Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Enjoying the sun and some pool fun. Trying to
stay cool in this humid weather.

Next we are off to garden.

Jennifer took this shot of Mom, gardening with
my Tim's(never too hot for coffee). My flower
garden isn't doing as well as I'd like due to such
dry conditions. I am watering like crazy trying to
keep them alive and thriving.

My beautiful little helper. When Jillian is having
her afternoon naps Jennifer and I usually garden
or do some big girl crafts such as beading. Beading
is not so much fun with Jilly-Bean, she thinks anything
that resembles a skittle or smartie should go in her mouth
or up her nose.
Monday is probably going to be a productive day for the Man Room, I believe the walls for the frost footings are going to be poured, then dirt will filled in when they are set. So the backhoe babysitter will be back(Mommy will be drinking a hot coffee ,yahoo).Who knew a yellow mighty machine would be so entertaining, Jillian will actually stand still for twenty minutes!! If I had known this I would started construction in June!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Can I, can I yet??

Waiting to play in the dirt. Can we
go yet Mom, can we??

Get your boots on, were almost ready!

I'm ready Mom, now?

This is a big climb, come on Jill!
Are you coming Mom??
Can you get some more cars for the dirt Dad?

There goes Jilly-bean, jumping in.
Jack is not too sure, thinks he'll leave all the fun
for the girls.

Cool slide Mom!!

I even have sand in my diaper Mom!!!

This si way ool mom, come on give it a go!!

Look who's the Queen of the castle
and who's the dirty little rascal!!

Thanks Mom, that was great!!
Mom let's go in, my diaper is full of scratchy
sandy dirt... please!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Getting to know me, Getting to know all about me...

As promised some answers,

If I could live anywhere in the world it would still be in Canada, I love this country. I love it's diversity, not on with it's ethnicity but also with it's landscapes. We have beautiful mountains in the west, flat plains covered in miles of golden wheat and miles of amazing beaches in the east.

My hubby and I have talked about moving to China for six months when we retire to immerse ourselves in the culture, it's one of our dreams...

I am the Monkey King, because I named this blog after the famous children's story out of China.

It holds a common link for both my girls, Jennifer comes from Jiangsu province, the home to the Monkey King and for Jillian she was born in the year on the Monkey.

As far as choosing China for our adoptions, it originally was not our first choice. Originally we chose Vietnam, the babies are so young, our paperwork was completed and on it's way when the most unexpected and devastating thing happened. Canada closed Vietnamese adoptions, we never did get the "whole" story but they felt that some babies had been coerced from the mothers, it has not been opened as of yet(it's my understanding they are getting very close though). I was devastated, I called it my Vietnamese miscarriage, I felt like I had lost a child, that I really never had, only in my heart.

RMJ has asked me the most difficult question, I really don't know what makes me a good friend. I like to think it's because I am loyal, trustworthy,dependable and always there for a good laugh or cry. I find it sometimes difficult with kids to be there for (you know who you are!!)my friends as much as I like, but my nearest and dearest friends know this and accept this. It just makes the times we can get together that more special to me, the telephone is a great invention.

My biggest regret, I really don't have any, I feel one is shaped and molded by life's experiences whether good or bad. I guess if I was to pick my brain, I wish I could have told my Grandma that "I love you more", it's been 2 months and I miss her so much it feels sometimes that my heart could actually fall into pieces from the ache. I tell her, I hope she hears...

My favourite food is all of them. No I would have to say pasta, my Mom makes the best Italian food, her pizza is outrageous, it goes straight to the hips, yikes.

My favourite adult beverage is off limits, I can't drink alcohol, I have Hep C from a tainted blood transfusion so I am in remission at present. If I was to drink it could fire up the old virus and I could lose my life so no vino for me. My drink of choice was white wine.

My favourite time of the day is the morning, my girls run into our bed to cuddle for a half hour or so.

I am reading Mao and The Snow flower and the Secret fan. Mao is an eye opener, it is a slow read but worth it. I can't read it in bed though, it's too darned heavy, scared it will fall on me when I doze off(usually every night).

