Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hey we might be related!!

Hey we might be related, LOL, that right Sen ,sistah.
I read this article today and had to share. They figure that anyone with blue eyes are probably related, waaaaayyy back when.
So calling all relatives, especially the rich ones, LOL.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brownie Bear's Big Adventures

Jennifer's Kindergarten class has a mascot that comes home with a student once a month. The child is to chronicle Brownie Bear's adventures in their journal.
It was our turn to welcome Brownie overnight yesterday.
He went to piano lessons, baked jam cookies and tonight went to Sparks.
The most exciting part of Brownie's stay was that he got to witness the loose tooth coming out!!
Yes, it finally came out, what a story to tell at school tomorrow.

This is Jennifer's journal entry.
I have bragging rights, she is my baby. I think she is doing extremely well.
I am so proud of her.

Not the most flattering shot of Puddin' Pop, but here she is one tooth less..

Monday, January 28, 2008

Life Lesson.

The last two days the girls and I have played outdoors, the weather has just been extraordinary, sun shining and the temperatures plus 4.
We have 3 bird feeders and with the gorgeous weather our fine feathered friends have been eating non stop.
They empty their feeders twice a day. I asked the girls to help me fill them this afternoon, knowing full well there would be a show in a matter of minutes. We enjoy our birds, we live near a river, have a lot of shrubs around us so we have a great variety. The girls have learnt to pick out the type of bird using a beautiful bird book given to them by their special Aunt H.
We hung up the feeders and went to the deck, sure enough, the birds started to come , the show was about to begin, oh we had no idea.
About 5 minutes into our bird watching a Sparrow Hawk flew into the flock of sparrows , clutched one in his talons and gave in a quick shake and flew off to a pine in the next yard.
Standing in shock, all quiet until Jill let out a shriek and started to cry. Jen on the other hand started to get angry and told me she was going to get that bad bird. I am still standing with my mouth open, total shock to what I have just witnessed.
We went in , I explained nature and that the hawk had to eat.
Some life lessons can be so hard especially when your 3and 5.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Go, Diego Go

My SIL got us tickets to see Go Diego Go.
The girls, especially Jennifer love Diego because he is all about animals.
We are excited to be going to see the live show, thanks Aunt R!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Monkey Clips

While Mommy and Daddy slept the 2 little monkeys crept quietly into the bathroom and played hairdresser. They played, sprinkled, dusted and shook lotions and potions. They applied hair products, face cream, lipstick, shampooed their hair, all while we slept!!!
The kicker was they decided, or I should say Jennifer decided to cut hair.
Jillian was the recipient of a new do, thank goodness she cut Jillian hair at the back, at her crown.It is hardly noticeable, yet, can't wait for it to start growing!!
I love the look on her face here, I think she was quite please with herself, LOL.


First night of Karate was last evening, she did so well!!!

Stylin' in her outfit. ;)

Mie Mie loves the outfit or she thinking of ways she can tie up her sister with that belt, LOL.

Posing for Mom at home, didn't want to go to bed , wanted to practice some more.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Name change.

Looks like we maybe changing HRH. Princess PP Pants royal title.
Jillian has been two days no accidents, going to the washroom without me pulling her in kicking and screaming, no ladies in waiting, she is getting the job done.
Thinking new title may be HRH. Pretty as a Picture Princess.
Still know to all her loyal subjects as PP Princess. ;)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Growing up before my eyes.

Jennifer is now taking piano lessons, here she is practicing
Mary Had A Little Lamb.

I am so proud of her, she is doing so well. Jen is the most determined child, sets goals and never gives up until there achieved. Just like when she was eager to read, nothing stopping her, she now reads at a grade one level.I can really see how much she is growing when I look over the pictures I am taking of her lately.
I am proud of the little girl she has become. I am one lucky Mom.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Karate Kid

Tonight I signed up the eldest monkey for Karate.

I kind of had mixed feelings when Jennifer voiced an interest in this sport. Our school has a strict policy of "no hands on" as we do at home, all I invision is the Karate kid kicking, karate chopping and yelling"Ah ya" at the top of her lungs. I am hoping we don't have issues with practicing outside of class.
On the other hand the class Sensei tells me it is great for discipline, listening(Mommy likes this!!) and boosts self confidence.

I am looking forward to her first class next Thursday...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two years ago today.....

8 months old in The Lily Orphan Care Center

Fuling, China.

Home a couple of weeks with her big sister.

Home 6 months.

This smile melts my heart...


Okay Mom, enough already. LOL.

With noses pressed against the Civil Affairs office picture window in Chongqing, we watched the babies being brought out of a small white van one by one. Almost forgetting to breath, I was counting to see how many were being ushered into the front door. I could see them dressed in little yellow and pink padded outfits, our family was about to change, forever.

Eyes on the door, I nervously watched the babies being brought in and placed on a couch. I couldn't See Wei AI Fu, I couldn't see Jillian!

