Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tears for Fears


Last night around six pm. we experienced the heavens opening up and pouring down on us, we had one horrific storm that shook my little Jilly beans existence. My little princesses are scheduled maybe to the point of insanity but it works for Mommy, well last night the power went out around 6:30. For a while it was party time with snacks , bath and flashlights, then 8pm rolled around and it was time for bed, Jilly bean was looking for her BA BA, a stinky little elephant that she sucks on to comfort herself to sleep, after an exhausting search we discovered he was outside in the downpour(crap***), no electricity, no dryer. Mommy tried bribing her with other cute cuddly animals no avail, she refused to sleep, the comfort bottle could not be given, no friggin microwave. By this time Mommy is beside herself, but darling dad gives her a flashlight that she could hold and she had to shake it to keep it lit, this amused her for a while, we ultimately heard little snores(ahhhh, yahoo). About 10 pm hubby and I retreated to bed for a good night sleep with the crank radio serenading us to slumber when all of a sudden a shrill shriek in the silence bolted us up like we had been tazered. After fumbling in the dark for a flashlight I ran to Jilly, well the screaming continued until 11;30, we tried everything, rockin' in the rockin' chair, a little Advil(yes, I resorted to drugs, call the damn CAS)and walking the halls.
At this point I thinking of hunting down the Hydro one guys and leaving them with my little bean when lo' and behold there was light, ya baby!
The first thing I ran to hubby threw that frickin' BA BA long and wide and he was already running down the kitchen, caught and dashed to the dryer. I with Jilly on hip run to the fridge grabbed bottle, used my mouth unscrewed top poured in milk and microwaved until warm. While guzzling I explained BA BA was in the dryer getting warm, she finished and then continued to scream , I have now pulled out the Advil for me. Twenty minutes the elephant is dry , she is in bed , night light is on and snoring is once again a welcomed white noise in small town Ontario.
Oh ya by the way, Princess Puddin' Pop slept soundly through the whole ordeal, unreal??


crazylady said...

No power is always BAD. VERY BAD. don't have a spare BA BA?
I have 'loaners' in the closet.
I'm a tinker.
Poor Jilly.
Hope you are doing okay this week.
Thinking of you.

Jen Magnuson said...

What beautiful kids you have! And I feel your pain - BA BA, binkies, cubbies, we all know what you went through!

Susan said...

Too funny! I can say that beceuse I wasn't experiencing it. Cute girls!

Salome's Mom said...

You poor woman! Cute picture of your little one with her BA BA though...

Day Dreamer said...

I had to stop and laugh a bunch! Thank you! With my day today, I needed that!

This sounds like so many of the things I've experienced with my three. What a night! My 6yr old has a small, and I mean teeny dog that she sleeps with and loses quite often. Until I made it part of her routine to tuck it into her pillowcase in the morning!

It sounds like your hands are full and you are happy about it, if not frantic now and again! Isn't it fun, tho, and when all ends well, it's just part of being a mom, and worth every minute!

Sam said...

You live an exciting life!!! Glad BA BA survived!!!