Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Got me,

I was tagged by my buddy bud Sen,

Here are 8 things that I can pass along to the masses,
1. I am a hygiene freak, often taking two or three baths a day, often just to relieve stress(from whom you might wonder?).
2. I am an only child, my parents were married very!!! young 16 and 20. I am spoiled rotten, I was the first girl in three generations on my dad's side. I am a daddy's girl even though we don't see each other often enough.
3. I too was a candy striper, just wanted to be decked out in that cool hat.
4. Have !!!!! to have caffeine or I get super cranky, totally addicted.
5. Hate spiders, I scream, cry and beg my four year to stomp squish and kill (nice mom).
6.I think (like every other mom out there)that my kids are the most beautiful in the world, their birthparents were knockouts.
7. I watch one soap opera, ya I know what crap TV, but love my secret pleasure.
8. Can't swim, will certainly be wary if hubby buys boat with three life jackets.
Can't send this on , afraid I don't know that many people to send the luv too yet(this the time to cry and send out the cyber hugs)but I am working on gettin' around(cheap flooz)


crazylady said...

Umm darling, you have fans. I see your name on a couple blogrolls. Maybe they could delurk and tell you so?
It's great to have kids to do the things we no longer want to (crush spiders), or find inconvenient (go get mom...the blah blah blah...please of course)
sen. You need to keep posting girly.
Get your butt out there and cruise the sites.

Salome's Mom said...

Oh another clean freak. I don't feel so alone!

Yoli said...

Ummmm, hey what about me? I've posted on your site?! I use to be a clean freak, however can go days without taking a shower. Ok only on my days off. It's such a process....


Day Dreamer said...

New fan....over heeeeaarrrrrrr!!

(waving and jumping up and down!)

Sam said...

I will play with you!!! Go to my blog later tonight and I'll have my list up!
Sam @ Just Keep Swimming

(Now maybe Senja won't nail me with this!!!!)