passed and we tried treatment again, this time for a year , I felt at some points that i just had to quit but then I'd go into the nursery and watch Jen sleep in her crib, this was enough to gain back my strength. The treatment was a success and I am now in remission state of inactivity as they like to call it.
So after my many battles in my 20's and 30's I am now feeling such freedom , i love my greys, laugh lines, I feel like I am just starting life. So as I blew out my candles on my birthday cake, my wish was for my babies, I already had all mine come true... okay enough of this mushy ol' post.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Show me some luv

Things I hope my girls will share being sisters,

Special memories from their childhood
Their first big crush
Their first kiss
Shoe shopping
First dates
The first time one gets their heart broke by a boy, tears helped with hugs
Picking the right university, apartment or dorm (not far from home I hope)
Finding Mr. Right
Their engagement and weddings, picking out "the dress".
Pregnancies or adoptions
Watching their kids grow
Menopause, I hope they laugh like h*ll all the way through it, especially when they have their own "mini vacations" as I refer to them. A hot flash with my eyes closed, I can be on any tropical island of my dreams.
Old age, being Grandma's, sharing grey hair and phoning each other when they find a good sale on Depends.
Love, Hugs and always being there for each other through the good and the bad.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tears for Fears


Last night around six pm. we experienced the heavens opening up and pouring down on us, we had one horrific storm that shook my little Jilly beans existence. My little princesses are scheduled maybe to the point of insanity but it works for Mommy, well last night the power went out around 6:30. For a while it was party time with snacks , bath and flashlights, then 8pm rolled around and it was time for bed, Jilly bean was looking for her BA BA, a stinky little elephant that she sucks on to comfort herself to sleep, after an exhausting search we discovered he was outside in the downpour(crap***), no electricity, no dryer. Mommy tried bribing her with other cute cuddly animals no avail, she refused to sleep, the comfort bottle could not be given, no friggin microwave. By this time Mommy is beside herself, but darling dad gives her a flashlight that she could hold and she had to shake it to keep it lit, this amused her for a while, we ultimately heard little snores(ahhhh, yahoo). About 10 pm hubby and I retreated to bed for a good night sleep with the crank radio serenading us to slumber when all of a sudden a shrill shriek in the silence bolted us up like we had been tazered. After fumbling in the dark for a flashlight I ran to Jilly, well the screaming continued until 11;30, we tried everything, rockin' in the rockin' chair, a little Advil(yes, I resorted to drugs, call the damn CAS)and walking the halls.
At this point I thinking of hunting down the Hydro one guys and leaving them with my little bean when lo' and behold there was light, ya baby!
The first thing I ran to hubby threw that frickin' BA BA long and wide and he was already running down the kitchen, caught and dashed to the dryer. I with Jilly on hip run to the fridge grabbed bottle, used my mouth unscrewed top poured in milk and microwaved until warm. While guzzling I explained BA BA was in the dryer getting warm, she finished and then continued to scream , I have now pulled out the Advil for me. Twenty minutes the elephant is dry , she is in bed , night light is on and snoring is once again a welcomed white noise in small town Ontario.
Oh ya by the way, Princess Puddin' Pop slept soundly through the whole ordeal, unreal??

Got me,

I was tagged by my buddy bud Sen,

Here are 8 things that I can pass along to the masses,
1. I am a hygiene freak, often taking two or three baths a day, often just to relieve stress(from whom you might wonder?).
2. I am an only child, my parents were married very!!! young 16 and 20. I am spoiled rotten, I was the first girl in three generations on my dad's side. I am a daddy's girl even though we don't see each other often enough.
3. I too was a candy striper, just wanted to be decked out in that cool hat.
4. Have !!!!! to have caffeine or I get super cranky, totally addicted.
5. Hate spiders, I scream, cry and beg my four year to stomp squish and kill (nice mom).
6.I think (like every other mom out there)that my kids are the most beautiful in the world, their birthparents were knockouts.
7. I watch one soap opera, ya I know what crap TV, but love my secret pleasure.
8. Can't swim, will certainly be wary if hubby buys boat with three life jackets.
Can't send this on , afraid I don't know that many people to send the luv too yet(this the time to cry and send out the cyber hugs)but I am working on gettin' around(cheap flooz)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Crazy Cake

How to bake crazy cake.