I love Autobiographies, figure if I can learn or be inspired through someone else's life experiences.

I also just love fluff, trash, something I can, pick up and put down and not have to hurt the brain .

I live in Southwestern Ontario,not to far from London.

I love Tim Horton's as you all well know. I drink a medium, double cream everyday. If I go through the drive through my eldest shouts out my order before I get a chance. Through their tree house window they play Tim Horton's drive thru, they have a doughnut box, tray and some cups. They even have the prices down, I think Mommy might go to Tim's just a little too much??

My kids favourite food,

Jennifer(5)she is my chicken, fish, salad and fruit girl. Not very fond of sweets, given the choice, she eat a salad or a piece of cake.

Jillian(2), now there's a sweet tooth, loves anything that contains sugar. Jill loves chicken, fish and fruit, we work on the veggies.

Their all time fave is chicken Caesar salad.

Ideal day consists of morning cuddle time, leisure morning watching girls play outside while I sip at a coffee. Lunch, afternoon swim, dinner and play time with Daddy and Mommy. Night time story and kisses goodnight.

My heart soars when I see my girls bonding , they have really started to interact and play together. They tell each other they love one another. I love to over hear them giggiling in their rooms at bedtime sharing secrets.

What makes me sad is the hurt I am experiencing at present with the loss of my Grandma. Sometimes it still hurt so much it feels like my heart might actually break, I miss her.

Mammograms and dental work up there with a colonoscopy, ahhh, yikes!!!!
I must admit I have never had a boobie squeeze, well not with a professional, but the idea of having them pancaked between two sheets of plexiglass doesn't appeal to my senses(good senses). Dental work is not another of my favourite past times, I white knuckle the whole appointment in fear. I really have no reason for this because I have a fabulous dentist, she is really amazing. I have not had cavities for 10 years, knock on wood.

One career I would choose is hairstylist. Why, because maybe I could find time to do my hair, and find a style that would get me into the twentieth century.

I don't have twins but I have a 5yr and 2.5 yr old. My biggest challenge as a parent right now is my youngest tantrums, they are making me a crazed woman. Right now we are doing the naughty spot, she is getting the hint, I also remove her favourite animal BaBa from her and give him a timeout from her naughty behaviour. Jillian is my spirited child, I admire her determination, perseverance and strong will even though it's contributing to my premature death, aaahhhhh.

My favourite cook, my Mom. Mom would make me ravioli , lasagna or pizza(she hasn't made one in forever, my hips thank her). Second favourite cook, the naked chef, he doesn't have to make a meal....

I met my hubby at my Father's home. My in-laws only live two doors down from My dad's, Hubby came to visit and show off his new vehicle, I happened to show up at the same time. Spent the afternoon talking and the rest is history. Not my first, was engaged to a guy before hubby, turned Jehovah's witness, I ran out of there fast as I could (no offence to anyone, just not for me). I feel blessed everyday I wake up to hubby.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Big Excavation.

The Supervisor, making sure the job is done right.
Things have been crazy busy around here, the Man Room excavation has begun. The girls are enjoying their huge mountains of dirt, thank goodness for Tide.
I promise to answer everyone's questions very soon, they are great and I can't wait to share a bit of us with you!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Open Book

My life to anyone I know has always been pretty much an open book(mainly because I can't keep my pie-hole shut), so I have decided to play along and let you ask away(if you dare).

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cyber shower

Thanks to The Seventh Diamond for hosting a very special cyber shower, was a privilege to be in attendance.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Peace Man

This weekend in a city near us there is a festival taking place.
It is called the Home County Folk Festival, my hubby calls it the Hippie Fest. It's one of my favourite summer indulges, there is so much to see, dream about, listen to, purchase and of course so much to eat.
It is a group of artists that sell everything from paintings, pottery, candles, clothing, photography, you name or can dream it , it's there.
The park is filled with talented folk musicians playing music while young and old dance the weekend away.
And yes there is the odd old hippie , peace...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Rise of the Middle Class in China

Keeping up with the Wangs is a six part story featured on MSN Money.
I am really finding it interesting, loved the story on Wal-mart and what you might find there, we didn't go there while we were in China, wish we had.

