Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hitting the nail on the head

I knew if I complained long enough hubby would cave in and start my kitchen. Before he left for work today he was able to get one wall tiled, it is looking fantastic. I am pleased with the tile as well as color choice. After the tiling is finished and the hood fan is installed over the stove I can start painting walls. The ice queen is starting to melt a little.... drip, drip.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A week has come and gone.

Lookin' for a new home.
Today hubby went back to work after having one week off, the question your all wondering, did he get my kitchen finished??
The only thing he did in my kitchen was eat and make a frickin mess, not from construction I might add.
There was some action on the man room front, he managed to rip out bushes and hedges to make sure the excavation could start immediately, growl!!!
So from the ice palace, a cold front has moved in and a warming trend is nowhere in sight, is it
cold on your side of the bed hon??

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lovey Dovey

Lovey Dovey

Lovey Dovey in her nest

Can you spot her nest??
The girls went to climb up their tree house to have a freezie party, with the girls and a bag of coolie pops we descended up the stairs. Jennifer, Jillian and Mommy in tow, the girls got up to the balcony and Mommy trying to squeeze her bubble butt in the trap door got a surprise when Jen shrieked out "STOP". Well not so easy for me in mid squeeze we all froze, I asked Jen what was wrong she said"There's a bird up here in a nest, get down Mom".
Lifting up my arms I always drop like a stone(why didn't my hubby build a larger Mommy sized trap door, he must of been thinking about my size when we were first married)we all got down and sure enough there was a mourning dove in the crotch of the tree between the window and door.
Hubby and I called over the girls to have a talk about what we should do, move the bird or wait the 21 or so days until the babies(usually 1 or 2 ) are hatched and leave the nest. Knowing my animal, bird and bug loving eldest daughter I knew she would opt for leaving Mommy bird alone. My girl made me proud, they have decided to let nature take it's course and watch the babies hatch and take flight.
Next we decided to name the bird, many different ones were thrown about. We decided on Lovey Dovey, the kids think it's a term of endearment, I like to think it's because she got some Lovin' and now is in the family way. Either or, she is affectionately know as Lovey.
Mommy still has to squeeze her body up the trap door to water the window boxes, Lovey is very trusting , she just gazes at me and doesn't seem to be bothered.
Welcome to your new home. we hope your stay is a happy one.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to you....

Happy Birthday Sistah, 36 looks good on ya!!
The new boobies look good!!
Thanks for inviting me to the party, see the guys are
drooling for you, you still got it baby!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tagged, my lovely home.

Here is a recent photo of my hubby
helping clean the girls room, my hero.
Notice I hadn't finished the laundry,
no socks available for photo, sorry honey.

This is our bathroom, I really
don't have time to clean, notice the sign!!
Doesn't any one read around here, geeeezz.
Please your welcome to use the washroom,
just don't sit on the seat.....

Tried to take a photo of the bedroom, but the
darned pole kept getting in the way. Thought
an old photo of hubby and I would make the
masses happy. Before his haircut..

Told you we were in the midst of renovating,
hope we get finished before the man room.
Now you can all see why my typing is so bad,
the cat's favourite spot is lying on the computer
This is an open invitation for you to come over
for dinner anytime, were a little short on chairs,
could you please bring your own.
Stop on by again, thanks for coming! I was tagged by
Diana, stop by her house, it's gorgeous, tell her I sent you.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Celebrate Summer

Went strawberry picking today At Heeman's ,
about 10 minutes from our home.

The berries were ripe and ready for picking,
Jennifer is holding the first one going into our
basket(or Jill's mouth)

The farm put us on the outside row so we step
on the plants. Had to watch Jillian so she didn't
tramp all over them. Jen was a terrific experienced
picker, Jill she just ate and enjoyed. The strawberry
farm didn't make any money off us. Jill was too cute
she would take a bite off the berry an throw it back
into our basket.
Jenny was picking so fast I could hardly keep up,
she went to the farm yesterday with her class, so lots of
expertise her.

A little treat of frozen yogurt and strawberries
for a job well done!!