1. Throw in some crabby toddler with a stuffy, runny , snotty nose that is running through the house coughing in every direction, of course we haven't learnt the cover the mouth concept. It's like germ warfare, we are all about to throw ourselves into quarantine in a few days. Jill was up all night, Mommy finally slept in the toddler bed around three , nothing like your own butt in your face to get a few quick winks, after being bent like a pretzel for a few hours Mommy needed to get the old Advil out so I could bend at the knees.

2. Mix in a little four year old attitude, is there any other girl out there who refuses to wear something in her hair? Jen's hair is shoulder length, it is sssssooooo thick that it really has to be put up off her neck or at least out of her eyes. It is a daily battle with screeching, crying, foot stomping and that's just me!! I have threatened to give her the new Britney Spears look, then painting flowers on her baldy to accessorize her outfits.

3. Add another big kid to the mix, my dearest is home until Wednesday, now don't get me wrong I love him crazy. Due to my crappy mood this week his housekeeping habits or lack of them is making me ugly(uglier). So after reminding him of this he decides to go loco and clean the bathroom for two hours, hello, I am not that bad a house keeper, my back teeth floated waiting for his grand finale showing of how a bathroom should look. Move over Martha.

4. Don't forget the nuts, yes Jack can't remember why, how or if he has been let out today, he just sits at the door with a disgruntled look on his face like how dare they not let me out(for the hundredth time).

5. A dash of Mommy's bad humour today, this to shall come to pass.

Throw together for a crazy cake, yes we are half baked today. Oh, tell me anyone is it 8pm yet...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

An angel got her wings.....

At Grandma's house
I have sat down to the computer a couple of times in the last few hours and couldn't type because the tears welled and in my eyes making the page a blurr. On wednesday the 9th I lost my beloved Grandma, she was buried yesterday, making this the most painful Mother's day for my family.
My Grandma was not "just" my Grandma, she was too my mentor and one of my best friends. My Mom and Dad were sixteen and twenty when I was born so my Grandma was a very important part of my upbringing, I spent almost every weekend with her and Grandpa and I did spend the summers with them at our cottage in Port Burwell.
I was so thrilled my Grandma got to be a part of our adoption process right from the dossiers to the homecoming at the airports, this was so important to her as she was there also to help me heal and grieve through my hysterectomy in my mid twenties.
My Gran was a beautiful woman, strong , independent, she overcome so many of life's obstacles with such fight while maintaining such grace and dignity.
Today has been such a hard day remembering to smile at my own children as they presented me with homemade mommy cards and gifts as my grief is gripping my heart.
I want to thank her for being the best Grandma and great Grandma, I love and miss you, your legacy and love will live forever in our hearts.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

One happy Momma,

Today has been one of those days where the waters are smooth and the boat's not a rockin', I am one happy Momma. A few things that I can attribute my "I'm so happy" (besides my happy pills)mood to are as follows,

1. Warm sunshine, gentle breeze, the outside thermostat is set just right.

2. My comfy Adirondack chair

3. My medium double cream with butter Carmel flavour shot

4. Watching my two monkeys playing in the yard, collecting bugs, driving the princess mobile(battery almost dead, yikes!!) and just playing nicely with each other, I know, unbelievable!! There has only been one incident this morning of grab and smash. Jillian grabbed the bug container(probably wanting to eat the worms that had been collected, yah no joke there) then Jen retaliated with a smash to the ol' noggin with a plastic sandbox shovel, no blood no tears, got off with a warning and mom still sippin' her Tim's.

5. No annoying phone calls from telemarketers(yet...).

6. The girls were so exhausted from being outside all morning they slipped off to dreamland in minutes and it's been over an hour and still quiet, yahoo!!!! Now time for my little guilty pleasure, the "The Bold and the Beautiful", yes, don't roll your eyes, I watch one soap, I have been hooked for a couple of years, my one addiction, no my second, third after coffee and Coke.