A new Ladybug has landed, go to Ms.Dragonfly to see.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Special occasion

Bring out the RED SHOES and for the very happy special occasion the RED HANDBAG to MATCH.
Yes, it's true, there has been a match and a certain MS. Dragonfly is going to spread her beautiful wings. Let's hope for the package today.
Grab your shoes and head on over to share in her happy news.


Please keep a very special "Dragonfly" in your thoughts today. Cross fingers, toes, legs, eyes and if your specially talented contortionist , anything you'd like.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Woman at work

Warning: This post contains a photo that might be considered inappropriate to some, viewer discetion is advised. Content NOT considered appropriate for younger viewing audiences, will scar them permanently. For viewing pleasure DO NOT open to full screen, arse bulges and cellulite will bite. Facial expression may offend some.

Yes, this is me sanding our kitchen cupboards on the weekend, if you want a job done, get another woman or do it YOURSELF. Our cupboards are in good shape but I am tired of the color, we are going pale, so there is a lot of prep work. Now this is something I am used to doing as I stripped(in the 90's, yes I stripped!!) all the old baseboards in our rental home, sanded and stained them.
I am a little cranky as I have to do them while I am watching hubby get fences moved for the big excavation happening early next week. First things first, MEN!!!
So blogging is a little slow as I am a LITTLE BUSY!!!!
Hubby just came home with a present for me, flowers you wonder, no liquid sandpaper.
He might of just signed his DEATH WISH.
Enuff whining, back to work.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

From Daddy with love.

As many of you know my hubby built this house for his girls, I know I am a little bias but this is one of the most beautiful little tree houses I have ever seen. I was so proud of him, he just got an idea in his head and started to build, no plans. It is very Lemony Snickets, whimsical, nothing is square, very crooked and hard to build. I think you'll agree, he did a great job.Askew Construction in the beginning phases, roofing still in progress. The shingles were probably the biggest ticket item as far as cost goes, but added a really nice touch, I am glad we went with them over the asphalt.

As Canadian winters go, all construction grinded to a complete halt, you can see some of the roofing still has to be completed.

Spring came in like a lamb and we were able to get the roof completed and the outside primed and ready for pretty paint. We could not decide what color to go with , we had to consider the neighbourhood as everyone can see it for a block or two. One afternoon the girls were driving their princess mobile around and voila, the color choice came to be!

Still painting in this photo, hubby had to work on it on days off or after work. He never minded, it was labour of love for his girls(him too, he's such a big kid).

Our finished product, we love it, the girls spend so much time up here. We have tea parties and picnics from the balcony. We are going to work more on the inside, curtains ect, should be fun. Was thinking of a nice sunny yellow for the interior, something bright and colorful.
I think the girls will be able to get back to playing in their tree house soon, looks like Lovey Dovey's baby is getting pretty big.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Monday, July 9, 2007

Nickname Meme

Jennifer 's nicknames are Jenny Wren,
her Grandma gave her that one.
Her other one is Princess Puddin' Pop,
I call her this. My Dad calls me Princess
and Puddin' Pop, they were my favourite
treat, I think Bill Crosby used to endorse them
because they were made by Jello, did I
age myself big time?
Princess Puddin' Pop

This is Miss Jilly-bean, her Jie-jie gave her
this nickname one morning during breakfast.
We all thought it was cute so it stuck. Her other nickname
is Keebler, Mommy thinks she is as cute as the
little Keebler elves on the cookie commercial, it
seems like my life revolves around food doesn't it...

My little bean.

Thanks to The Seventh Diamond for this fun meme, funny how we spend so many agonizing hours coming up with the perfect name for our children then we call the something like Keebler or Puddin' Pop. Nicknames are so fun and really indicative of their little personalities.
My names growing up were Care bear, Princess and Scary Jane(nice one huh?).

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Saturday in the sun.

