Sunday, April 29, 2007

My typical day

Things I might do in a typical day,

1. Overload my washing machine, it's amazing how much my Maytag Neptune will actually hold. I love this thing almost as much as my Timmies (almost). I also pull rocks , polly pocket clothes and shoes, used kleenex and barrettes out of my dryer,why doesn't my husband ever leave money in his pockets, doesn't he know how long it takes me in a day to scrape up enough change to buy a medium double cream??

2. Drive to Tim's once a day (maybe twice, shsh..dearest hubbie would be irate). It's sad that my oldest yells out my order before I do, her and the employees have a budding friendship.

3. You will find me sprinting around the house screeching" Jilly come here, are you stinky?", her reply as she out running me "No, bad baby".

4. Letting our senile(my first baby)lab out for the hundredth time, he gets out the door and can't remember if he should be going out or coming in so he just sits and barks.

5. Pulling , kicking and screaming one of my children over to the naughty spot, where's Super nanny when I need her.

6. Constantly repeat, sit down, get down, take that out of your mouth, use your spoon, and my favourite, take your finger out of your nose!!!

7. Play referee, Stop hitting your sister, Don't fight, share.... where is my damn whistle.

8. Cook gourmet meals, yeah right. Senja, I do have alpha getti's and ravioli's in my cupboard. Sad when you ask your 2 year old daughter what she wants fro lunch and she grins and yells "ravies, Mom".

9. Look in the mirror once a day and think "Crap, when did this happen". Enough said on that subject.

10. Get lots of squeeze hugs , sloppy kisses and my favourite having tea with the princesses *grin*. Makes it all worth it right?

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Things that you might find Jillian doing,

1. Painting her lips and the computer desk with a lovely shade of blue highlighter, she looked cyanotic for two days, the desk faired well with a little T.S.P.

2. Painting Mom and Dad's bed,sheets, wall, floor and not to mention herself with Burt's Bee's hand balm. Thank G*d she's cute, it surely saved her on this occasion.

3. Running around the house yelling "Bad Baby", the other nickname her Jie Jie calls her.

4. Sitting on her Mom's hip.

5. Biting, scratching or hitting if her sister wants some cuddle time from Mom.

6. Yelling "love yee"

Princess Puddin' Pop

Things that you might find Jennifer doing,

1. NOT wearing a princess dress or dress of any kind, this picture was taken before a friend's birthday party, the smile was for mom and the camera.

2. Collecting bugs, worms or just about anything that will gross out her Mom.

3. Playing in her treehouse that her Dad built her.

4.Teasing her little sister (starting a fight, Mom is learning not to intervene, I might get hurt!!)

5. Standing in the naughty spot for four long painful minutes (painful for me that is)

6. Asking her family for a "sandwich hug"

Friday, April 27, 2007

Dumb blonde

Okay I know what everyone is thinking after reading my first post, dumb blonde who can not spell, not so just a dumb blonde who can't type to save her butt. I have also just discovered spell check, oh ya, I'm on fire with this blog thing. While I am not promising you won't have to suffer through more of my flubs and blunders I will try to edit first, thanking you in advance for your patience and perseverance.

Let me introduce....

Let me first tell you I am new to this blogging world, I am soooo computer challenged my four year laughs at me, I type using one finger at a time and can not take my eyes off the keys. I took typing classes in high school but oviously there was something or someone better to look at than the old typewritter (I just gave away my age, oh ya..).
I am a stay at home mom to two adorable but energetic little girls aged four and two. My husband and I have been married almost nine years and I have enjoyed every second of our "journey".
My eldest daughter Jennifer is four almost five, she is a beautiful very mature old spirit. She was born in Liangyungong China, Jiangsu prov, we adopted her in 2203. I am truly honoured to be her Mom, she is the brightest child, very creative , artistic , musical and has a very strong will . Jen was born in the year of the horse and you'd guess by the way she stomps her feet (hooves) in the heat of a tantrum, she is a very stubborn and detemined child, this will get her far in life.
Then there's our youngest Jillian, she two. Jilly-bean as her sister affectionatly nicknamed her ,was born in Fuling China, municipality of Chongquing. Jillian was born in the year of the monkey, that says it all !!! She is a petite little girl who can melt a glacier with her contagious smile, it has surely saved her on many an occasion. Jill is so gorgeous, very bright beyond her two years, creative and more than anything down right funny. Jilll keeps us in stiches constantly, I am so happy being her mom, even when she is throwing herself on the floor screaming like a "monkey'. Like her sister she is too very strong willed but throw that in with a quick temper and you've got Jill, Jill is too destined for great things, but hey I can say that I'm their Mom.
I look forward to learning a little about blogging and I hope you enjoy learning a little about "My World".