Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You give me fever.

Yesterday Jennifer had an immunization shot, she has never reacted to any other needle before, until...
Last night around 3am, the backyard campers came in with a crying , hot, fevered girl.
Sleepy Mom jolted out of bed, grabbed the Advil, cool compresses and went to work bringing the fever down.
Her shot site was not red but warm to the touch, we put an old frozen teething ring on that for comfort.
It is now 6:40 am , a tired little girl has a normal temperature, a sleepy Mom and daughter will be having a nap soon.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Know your enemy...

The enemy arrived, silently she spread her poison.

She left with a vengeance.

Know your enemies......
Two itchy, scratchy monkeys- one bottle of benadryl, one bottle of calamine,
one agitated Mommy.
Will this summer ever end, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm it!!

I have been tagged by Senja for the middle name tag.
Rules are you have to list one fact relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name.
J- I jumped or should say bungeed off the Ontario place tower when I was 29 yrs. It was exhilarating .
A- Adoption, you all know that I have two adopted girls from China, the love of my life. Knew from a young age this was the way I would be building my family.
N-Nights, worked nights(not what your thinking, not a lady of the night) for three years full time, my internal clock never got used to it.
E-electrical shock, received a bad electrical shock when I was 5, from a tea kettle when I was camping. I had wet feet and I unplugged tea kettle from socket and whack, I was jolted unconscious, yes, that what happened to me. There you have it.
If you have not been tagged, your it, what, I'm lazy!!!
Give it a try , it's fun.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Would you?

This picture rips at my heart, this little angel has such sadness in
her eyes...

Do you see beauty?

I recently just finished reading "Snowflower and the Secret Fan" , it was set in the nineteenth century China in Hunan province. It is about the friendship between two young girls, an emotional match that lasts a lifetime. I will not give any details of the story away, it is a must read, so I 'll leave you discover it on your own.

There is some details of the ancient practice of foot binding. Having a wife with bound feet was a status symbol for men(and it was very sexually arousing) and consequently having bound feet increased a woman's chances of marriage into a wealthy household. Feet were usually bound around the age of six and the binding was done by the child's mother. The child's bones were softened by eating red bean dumplings, celebrations began, women meeting in the upper chambers to wish the child good luck, singing, stories and eating of many sweets.
The feet were first washed and rubbed with alum to contract the tissues and limit the secretions of blood and pus. Next would be the trimming of the toenails past the quick so they would not grown in to the tissues or break the skin to risk infection. During this time the bandages were being soaked so when they dried they would constrict, one bandage would be placed on the child's instep and wrapped on the four toes to begin the rolling of the toes to break them and pull them into the heel. All this time as this process was taking place the child was forced to walk on their feet to aid in the breaking of the bones. The ultimate goal was to to get the toes and the heel to meet creating the cleft which was the big toe that eventually the child's walked on.
The size to be achieved was 7cm, about the length of the average thumb!!!!! The shape was to be like the bud of the locust flower, a perfect point at the front and a full heel.
The poorest of girls do not have their feet bound and are destined to be sold as servants to work alongside of their husbands in the fields. Binding ensured marriage into a wealthier family with servants, standing in the community and the thought that this would bring a son the ultimate goal for a woman.
Now, my question to you, in the nineteenth century as a mother would you have bound your daughter's feet, knowing the outcome our her futures?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

9 Years ago today....

It was 9 years ago today I married my best friend, I love you with all my heart.