Remember Lovey Dovey??

She is a Mommy....

Introducing her love dove, we call her "Peace"

Jumping Jilly-Bean

Not tired yet....

Going, Going, Almost there...
Jillian bounced for about 15 minutes before bed
I think we finally found a way to tire her???

Friday, July 6, 2007

Na Na Na Boo

As Sen had wrote in one of her posts about parents pretending to ignore their children's full out, full blown temper tantrums, I had to smile.
This has been my life for the last while, Jilly -bean has been having some real doozies lately, compounded with some rude gestures, cute, very cute.
Now Jillian has always been my child who loves to test her boundaries, loves to have control and in my tormented mind loves to torture me. One incident in the early Spring I took her to the mall shopping, I should have known better as she had her crabby pants on the whole morning.
We enter the mall, she goes into a full blown, arm flailing tantrum and proceeds to throw herself on the floor and scream like she was being murdered.
There was a bench nearby so with coffee in hand I sat down and proceeded to pretend to ignore her, no it was not working for me, my blood pressure rose as people walked by in disgust of my devil-child throwing herself in an arched back position on the floor and turned her head frantically from side to side all the while screaming. At this point I couldn't take it anymore I tried to put my arm under her arched back and scoop her up when she let herself down and went limp noodle. I managed to pick her up and threw her over my shoulder as she is kicking me in the stomach, now at my boiling point, I out to the green machine and threw her into the car seat, just as I bent down to buckle her in she hauled off and whacked me in the nose, stars******, I am seeing stars*******. Blood is pouring, I grabbed an old Kleenex from the console and hold my nose and get into the driver's seat, buckle up my belt. I pushed the Kleenex into each nostril and put the screaming mobile into gear, I grab for my coffee to calm my frazzled nerves, crap my coffee is in the mall on the bench.
I screech into Tim's turning the corner almost on two wheels I'm so upset, get to the window, order in a yelling voice to drown out squawker, pull ahead with money in hand.
The poor woman at the window looked at me in complete horror like I had a third eye or had been hit with a bat, sh*t I had forgotten I had shoved Kleenex up my nostrils had blood on my face and had a screaming hysterical baby in a car seat. I think she thought the baby and I had gone ten rounds and I had lost and Jillian was cranked and screaming because she still wanted another piece of me.
Long story short, calmed my nerves with coffee and yes, nursed a very black fractured nose and two dark eyes.
At present the tantrums are not physical now that she has a cute little (meant loud ) voice, she is not so frustrated. Jillian now sticks her tongue out, blows raspberries and says Na Na Na Boo(thanks to her big sister, who by the way has never said this to me)and her most famous line"Bad Mommy". We have tried everything under the sun to curb this rude behaviour but all she does is scream even louder and then in acute little voice and a smile says"Sorry Mom", turns her back and throws a raspberry. AAAAHHHHH.
I am so frustrated, embarrassed, I do not want to even take the child in public at present, thinking that people will take her behaviour as a reflection of how I parent. My hubby takes the who the h*ll cares attitude, I just am at wit's end, HELP!!! Any suggestions out there???

Monday, July 2, 2007

Canada day fun.

Enjoy the holiday with family- Jen and cousin

At the community center fishing foe prizes

Jillian putting out a fire.

Canadian Cutie!!
Two Canadian Cuties.
We went over to our local community center were they had
games, prizes, crafts, face painting jumpers and inflatable mazes.
There was cake and juice after they sang "Oh Canada", lots of hotdogs
and Timmies coffee for the mommies and beer for the Daddies.

Jennifer is making a button with the Boy Scouts.
A fun day was had by all, fireworks ended the day at dusk.
Happy Birthday Canada.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Canada Day

Happy Birthday Canada, your 140 years young.
Our family feels so blessed to live in this beautiful country, to our fellow Cunucks have a wonderful holiday. We have a couple of parties today, one at our Community center and one at my Brother-in- laws.
Cheers!!(holding up my Timmies, double cream)

Now go and grab a Timmie's and celebrate.
Party pics to follow.