We are going to make strawberry jam tomorrow, can't wait!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Old man treehouse, outside art.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Garage Widow.

Warning, there's about to be a lot of whine in this post, grab a glass and and sit on you a**.
I mean no disrespect to my dear hubby(note to my Mother-in-law)but this is about you, all about you.

Last week we received the permit and the go ahead to build our new 21/2 car garage. Now this is pretty exciting because I really want my hubby tools ect. out of the basement and stored in his new man house.
The thing that is eating my butt is for a couple of months (maybe longer) my kitchen, the room I live in(really, that and the laundry room)has been under major construction. Now the reno is being put on the back burner because the man room has to be started immediately.
My hubby is an Electrician by trade(and an electrical controller) and is the ultimate handyman, there is no job that man can't tackle. The problem is he can not say "NO" to anyone else that needs his expertise.
So my jobs around the house stay unfinished and looking like crap.
So I have told him this weekend he is going to be very busy starting to work on my room while I keep the girls out of the tools , paint and tile grout.
The man room is going to be as big as my house and the cost keep rising like my temper, he was going to put radiant heating in the floors for an extra 3grand, can you say nooooo!
Then there is going to be cathedral ceilings in the front of the garage, for hanging things like canoes(we don't own one mind you)or hubby by the seat of his pants. The next cost is my fave the floors, they will be nicer than my kitchen. It's a pour floor, an epoxy that you can tint and put pretty confetti and sparkles in it. I bet he will keep the floor spotless all the while dropping a trail of cookie crumbs through the kitchen to his new abode, oh I am snarly tonight!!
Oh I just know this baby is going to break the bank!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Craft day

Fun craft project.

Contents include, sparkle butterflies and flowers
sparkle paint, glue and ribbon and tassel.

Finished project
The girls and I decided to do a craft project today, the heat outside has been pretty unbearable.
For Jenny's birthday my in-laws purchased her this craft. In the kit comes the latern, 50 sparkly butterflies and flowers, glitter paint, ribbon and glue.
The project was very easy basically glueing and folding the butterflies wings to make them appear more realistic. There was an origami crane that you could do and attach with the tassel, personal taste but we chose to omit.
This lantern would look so adorable in a nursery , the colors are so soft and pale.
I love doing crafts with my girls, we purchased a 5 drawer push cart last year and everytime I go to the dollar store I purchase a few things to throw in it, great for rainy days.
Now, if i could only get around to scrapbooking...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Daddy's Day...We love you.

Fourteen years ago I met the most wonderful man, I couldn't believe he fell in to my path. He was the most handsome, humorous, patient and kind person I had ever come across in my life. When I told him early on in our relationship that if he stayed with me and built a life he would be giving up on having his own biological children, I couldn't have any because I had a hysterectomy a couple of years before we met. He told me he was not going anywhere, he loved me and we could have a family.
A couple of years passed and we applied for adopting our first child, I didn't think I could love this man anymore than I already did, but the first time he held Jennifer and the look he had in his eyes when he first saw her I felt a love for him that I can't even begin to explain. It was the most powerful thing I had ever felt. I knew he was going to be a terrific Dad but it blew me away to watch him with out daughters! To this day, two children later, I watch them play at a distance, I am so proud of him I could burst. Everything he accomplishes, strives for, is for his "Girls", we love you Daddy.

Happy Dad's Day to my Father. Here is a man I am also proud of. At twenty he didn't listen to the masses that told him he was too young to be a Father and stood by his sixteen year old pregnant wife. I was born he worked his behind off at a few jobs so my Mom could stay at home with me until I was about eight, then he pushed my Mom to pursue her dreams and go back to school.
He has worked as paramedic supervisor since I was 4, he is very dedicated to his job, almost to a fault . He has taught me many valuable life lessons and his work ethics. He is an outstanding Father, I love you Daddy.
When my Dad found out he was going to be a Grandpa he was overwhelmed, secretly I think he had given up that honour when I had my surgery. We had put a fortune in his fortune cookie that said"Your going to be a Grandpa". After finding his glasses and me holding my breath for his reaction, he teared up and looked at me with the most heartwarming expression. He was overcome with emotion and he still is when he visits his babies. They know my Dad as the "candy man", he loves to lavish the princess with sweets candy and kisses.
Here is my Father-in-law, the photo says it all. He is a terrific man who loves life. If there is a party he be there in the center of things entertaining the group.
He worked as a jail guard for many years, the first time we were introduced I must say his size intimidated me. He stands at 6ft.7Inches, but he is all marshmallow inside!
He is the most playful, funny, entertaining Grandpa I could ever want for my girls. He is always on the floor on all fours with 4or5 grandchildren on his back giving horsey rides.
Not only am I proud that he raised a wonderful man , he also welcomed me in to his family and treats me as if I am his "daughter". We love Grandpa.