Monday, August 20, 2007

The New Zoo Revue

This weekend we set out on an overnight outing , I know , I must of had a brain fart and forgot what the last trip was all about. We had planned to go to the Toronto Zoo and stay in Oshawa then the following day we were meeting up with good friends we travelled to China with.
With the green machine packed to the roof, we headed to the infamous Ontario autobahn, the 401. The first animal we can review are the parrots, they squawked from the time we left the driveway. "Are we there yet", "I want to get out of my seat", "I want to watch a different movie", and the famous"I'm Hungry". I threw the parrots some crackers, they seem to quiet down until we hit our FIRST traffic jam, sitting for what seemed like hours the parrots began to fight, hitting pecking and pulling out feathers.
We finally arrived paid for parking and walked the mile from the lot to the zoo. The first zoo animal to review are the monkeys, the girls at this point are hanging off us they are fighting and swinging on the front entrance gates, yes we are still trying to pay for admission.
Jennifer fro some reason turned into our second animal, the Tasmanian devil, she growled, snarled and did everything to try and annoy us to the point of the family not enjoying the trip.
After several warnings and timeouts we seen the third animal come out, it was Jillian as the laughing hyena, she was getting a smile out of her sister getting time outs which made the Tasmanian devil go in circles.
Mommy and Daddy are getting beyond annoyed we are furious, then came the last melt down, I blew, I asked my husband for the phone and said" Give me the phone number of the motel", he said it's in the van (mile away remember), great!!
I handed him the phone and said call 411, get the number and cancel we are going HOME!!!
He looked a little surprised but knows when I say something I back it up and he let his fingers do the walking, Jennifer is now the fourth animal, a slippery seal, I was trying to grab her in the middle of her meltdown so we could dart to the van so we could vacate as soon as possible. She was furious that the best part of her trip the motel had been cancelled.
I felt like a piece of crap doing this but I felt like it was necessary, I couldn't reward her bad behaviour with a special treat, so true to my words we are back on the 401 going west toward home.
Around 6pm, we decided the animals must be watered and fed so off to Swiss Chalet we go, the girls have both napped so I am feeling optimistic that we are going to be okay.
We get into the restaurant and so far so good, dinner came quickly and everyone was eating when all of a sudden the monkey has made another appearance!!
Jillian started to crawl on the back on the booth seat, making noises at the young couple not obviously parents and not wanting to have any company at their table. Trying to tame the monkey made her shriek and cry , after many tries the handlers decided to put her back in her cage, off to the van for her. A smiling sister ate her meal.
Off heading west we listened to Jillian scream for 1 hour, my spirited, persistent and stubborn child stopped as pulled in the drive way.
The last animal to be reviewed was the meanest, grouchiest animal, the bear , wishing she had of stayed in her hibernation this morning and avoided the zoo crowds.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I'm cheap, we rent movies, rarely do we go to the big screen and break the old piggy bank. Our big movie nights are rentals, popcorn at home or the drive in with a cooler full of snacks, mean Mom.
Recently I lost my focus and my mind and let my hubby talk me into going to the movies to see the little rat flick, Ratatouille. We went to the 7 pm show, with a $20 gift card in tow, should of mortgaged the house for a flick with a mouse, okay rat but that didn't rhyme.
Got there paid to get in and threw down the gift card and the total still threw me into a crank.
We asked the kids, "Do you have to pee".
"No Mommy" in unison.
Okay off to theatre 4, we find a seat next to the isle, I know I am going to the washroom at some point in the 2 hour span. Hubby sent me to the snack bar, oh help me.
I stand in line with Jen who wants one of everything, I am adding up 2medium popcorn and two drinks, crap, over $20 , no, no way !! There is a $12.50, large popcorn and two large drinks, that will be the one we are going to chow down. We get the loot,popcorn, the drinks, coke and the all yummy sugary Kool-aid for the monkeys. The drinks were so huge, are they kidding me, have they not seen Michael Moore's super sized????
The lights go down movie begins the show was priceless, the movie was okay. The show being Jillian, first time for her in a theatre,. Jill screamed WOW, so loud the audience was in stitches, she ran a commentary(a lot in her own language)throughout the whole show.
When she wasn't talking, she was drinking the syrup. I was sitting watching the cute little rat, almost getting into it, when a funny warm sensation took over my thighs, oh ya, she peed a super size , yes on to my lap.
Running out of the theatre to the van, stripped her and crap, no change of clothes in the diaper bag, am I the world's most unorganized Mother, yes!!!
Started the green machine, cranked on the heat, threw her pants on the gear shift and blew out those babies dry. It was over a 100 friggin degrees in the van, I feel like I'm having hot flashes . I dress monkey and away we go .
Walking in people stare,the crotch of my pants are soaked ,walking in with a very dry child.
So $60 later, I am wet, cranky and can't sit still, sound like anyone you know.........

