Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oops. ..

I being computer illiterate pressed publish blog by mistake, I wasn't finished!! I never got to spell check, ignore the typing blunders, oh there will be many!!
Help I don't know how to send this on to my blogger friends as I have never done this before, I wanted to send it on to,
1. Rony, The Ghelerter twins
2. Diana, Sophia and Alyssa
3.Lil' bubble Queen, Nikki

I also need some instruction on how to add all these terrific blogs I follow onto my site. HELP.. anyone..please.


Diana said...

Hey there, I am here to help! I have some answers.... If you unwittingly publish a post all you have to do is go under edit posts and open it up again, work away and hit publish post. It automatically overrides the one you did......happens to me all the time..............
Thanks for the tag.........

Shelly said...

I think if you go to your "dashboard" you'll get the help you need... I know I get stuck as well.

crazylady said...

If you publish by accident, just go back into the edit posts screen where they are all listed and check 'edit'. When it opens up, just save it as a 'draft' this time instead of publish. Goes back into safekeeping and so you don't have to delete it and start again.

crazylady said...

for blogroll:
go into 'customize' screen
go into 'page element' screen
look for 'add page element' icon and click
click on 'link list' (ie add blogs)
Follow the screen boxes, ie. Fill out the title of the blogroll, (ex. blogroll, favorite sites, etc)
then one by one cut and paste your desired blog url sites into the new site url. Make sure to put in a name in the new site 'name' box which appears on your home page. People don't like seeing the address, but prefer the name of thier blog instead. You can sort alphabetically or in the order you want after you have added them. Little edit icons will appear to each link. Remember to save all changes. It takes alot of time to do all this the first time.
NOTE: the box with "new url site" already comes pre filled with http://
If you cut and paste, make sure to delete that first, otherwise it will have two http:// 's and it won't recognize the link.
If you have issues, email me.

A Special Family said...

Another Canadian blog!! OOhhh how I love them! lol
Your little monkeys are simply adorable!!!
Thanks for coming to my blog, can I add you to my blog roll?

Day Dreamer said...

Crazylady has it all under control! We are pretty much in the same boat as far as being new bloggers. Your blog is well written and so well done! said...

Ok... well you don't need my help it looks as if the "Master" has explained it well.....


Ms. Dragonfly said...

Boy crazylady just makes it all seem so easy huh?

Anonymous said...

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