Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall fairs.

Fall is here.
This is my favourite season, the colors, the smells, the harvest crops and the fall fairs.
The girls have been to two fairs and the third will be on Thanksgiving weekend.
I love to watch my girls faces while they ride the carousel, waving to me every time they pass me, it is magical....

Friday, September 11, 2009

Please join me...

Join me in wishing Sugar, Spice and a little Rice a safe and wonderful journey to her daughter. Her husband and her leave for China tomorrow, we couldn't be happier for them.
Sending hugs to you Deb, love the monkeys..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of School 09'

Today was the first day back for the monkeys.
A day of mixed emotions, Jennifer was ecstatic to be returning to her friends, Jilly-Bean was apprehensive(as you can see in the above photo).
Standing in line my baby grabbed me for dear life and cried big crocodile tears. Keeping my composure I comforted her and sent her to the door, walking away trying to fight back tears. Talking to her teacher later in the day she told me that as soon as Jill went into the school the tears stopped and she was fine.
Jen on the other hand went to her line, didn't want Mom to kiss or hug her, not in front of her friends(yeesh Mom??)LOL.
The first day of school was fantastic, they came home so excited and they love their teacher, yes!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The point of Hunter's Point.

We have had the cottage at Hunter's Point now for six years now, such a wonderful find, out in the middle of nowhere, no electricity, no phones and no interruptions.
Just family time, it's all about the girls and making lifelong memories for them.
The point of Hunter's point is just that , family, it is just a wonderful place to get back to nature and the basics(no electronics, no phones ringing, no work and no other commitments).

There is a lot of relaxing...

Some boating, and some fishing....

Family time and cuddling...

Some pretty scenery thrown in...

More relaxing...

More fishing and happy times..
That's the point of our Hunter's Point......