Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wordless Wednesday


crazylady said...

Am I supposed to believe this Kerr?
Can you say STAGED!! So unbelievably cute though, to think they might snuggle like that. I wish I could see you soon!
LOL, I could never do a "wordless" anything with my verbal diarrhea. Maybe I'm just used to having explain myself! :o)
Have a great Timmy's day. It's gorgeous outside!

Diana said...

Adorable! If this is a pic. after sleeping then they need to go straight to modelling school.
Enjoy! I'm likin' the Wordless Wednesday idea..... said...

Do they actually "sleep" in their bed together? I just know (when the time comes) that my A & K will not stay in their bed for anything!

They are simply adorable...