Then a tiny, screaming little girl, dressed in an over sized pink padded suit came by us in a flash, I couldn't be sure, my eyes followed the gentleman carrying her. He grabbed a bunch of Kleenex and made his way over to the rest of the nannies and babies.

Hubby and I locked eyes , we started to laugh, there was our daughter, screaming at the top of her lungs, funny enough this is just like her big sister came into our lives(Jennifer came in screaming too, lasted for 6 hours!!).

Jillian was placed in my arms, I was overcome with emotion, my family was complete. I held the petite little frame close, whispered into her ear and she started to calm down, the tears stopped, we looked into each others eyes. Within minutes, she was drinking a bottle , smiling and playing with the toys her big sister had picked out for her.

That was 2 years ago. It seems like yesterday.

Today this beautiful, energetic, vivacious , funny little girl fills my heart with so much joy I can't even find the words to describe it. I feel blessed to be her Mom, she is a gift.

I love you Jilly-Bean, happy Forever Family Day. XO

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Loof Toof

Yesterday Jennifer was complaining she had a sore mouth, upon inspection I couldn't see anything inflamed, swollen or anything like cankers ect. So I told her we would keep on eye on it and I would give her some mouth rinse at bedtime.
In the afternoon there were frantic screams in the family room, rushing down I discovered Jennifer jumping up and down with delight. Open mouthed for all to see, she was pushing her tooth back and forth(making me gag, LOL).
Yes my baby is officially becoming a big girl, she is about to lose her first tooth. I don't think I have ever seen Puddin' Pop this excited over anything, she is just dying to get to school so she can share the big news with her friends(whom many have lost there's already).
So the remainder of the day, she pulled, poked, prodded and continued to make me queasy.
She would ask if she talked funny, where did the tooth fairy live, what did she look like, what does she do with the teeth, how does she get my tooth from under my pillow and my favourite, how much money does she leave kids!!
Well just how much is the going rate these days??
I just love my Jennifer's innocence, I just want to keep her my baby forever, sigh.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thank You...

Xandra from Heart of Service created this award to honor those blogs that are a must read.

I have been honored by a special lady at Jewels of my heart. A heartfelt thank you for this award, it is always humbling to be recognized for my passion.
My passion being my children, put out for those who care to share(or dare, LOL). It is an ever ending saga of two little monkeys growing up, their trials, tribulations, achievements and funny little anecdotes. Sharing the emotional side of parenting, the good, bad and the ugly.
For those following along, sharing my stories, I say thank you. To those who offer, help, laughter, support along the way, I love your company.

I would like acknowledge these 5 ladies for this award,
Nikki at Lil Bubble Queen
Shuey6 at Push me- Pull me
Insane Mommy at The Gheleter Twins
Sam at Just Keep Swimming
Sen at Search and Destroy
These are 5 of my "Must Read" of the day, but all the rest I didn't mention, you know who you are*wink*.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Princess PP Pants has Abdicated her Throne...


Well it has come to this, Princess PP Pants had abdicated her royal (pain in the Butt) throne.
The royal tantrums have come to a boil(and so has my temperament), getting the Princess anywhere close to the throne takes her loyal servants patience to the brink. PP Princess throws herself to the floor, screams and just flat out refuses to sit anywhere near it.
Her ladies in waiting(and waiting...)sit with her, praising her and she has the ability to hold her urine like that of no Royal I have ever know. Jillian will hold it until we get her off then she will pee in Royal britches, ARRR....she wants to rule, wants the control. The Queen has trouble relinquishing her power, yes I need to rule, it's the battle of the wills.
Now it is just urinating the Princess refuses to do, the other we have a handle on that and have had for months!
We have thrown the pull ups out the castle windows with the exceptions of the Royal Highness's beauty sleeps, we have purchased pretty, big Princess underwear hoping she would feel like a Queen. You guessed it, PP Princess pees in those, pulls them down to her knees and continues her playing, doesn't fizz her in the least????
We have tried bribes, smarties, stickers and special video privileges, nothing works!!
For now her HRH Princess PP Pants has abdicated her royal duties...
The Queen has locked herself in the

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I 'd like to thank the Academy...

What a wonderful way to start a day, thanks goes to this special lady. I can't thank her enough for this special award, it means a lot.

I mainly started this blog to post pictures of my girls so family could go, keep up with the little monkeys and see how quickly they were changing. Well to my surprise the blogging bug bit me in the butt. After lurking around some sites I started to put myself out there and formed some great friendship with some phenomenal women. Women that were also willing to share, solve problems, laugh , cry, open their hearts and just listen(best shrinks in the business). To each and every one of you, I thank you, what a wonderful network I discovered.

I was so taken back by the honour, I forgot to thank my husband, no seriously I was supposed to bestow this award to 5 deserving ladies(this was hard as there are so many),
Drum roll please,

1. Journey of the heart.One of my favourite places to visit, I have a soft spot for this wonderful lady and her son. Going to blog amkes me feel like I am sitting in her kitchen, sharing coffee, like I have known her most of my life.