Friday, June 15, 2007

FFFF Challenge - Love

Love is family

Love is a kiss for an "old" friend

I love you Daddy!

The love for a child, one of my favourite photos of Jilly-bean.
"On our way home"

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I am frustrated, all the coffee, drugs or visits from Super nanny have not helped!!
Jilly-bean has always been my spirited child, she rebels against Mommy and has always wanted to test her boundaries with me, but lately..
Every night for the last week she has gone to bed, tucked in with story, hugs and kisses and lights out. Five frickin' seconds she is out of her bed partyin' and destroying like only an f5 tornado can do. So in goes Mommy to tell her it's lights out and time for sleep, tuck her blankets(she must be OCD, they have to be tucked in a certain way)she gets in and I walk away, she follows me screaming and screeching like a cat being swung by it's tail (I LOVE cats, none were injured in the process of this bedtime routine). I then follow Super Nanny's advice and do not interact with her, place her back in her bed and sit at the door not looking at her. Jill will get out because she is testing Mom, I put her back in , this cat and mouse game goes on for a half hour. Tired of this game, she resorts to something that gets under my skin, she scream so the neighbours think I a killing her. This continues for another half hour, I am NOT happy at his point. the night before I was so frustrated I retreated to the family room downstairs(afraid I might scream myself) and she she followed me, sat at the top of the stairs screaming. After a long period of time, she gave in and went in,tucked herself in (to her liking)and went to sleep.
Last evening my husband put her to bed and she got out once, placed back in and she went off to dreamland like an angel, I was PO'ed. I felt like I was a failure, what was I doing wrong??
Pullin' out my hair and lifting up my eyelids.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gadgets I love.

This is my curling iron-hot roller set, used to think it was a cool gadget when I had time to do my hair. Now it's shampoo, throw a towel on my head, blow dry if I have time. Don't hate cause I'm gorgeous!!
Oh I love this baby, my convection oven. Can't cook to save my butt, this stove helps me fake it. I can throw a whole meal and dessert in and cook all at once. A time saver , essential in this home if you have seen my 2year in action.
My kids FRS radios, they are great for the neighbourhood. They neighbours do not have to suffer my ear piercing screeches to the kids while they are in their treehouse. I give them the radios and I can signal to them when I need to get their attention. A win -win, they like their toy and I don't yell(much).
Everyone has one, right? We need one to make the nine hour trek to the cottage, either that or I jump from a 110 km van screaming down the 401. I sit quietly suffering through Curious George for the 100th time but Tim Hortons dull the senses and calms the urge to pull the doorhandle and drop and roll.

As you well know from my excellent blogging skills(stop laughing now), I am not a teckie, gadgets terrify me. My five year calms me down after trying to put on a DVD by patting me on the back and telling me "It's okay Mom, I can put the DVD in, it's easy." (smartie pants).
Thanks to all my blogie buddies who have helped me set up my site, your invaluable.

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, June 11, 2007

With Sympathy

We would like to send our condolences to the families of the two officers of the London Police Department laid to rest today.
May beautiful memories sustain you in the days to come.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Porch Meme

Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home, the front of our home is an on going project. We are planning big changes, just got approval from our township and the architects on Thursday. So for now we try and pretty it up with some flowers, not too much time to garden with the very busy Jillian.
I am going to paint my front door hopefully tomorrow, it 's called Scarlet Oak , let you know if I like it. When the paint dries I found an old antique metal plant holder , black, iron and somewhat ornate.
I'd like to meme Mad race for Macey, you've been on my mind today.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I'm it , I'm it.

