Friday, May 4, 2007

Some people.. Where do they get off !!

Yesterday my husband and girls headed to Cosco to do some grocery shopping, just as we were almost finished I asked hubbie to take the girls for a spin around while I checked out the children's books for my eldest impending birthday. There was a lady with two small children checking out books ,we struck up a conversation, we got on the subject of children and she asked if I had any and of course my reply was two little girls. During the course of the conversation my husband wheels them over and sees that I am still browsing so on his way he went to let me continue in peace and quiet. The lady(or so called) said oh so you adopted yes? Oh I hear that costs a fortune to adopt from China(I should of turned on my heels, shot like a rocket and got the h*ll out of there). I kindly replied that the cost was that of a trip to China, I proceeded to walk to the other side of the books than she was standing, she hollered over at me "So are they REAL sisters and did you get them both at once or do they let you do that?"
I replied with a growl, YES they are REAL sisters and if you are interested in international adoption please call Children's Bridge.
What I really wanted to say was oh nice kids, do they all have the same fathers, they don't look at all alike dumb arse.
Still venting my anger a some people's insensitivity.

3 comments: said...

Man. I just hate it when people are so damn stupid. I know it won't make you feel any better -- but I hear the same stuff. But they even have the nerve to delve into my age! No, not the age.. As if my age has a darn thing to do with whether I'm a good/loving mother or not.....

I feel your pain.


crazylady said...

Costco is generally not a great place for us to get nice comments. While cruising the womens clothes section pushing Search and Destroy sidebyside, a woman passing buy, said, "Buy everything Two for One, don't cha?"
So many morons, so little time.

Diana said...

Hubby got the assinine comment at the park yesterday. Older man asked him if S + A were his grandkids!?! Come on...he musta been on crack! DH is definitely NOT grandfather material, yet. I was just thankful he didn't turn his attention to moi! God knows what the freak woulda said, and what I woulda said BACK!