Saturday, May 5, 2007

Thelma and Louise

My husband woke me from a sleepy slumber before he left for work at ten to six,I have to wear earplugs(hubbie snores like a freight train, sorry hunny)so in order to hear the girls getting up I have to wake and remove them before he departs. Well... I drifted off to sleep without removing my protective gear (he's also really!!! loud) and had another lovely peaceful forty minute snooze, I opened my eyes ripped out the plugs and heard silence, oh crap not good in my house!! Quickly I run to the girl's room, gone, next the kitchen, there stood the partners in crime!!
Two butt naked little princesses, dog water all over the floor, two paper towel rolls set free and empty, some of the pantry lying on the floor complete with two large empty dog biscuit boxes.
Jennifer was using the drool water to wash the patio door and Jillian was doing the floors, trying to help mommy right, ya...
So I asked who was the little ripper that emptied the water, paper towel rolls and the pantry. They both stood side by side with a blank stare and held their position of solidarity, neither sister willing to rat the other out which is rare because Jennifer is loose lipped when it comes to getting Jillian in hot water.
All I could think of is I am in soooo much trouble, not only do I have the sister bond thing finally happening but now I have silent partners in crime. So the three of us managed to clean up the fun and one of us complete with a little grin on our face. Oh yes and one very over stuffed, almost grinning chocolate lab.

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crazylady said...

You better stop reading my blog right now then. I think my life is contagious. There is a good reason we all need to vent, blog.
I know EXACTLY how happy your lab is today. At least someone got some'un some'un outta the deal.