7. Roll these all together and I almost feel like I'm a mini vacation, where's that cabana boy... oh ya he's not off work until 2:30

Monday, May 7, 2007

Fit for a Princess

A couple of years ago my husband built this tree house for Jennifer, it is just the most terrific place for two little girls to hang out. Inside there is a little kitchen and the tree trunk goes right up the middle perfect for safe climbing. Many an afternoon we have lunch on the front porch or just sit and play games or dolls, when the tree is in full leaf it is a cool place to sit and drink pink lemonade. It was recently featured in our town's newspaper, the girls were sure excited to see their house in print.
This year Jilly has mastered the stairs, she is an expert climber(always has been since she was 18 months old) she sometimes gives her Mommy a heart attack.
This tree house will provide the girls with some special memories, many thanks to a terrific daddy. xoxoxo

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Thelma and Louise

My husband woke me from a sleepy slumber before he left for work at ten to six,I have to wear earplugs(hubbie snores like a freight train, sorry hunny)so in order to hear the girls getting up I have to wake and remove them before he departs. Well... I drifted off to sleep without removing my protective gear (he's also really!!! loud) and had another lovely peaceful forty minute snooze, I opened my eyes ripped out the plugs and heard silence, oh crap not good in my house!! Quickly I run to the girl's room, gone, next the kitchen, there stood the partners in crime!!
Two butt naked little princesses, dog water all over the floor, two paper towel rolls set free and empty, some of the pantry lying on the floor complete with two large empty dog biscuit boxes.
Jennifer was using the drool water to wash the patio door and Jillian was doing the floors, trying to help mommy right, ya...
So I asked who was the little ripper that emptied the water, paper towel rolls and the pantry. They both stood side by side with a blank stare and held their position of solidarity, neither sister willing to rat the other out which is rare because Jennifer is loose lipped when it comes to getting Jillian in hot water.
All I could think of is I am in soooo much trouble, not only do I have the sister bond thing finally happening but now I have silent partners in crime. So the three of us managed to clean up the fun and one of us complete with a little grin on our face. Oh yes and one very over stuffed, almost grinning chocolate lab.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Some people.. Where do they get off !!

Yesterday my husband and girls headed to Cosco to do some grocery shopping, just as we were almost finished I asked hubbie to take the girls for a spin around while I checked out the children's books for my eldest impending birthday. There was a lady with two small children checking out books ,we struck up a conversation, we got on the subject of children and she asked if I had any and of course my reply was two little girls. During the course of the conversation my husband wheels them over and sees that I am still browsing so on his way he went to let me continue in peace and quiet. The lady(or so called) said oh so you adopted yes? Oh I hear that costs a fortune to adopt from China(I should of turned on my heels, shot like a rocket and got the h*ll out of there). I kindly replied that the cost was that of a trip to China, I proceeded to walk to the other side of the books than she was standing, she hollered over at me "So are they REAL sisters and did you get them both at once or do they let you do that?"
I replied with a growl, YES they are REAL sisters and if you are interested in international adoption please call Children's Bridge.
What I really wanted to say was oh nice kids, do they all have the same fathers, they don't look at all alike dumb arse.
Still venting my anger a some people's insensitivity.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Out of the mouth of babes

Let's embarrass Mom.....

This was a conversation Princess Puddin' Pop and I had this morning standing in the line at school. To help set the scene, there is a very!! pregnant Mom standing in the line next to Jennifer's.

Jennifer : Mom , you didn't have me in your tummy right?

Mom : No, Jen, I had you in my heart. I affectionately laid my hand on my heart smiling at her.

Jennifer: Your heart is here right mom, on you boobies?

My face is now getting a little pink. I want the conversation to end at his point.... but my darling daughter loves to ask a million and one questions soooo it continues.

Mom : Hmm hmm . get in line, please.

Jennifer is eyeing the very pregnant Mom, then with a look on wonder and disbelief she says..

Jennifer : WoW!! Mom, your boobs grew THAT BIG !!

In my dreams.......

This is my world. Red face and all.