Monday, May 14, 2007

Crazy Cake

How to bake crazy cake.

1. Throw in some crabby toddler with a stuffy, runny , snotty nose that is running through the house coughing in every direction, of course we haven't learnt the cover the mouth concept. It's like germ warfare, we are all about to throw ourselves into quarantine in a few days. Jill was up all night, Mommy finally slept in the toddler bed around three , nothing like your own butt in your face to get a few quick winks, after being bent like a pretzel for a few hours Mommy needed to get the old Advil out so I could bend at the knees.

2. Mix in a little four year old attitude, is there any other girl out there who refuses to wear something in her hair? Jen's hair is shoulder length, it is sssssooooo thick that it really has to be put up off her neck or at least out of her eyes. It is a daily battle with screeching, crying, foot stomping and that's just me!! I have threatened to give her the new Britney Spears look, then painting flowers on her baldy to accessorize her outfits.

3. Add another big kid to the mix, my dearest is home until Wednesday, now don't get me wrong I love him crazy. Due to my crappy mood this week his housekeeping habits or lack of them is making me ugly(uglier). So after reminding him of this he decides to go loco and clean the bathroom for two hours, hello, I am not that bad a house keeper, my back teeth floated waiting for his grand finale showing of how a bathroom should look. Move over Martha.

4. Don't forget the nuts, yes Jack can't remember why, how or if he has been let out today, he just sits at the door with a disgruntled look on his face like how dare they not let me out(for the hundredth time).

5. A dash of Mommy's bad humour today, this to shall come to pass.

Throw together for a crazy cake, yes we are half baked today. Oh, tell me anyone is it 8pm yet...


crazylady said...

Get friends to stir the pot.

What is the appropriate wine of choice to accompany the meal? Red or white? Australian, Chilean? Boxed?


a&mg said...

Hilarious! I hope 8 pm came quickly for you.

nikki said...

Sorry you had such a bad day -- I have definitely been there. Way to find the humor in it, though!

I am also so sorry about your grandma. She sounds like an amazing woman, and I'm so happy for you that she got to experience the adoptions with you. How special.

You have a beautiful blog and your little monkeys are just too cute!
(I hope you got to sleep in your own bed tonight.)