I was tagged by The Seventh Diamond, here goes.

4 facts about me.

1. I have Hemophilia, a Male(yes,you read that correctly, not one of my famous typing errors)inherited disease. I am an affected female carrier of the disease, it is passed on by the Mother. My father also gave me a defective gene which gave me the disease(can you say FREAK). The chances of this happening are 1 in 1 million. My parents always said I was 1 in a million.

2. I am an only child(can you blame my parents??)They were scared to have another,ha ha!!

3. My parent's divorced when I was 19, still wish they were together. Tell myself to move on , my parents have.

4. I am not a person who likes "Bling". My Mom loves jewellery, sequins and anything shiny.Think she was a goose in her former life. I only wear my engagement ring and wedding band, that is all the sparkle I can manage, sorry Mom.

4 habits I have

1. I don't have any. No ,probably too many to write about. I drink too much COFFEE and COKE. Caffeine addicted.

2. Always can find me sweeping and washing floors, have a dog that sheds hair as soon as you look at him, drives me to insanity.

3. Constantly picking up after my kids, running behind them putting stuff away. I have to learn to relax and enjoy the mess, ya like that's going happen anytime soon, unless I take an extra happy pill.

4.Let my laundry pile up, never like putting it away after it's washed. Can you say, L-A-Z-Y. I eventually go downstairs to bring it up when I run out of my big girl cotton white es.

4 Things I discovered in the last 4 years.

1. Being a Mom isn't always easy.

2. Don't mess with a crabby, temperamental 2 year old, you'll lose.

3.Went through a period of depression with my little home from China, it was okay to admit this and get help.

4.. Family is everything, just lost the Matriarch of ours and I miss her so much it hurts. I can't believe I married to my hubby and have 2 beautiful girls, must of did something right!!

4 Things I want to try or do in the next 4 years.

1. Learn to type. Should have stop flirting with the certain boy in my typing class and paid more attention to the keys.

2.Go to the bathroom or mall by myself.

3. Go on a solo holiday with my hubby, sun, beach and bikini. Who am I kidding, that would be sun, beach , one piece and cover up!!

4.Go back to work when my girls are in school.

I would like to tag Lil' Bubble Queen, if she dares.

Friday, June 8, 2007

FFF Challenge

Jennifer doesn't like being messy or sticky

Then there's Mucky Maude......

If there's a mess, she's in the middle

of it, loves to eat with her hands!!

One of my favourite baby Jilly-bean pics,

chocolate icing and all.

If you want to find out and participate in the Family FotoFun Friday Challenges, go to Donna's Double Happiness

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Love, Peace and family.

Wordless Wednesday information, go to Pearls of Wisdom

Camp Day

Today is camp day at my favourite coffee spot Tim Hortons. I f you purchase a coffee there today 100% of the proceeds goes to sending underprivileged children to 6 upscale camps. These camps are located in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Nova Scotia and one in the U. S. in Kentucky.
Tim Hortons was founded in 1964 by Tim Horton, a player in the National hockey League(yes, us Canucks are known for hockey and Timmie's). He and a partner operated the company until Tim Hortons tragic death in 1974(car accident), at this time his partner bought the franchise from the Horton family.There are presently 3000(we love our coffee)stores in Canada and 336 in the U.S. and 1 just outside of Kandahar, Afghanistan.
Well there you have it , some useless facts for the day. I just wanted to post to remind everyone to go and order a coffee in support of the Tim Horton's foundation and send a kid to camp. Hey in the spirit of my friend Sen buy the car behind you a coffee too, it 's a great cause.

Just a quick note, I took the girls to camp day with me at 10 am. this morning. in the drive thru they had window washing set up for a donation so we got washed for a Loonie. Then at the window we purchased a "tent" for a Loonie. They gave us our order and we are driving away from the window and Jennifer pipes up,
"Mom, did I miss something here, where's our tent, they forgot to give us our tent".
Still grinning at her three hours later.