Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Out of the mouth of babes

Let's embarrass Mom.....

This was a conversation Princess Puddin' Pop and I had this morning standing in the line at school. To help set the scene, there is a very!! pregnant Mom standing in the line next to Jennifer's.

Jennifer : Mom , you didn't have me in your tummy right?

Mom : No, Jen, I had you in my heart. I affectionately laid my hand on my heart smiling at her.

Jennifer: Your heart is here right mom, on you boobies?

My face is now getting a little pink. I want the conversation to end at his point.... but my darling daughter loves to ask a million and one questions soooo it continues.

Mom : Hmm hmm . get in line, please.

Jennifer is eyeing the very pregnant Mom, then with a look on wonder and disbelief she says..

Jennifer : WoW!! Mom, your boobs grew THAT BIG !!

In my dreams.......

This is my world. Red face and all.


crazylady said...

Oh honey I'm dying over here. ROTFL.
I enforce a strict non talking policy in public for twins. How long do ya think I can milk that? I'm striving for college.

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

I'm dying at Sen's comment. College?! I don't think so my crazee friend! My Katie announces to anyone within earshot that mommy has boobies. And then slams my chest. Oy. Help us lord.


Diana said...

Hilarious!!!!!...Out of the mouth of babes.(Who have an excuse, but what excuse do these assinine, stupid idiots who mumble comments which of COURSE you can hear????). Sorry, didn't mean to get on the soapbox. I love your kids...so honest and I only WISH mine loved ravioli, alphaghetti or anything else that came out of a can except tuna. You are so lucky.

Day Dreamer said...

Better late than never? I am ROLLING!!! Too cute!