Thursday, May 17, 2007


Show me some luv

Things I hope my girls will share being sisters,

Special memories from their childhood
Their first big crush
Their first kiss
Shoe shopping
First dates
The first time one gets their heart broke by a boy, tears helped with hugs
Picking the right university, apartment or dorm (not far from home I hope)
Finding Mr. Right
Their engagement and weddings, picking out "the dress".
Pregnancies or adoptions
Watching their kids grow
Menopause, I hope they laugh like h*ll all the way through it, especially when they have their own "mini vacations" as I refer to them. A hot flash with my eyes closed, I can be on any tropical island of my dreams.
Old age, being Grandma's, sharing grey hair and phoning each other when they find a good sale on Depends.
Love, Hugs and always being there for each other through the good and the bad.


Diana said...

So sweet, I too hope for all of those things for my girls. It breaks my heart when I hear about sisters who don't get along, because I too am an only girl, (have 3 pain-in-the-youknow-where brothers), and have always yearned for a sister for exactly your list in your blog (sigh).

nikki said...

Great things to hope for!
My sister and I have shared many of those things...not the menopause or grandma thing (yet)!
Nothing quite like a sister...

Kim said...

First time on your blog. I love your story of the BA BA - we are going through similar issues for taking away the binkie. J babe still has her blankie though so all is well most nights. Your girls are precious! I never had a sister so twins are dear to my heart. Such a bond that they share! It's Priceless!

redmaryjanes said...

You have some beautiful children. Happy Birthday!

new girl said...

Hi Kerri -- thanks so much for your comment on my blog! The birthday post won't let me comment, so I will comment here -- Happy Birthday! I am 42 too, and while our experiences aren't exactly the same, I hear you, woman! Looking forward to reading more about you and your girls!

Dianne said...

Thanks also for your comment on my blog. Nice birthday post and darling girls. Happy birthday! Great to share it (same day) with Sophie & Sage :)

crazylady said...

Yeah, we had this conversation with the Judge and Grandma on the weekend. With two college tuitions and two weddings to pay for, they thought it would be best to decide who was going to be lesbian.
OMG. True conversation.

Mark & Michelle said...

I don't know what I would do without my sister.

Although we didn't always get along, the older we get, the closer we get.