Monday, August 13, 2007

Thelma and Louise

Well they are at it again, Thelma and Louise, partners in crime.
Quiet as little mice Jen and Jill got up before mommy and Daddy and decided to make themselves a little breakfast. Well needless to say the mess was unbelievable.
Mom and Dad run into the kitchen to see a pound of butter massacred, some globbed on to English muffins, some on the floor, on kitchen chairs and each other.
Then they decided to feed the fish, Lenny and Frankie. They dumped on can of fish food in the bowl and stirred. They thought the water was a little dirty so dumped three quarters of it out so that poor little Goldie's were flopping in the breeze(thankfully no fishies died in the making of this film).
So Mommy ranted, Daddy calmed and then the cleaning began. Everyone was fed and watered and Mommy got her coffee so the day was back on track??? Come on were are talking Thelma and Louise, their little crime spree was just beginning.
Mid morning the back hoe came to back fill our big sand box(thank goodness)and after a few hours I went to good ol' Timmies to grab some java so we could have a break.We had put a movie on for the kids, all was quiet and they were all comfy.
We snuck up and sat down with Mr. Backhoe and started to enjoy coffee, twenty (maybe not even that long)minutes I went in to find Jillian covered in paint, panic set in, where was Louise??
I found the hallway and carpet covered in a lovely shade of green, and still no sighting of the other partner in crime.
In to the bathroom and there was Louise covered in paint, glitter, feathers, she looked like something out a bad drag queen Broadway show. The sink was covered in blue paint, the walls and door in a complimentary green(blue and green should never be seen, not at least on my walls).
Now on to our bedroom, under my bed was a lovely shade of red, some glitter glue and stickers,
I am now to the point that my temper was ready to blow. Stand back she's ready to blow!!!!
I asked Louise "What in the heck were you doing with glitter glue, feathers, paint and stickers?"
In a sweet little voice "Mom ,Jill and I were making you and Daddy an anniversary card".
Oh hell there nothing like a 5 year old to make you feel like a piece of crap,grrrrr.
After the mess was cleaned, kids fed lunch it was off to the laundry room to do a load before nap time. I opened the door to another crime area, not yet taped off in yellow crime scene tape, no, not one warning.
They found my secret stash of party supplies and squirted silly string everywhere, and the day goes on...............

Friday, August 10, 2007

My Man's best friend

Jack as honorary best man

Dressed in tux that we rented from
the same place that hubby got his.
He had gained some weight(pre-wedding jitters)
before the wedding so his front legs didn't
fit into the arms, oh well he still looked
handsome. His bow tie matched his Dad's.

This is Bud-Bud now, he is 14 yrs now,
a little arthritic and gray but handsome
just the same.

A year before my hubby and I started to date, he purchase Jack. Jack was bought to train for duck hunting and trials. While dating I often threw a dead duck or two to help in the training process, it was amazing to watch the skill of this beautiful muscular lab, I was smitten not only with the man but with his dog.
While going out on dates Jack would often accompany us, hubby had a truck with a bench seat. Jeff, Jack in the middle and me in the passenger seat. Jack used to lean so hard on me it felt like he might push me right off the seat and out the door, he was a little jealous at first of the attention I was getting. But as all good love stories this one to has a happy ending, I found Jack's soft spot, food and a comfie couch.
When my hubby and I decided to buy a house and move in (yes , oh, before marriage!!)together I just could not have Jack outside sleeping in a kennel, hunting dog or not!!
He started coming in hours at a time, then for long periods, then he was let in the backroom, before you knew it he was on our bed and the comfy couch like he owned the new place.
Not long he had lost his taste for duck, unless it was out of the oven a la orange, and he was just my baby. I would dress him for Halloween, take him trick or treating, get his photos done at Sears and take him everywhere. Friends and family commented how much hubby and I needed a child. We felt like we already had one, that's how much we loved him.
When our adoption for Jennifer was complete our biggest fear was that after 9 yrs of being number one son he might be jealous, not a bit. They had a good thing from the start, she threw food and he liked to eat, love at first bite.
He is just amazing with the girls, he loves their kisses, hugs and tolerates the odd tail pull(and genital check, yes, girls that's his penis, leave it alone).
Never has there been a more lovable, intelligent and best friend than Jack, we love him to bits.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

My beautiful girl

Jennifer at 5yrs, her beauty
takes my breath away.

Sorry I scanned this crooked. This is our guide
Lily holding on to Jennifer, she was 8 months.
Our second daughter is Jillian Lily, after this
wonderful, beautiful lady.