2. Just Keep Swimming. I go here because this lady makes me laugh so hard I have to change my poise pad, she is a keeper, I adore her antics,XO Sam.

3. Mad Race for Macy. This special lady sees the world beautifully through her spirit and her camera. She would inspire anyone to greatness. My girls make me go to this blog more than once a day to get a glimpse at "The Boob"

4. Lil' Bubble Queen This is one blooging Mom who I would love to meet, I go here to be picked up, her upbeat look on life is contagious. Her Lily is my get a smile free crd, she is so precious,adorable. :O)

5. Journey to Sofia.Following the journey to this angel has made me yearn to go back to China. I love to visit and I am so happy she is going to be a big sister!!


1. Awarded parties must nominate five people who have not received the award.

2. The blogs that receive the award must serve some purpose.

3. In their post about the award they need to link back to this entry.

4. Awarded parties must post the award banner on their site. The banner must remain linked to this site, Eric Novack's.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Pieces of the Puzzle.

During dinner tonight we had one of our unusual dinner conversations, when their are monkeys at the table expect the unexpected, LOL.
Jennifer opened with"Mom, babies don't come in packages, right, that's silly"
I said"Of course not, you know where they come from"
Jen smiling"Yes, they come from the Mom's womb, they sometimes come from the Doctor too"
I sound surprised "The Doctor?"
Jennifer Says "Yes the Doctor, he tells them it's okay and when to come out."
"Did I come form the Doctors, oh, ya I come from the orphanage"
I reply"Yes you came from the orphanage, were you were loved and taken care of until Mom and Dad brought you home to your forever family"
I could see the wheels turning and the look on her face, I waited for her to direct the conversation. It ended here for now, until the next time.

Lately Jennifer now 5 has been trying to put the pieces of her life puzzle together. There are lots of questions regarding birth, her orphanage, her BirthMom. I answer them all to the best of my ability always reinforcing how much her BirthMom means to us and how much we love her.
I tell her of the special nanny who she was attached to, I paint her imagination with the beauty of China.
But there are question I can't and never will be able to answer, this nearly take the breath from my body, it rips my heart and makes the pit of stomach flutter. This is something I hold secret for now inside me, until she can understand.
For now I make it simple, for now the questions are answered, for know it is enough...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Friday, January 4, 2008

A little Red in the Face...

The day before yesterday I had taken the girls to Tim Horton so Mommy could have a hot cup of coffee and the girls could have a donut(special treat, and I wanted a HOT coffee). When we were finished I told the girls we had one errand to run before going home, I wanted to go to our local grocer and get some lunch things, so we finished up and away we went.
The shopping trip was going well, we hadn't knocked anything off a shelf, no screaming, fighting with our sister, no running down isles, Mommy was pretty calm and happy.
I had picked up everything I needed and off to the checkouts we went, they were pretty busy so we stood in line, again to my delight both girls were behaving beautifully , I kept praising them and told them I was proud. I was getting some nods, winks and smiles from the people standing in line.
We were getting ready to leave when the cashier asked "Do your girls want a sucker?"
I thanked her and said "No thanks they just had a donut."
I am kind of strict when it comes to sugar and their diets, it just sends my Jilly-Bean crazy.
Well Jill threw herself into a huge meltdown and started to scream that she wanted a sucker. Now what you don't know is that Jilly is having trouble with her S, it comes out as an F. Yes she was saying SF*cker, now everyone in line was either gasping and snickering.
I was trying to make a quick get away and we all know too well that when we want to do that your monkey will turn into the rubber band man and you can't get a good grip on them to drag them out of the store.
Jill continued to scream, my face went 10 shades of red and then to top it all off Jen starts yelling "Mom Jill will have to go in the time out spot for saying that word, the word only Moms and Dads say. " What???? The word Moms and Dads say(??), oh yes we use that word all the time!!!
I want to crawl into the shopping bag and disappear.
I grab my bags and neatly stuff Jillian under my arm and run quickly to the van where I am now trying to stifle my laughter(I had to laugh or cry).
I buckle everyone up and it's off through the drive thru to get a calm my frazzled Mommy nerve cup of coffee.
This is my world, we will be working on our s this week, LOL.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Hubby look alikes

I have gone to this site before and curiosity got the better of me and I played.
I have never uploaded my Hubby's photo(nice glassy-eyed picture from New Years Eve to boot, he'll love me for this) before this morning, what I discovered made me chuckle.
I kind of thought he might look a little like Kevin Costner(come on now ladies, work with me here, I said kinda)but an Asian beauty?
They say the in the matching room they try to match up using the likeness of the father's image, I often thought my girls resembled their Father, now Confirmation.
Now if this isn't going to make me smile to myself all day, I don't know what is.