Tuesday, May 8, 2007

One happy Momma,

Today has been one of those days where the waters are smooth and the boat's not a rockin', I am one happy Momma. A few things that I can attribute my "I'm so happy" (besides my happy pills)mood to are as follows,

1. Warm sunshine, gentle breeze, the outside thermostat is set just right.

2. My comfy Adirondack chair

3. My medium double cream with butter Carmel flavour shot

4. Watching my two monkeys playing in the yard, collecting bugs, driving the princess mobile(battery almost dead, yikes!!) and just playing nicely with each other, I know, unbelievable!! There has only been one incident this morning of grab and smash. Jillian grabbed the bug container(probably wanting to eat the worms that had been collected, yah no joke there) then Jen retaliated with a smash to the ol' noggin with a plastic sandbox shovel, no blood no tears, got off with a warning and mom still sippin' her Tim's.

5. No annoying phone calls from telemarketers(yet...).

6. The girls were so exhausted from being outside all morning they slipped off to dreamland in minutes and it's been over an hour and still quiet, yahoo!!!! Now time for my little guilty pleasure, the "The Bold and the Beautiful", yes, don't roll your eyes, I watch one soap, I have been hooked for a couple of years, my one addiction, no my second, third after coffee and Coke.

7. Roll these all together and I almost feel like I'm a mini vacation, where's that cabana boy... oh ya he's not off work until 2:30


crazylady said...

Princess Mobile. Lord have mercy. Your kids are spoiled man. Treehouse, car? What next.
Mine have a 1/2 working sprinkler, a flat beach ball and sawed off broom. You are swanky up there.
Sparks and Jen look amazing (get it after you).
blog readers: you need to see this womans steel blue eyes!!! One gorgeous momma.

kerri said...

Thanks for that, back at ya, your beautiful in and out, with one terrific sense of humour and outlook on life.
Yes, the girls are a little spoiled, I must add I am not the guilty one, it is all hubbie.

Diana said...

Yummy......butter carmel flavour..at Timmies...I think I may just have to try it!
Fine weather makes for beautiful memories, and mommy usually gets a break from the mundane. I have been feeelin' the love over this way too.....all due to sunny skies.