I love this little face, I melt
whenever I see this photo.
Recently while on Steffie's blog it got me taking my own walk down memory lane. I got to thinking of our first trip to China for our daughter Jennifer, Princess Puddin' Pop. It seems like yesterday we were anxiously waiting to get the "call".
It was on December the 10 th around 1 in the afternoon, the phone rang. My husband and I were busy renovating a room that was going to be the nursery, looking at each other we thought we should let the machine pick it up. Sighing at the inconvenience I ran to get, answering it like it was going to be a pesky telemarketer.
In an annoyed tone, I said "Hello."
"Hello, Kerri, this is Jenna, from Children's Bridge". My knees went to jelly, I forgot to breath and I couldn't even call out to my husband.
"I am calling to tell you , you have a daughter and her name is WuDai Lian. She is residing in Lianyungong Orphanage and she is 17 pounds and 27 inches long. Go down to your computer and I will send you a photo."
We ran downstairs to see the picture of our daughter unfold slowly(old computer, ancient dinosaur), we held each other and cried.
We then rushed over to my friends home to photocopy photos to show grandparents, who had just recently found out we were adopting. We had given them a fortune cookie ( weeks before)with a message inside saying"Your going to be grandparents".
We travelled in February to a beautiful, ancient and welcoming country that still holds a part of my heart. I remember the first time I laid eyes on our daughter, my breath was literally taken away, she was the most beautiful child I had ever seen. I couldn't even cry (like I thought I was going to )I was so overcome.
To this day I still have the same out pour of emotions when I look at her, she is a beautiful child inside and out.
I love you Puddin' Pop.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bee in my bonnet...

Recently my hubby and girls went to a very large family function, a family picnic that has been going on since 1912. It involves many hours of organizing, many people come to the table and give countless hours of their free time.
It is always such a great time , we love attending every year. After the blessing there are a list of family announcements as everyone is devouring all the favourite, handed down for many generations , family recipes.
When the family announcements come to births each child is presented with an engraved silver spoon, it's gorgeous. They announce the name of the child, birthdate and hand them the spoon. This was Jillian's year to be presented to her extended family. As each name was read we enjoyed seeing the new babies, then it was our turn.
"Jillian Askew, chosen child of Mr. and Mrs. Askew."
WHAT, I gave my husband a quick look with shock and disgust on my face, he in turn looked like I could knock him over with a feather. Now don't get me wrong, I know this was not meant with malice, prejudice but with ignorance.
Why is it that society(and family) choose to label my children, yes they are chosen, adopted but I don't feel they need to be reminded especially by family at a social function. I didn't hear them refer to so and so 's baby as baby M the invitro baby or baby K the baby of a single mom.
Why is it adopted children are labelled in society, an example, Angelina Jolie's children are always referred in articles as her adopted children and biological child Shiloh is referred to as her daughter. Why do they label them, duh, everyone with a brain can figure it out.
I felt my children were in a Jane Elliot(diversity trainer) blue eyes/brown eyes experiment and were being centered out, do you remember that from the 1960's?
I think all of our family can figure out by looking at my hubby and I that our girls are adopted.
Anyway it feels good to put it on the screen because it has been bothering me. I have had a bee in my bonnet and this has been buzzing around my head long enough, some things you have to let go of and realize it was out of ignorance.

I really know how it feels to have a bee in my bonnet, hubby and I did hobby (15 hives) beekeeping for about 5 years.

Friday, August 3, 2007

I'm Bored!!

Soccer has ended.

Baseball has ended.
Mom, I'm bored, I swear I heard this a hundred times and that was just yesterday.
Funny as a child the summers would fly by so fast, it seemed like you'd blink and my Mom would be pulling my ear all the way to the old Woolco stores to try on all my back to school clothes. Now as a Mom with two little ones the summer seems longer, much longer, and hotter than I ever remember. I don't even want to put my big toe outside in this heat(37 yesterday)and my kids want to be outside from morning until night. I try to keep them inside but all I hear is "I'm bored". So Mom goes outside to be the carnival cruise director all the while getting the girls soaking wet in the boobie bra and my big girl undies plastered on my butt cheeks(not a pretty sight), please, please September, come quick......
To make me feel whiny, inferior and a total slacker, I come across this article.

An Arkansas couple just had their 17th child, a little girl,Jennifer Danielle (all the names of their children start with J) born to Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. The couple have said they want more children???
This woman must be super woman, I am moaning and groaning about 2 kids making me a crazy lady, 17 oh please(no offense here) commit me now, save me a bed on the ward, I'm ready, please get the pretty wrap jacket.