Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Trick or Treating

Have a safe and happy Halloween with lots of treats and no tricks.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Billy Bones

Billy Bones........ Last night my hubby decides(10 minutes before bedtime, not a good idea) he is going to get Halloween decorations out and sort through them so we can put them up tomorrow.
He gets out some masks , puts them on and scares the girls(bedtime??), they run around screaming hysterically, Jennifer starts to laugh while Jillian cries until Daddy takes it off and she sees his face.Now I am getting a little miffed as to why he is doing this because I am a firm believer of calming their surrounding half an hour before bed, quiet time, bath time and story, all sshhh quiet.
Well it gets worse, dear hubby gets out Billy Bones, now he scares me!! It is a skeleton that starts automatically to sound. Well you guessed it, Jill is screaming Billy is a dancing and singing"The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out" his eyes are glowing red.
Jillian is running to me for comfort trying to crawl over my back to get way, all the while we are trying not to grin(no hate mail please.....). I scoop her up go upstairs, calm her and get her ready for bed. Luckily no nightmares took place, thank goodness.
This morning after breakfast I wanted to shower quickly before bed so I asked the girls to go downstairs for a quick cartoon of Wonder Pets, they agreed and off they went.
Just as I was walking towards the bathroom I heard Billy Bones laughing, singing and dancing!!!
The hysterical screams followed, oh my hubby is going to get tricks tonight no treats...........

Monday, October 29, 2007

A fun filled day.

It was my nephew's birthday yesterday, what a terrific day we had.
There was a clown who painted our faces, did a magic show and kept all the kids entertained .
There's my little kitty cat, Mommy had a lucky lady bug for those waiting Moms out there.

Here is Dotsy the clown entertaining the kids with some magic.
I have a clown phobia(they freak me out!!!! LOL) but Dotsy wasn't too scary!

Another kitty cat close up, Jennifer loved her face painted.

Jillian on the other hand wanted no part of Dotsy, her paint or her tricks.
No Mom.......

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hard Boiled

On Saturday mornings when my hubby is off work we try to head to our local farmer's market.
I love going to show the girls the vegetables, fresh flowers, animals and various fresh fruits. It is educational for them to see fresh produce being sold by the farmer just not sitting on the grocery shelves.
So we all headed in to the market and the girls wanted to go see the bunnies, chickens and other various types of fowl on sale.
They were watching the chickens when one hen pops out and egg right in front of Jennifer, her eyes big as saucers, she got all excited and squealed in a booming voice"Mom, that chicken just laid an egg". Well her voice carries and drew a small crowd, the farmer selling the chickens came over opened the cage and handed Jen the egg.
Examining the beautiful brown egg with her Dad, her Dad pointed out it was still warm.
In the sweetest voice she pipes up, "Hey Mom, this egg came out hard boiled".
The farmer and the crowd she had drawn grinned and laughed, couldn't help but.
The farmer gave her the fresh egg and she went home and helped her Daddy make it into an egg and cheese on an English muffin.
I love this child, her sweetness and her innocence. I will have a grin on my face for the rest of the day.....

Friday, October 26, 2007

Cutest little cowgirl...

Finishes costume.... cutest little cowgirl I have ever seen.

Look out boys, there's a new sheriff in town.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sewing costumes

Jennifer examining Mommy 's sad sewing job, LOL!!Jennifer is going to be a cowgirl and Jillian is going to be a cow.

Tonight I am going to be sewing and watching Survivor. I am going to need a thimble
so I don't lose a pint of blood, hard to watch TV and sew. Jennifer needs her costume for school tomorrow, they are having their Halloween party.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My free spirit

Dancing to the beat of her own drum
at Angelo's.

Jillian is my free spirited child, vivacious, lively with no reservations. Her smile is as contagious as her strong will, she will attempt to try anything and usually succeeds at everything. Her spirit is sometimes challenging for Mommy and Daddy, discipline is very difficult. We don't have a time out spot, we have a time out area, trying to make her stay in one spot for two minutes was wearing me out, LOL. :)
I try to have "special" days for my girls. This entitles one special girl going out with Mommy to have a restaurant meal, movie, park or just about anything to her liking. This month Jennifer had a birthday party so that gave me open opportunity to give Jill her special day while her big sister was already occupied.
We dropped Jennifer off at Adventures on Wonderland(indoor jungle gym, little tyke area and birthday rooms), Jillian and I headed next door to start our day. We went to Angelo's (an Italian eatery), we ordered many tasty pasta treats cannoli's and our favourite lemon drink. While sitting down there was a gentleman playing a keyboard and sax, I could see Jillian smiles ear to ear and her feet tapping to the beat. I instinctively knew what was coming, before long she slid from her seat got up on the floor and started to dance. This spirited soul clapped, sang, twirled and shouted more(can't wait until university, LOL!!!). Before long she captured a very large audience that commanded an encore after every song.
I watched my youngest without being self conscious, no care in the world, didn't matter if she didn't have the right moves or looked silly. I sat there wanting to get up grab her tiny little hand and join her, I didn't. When did we as adults stop dancing, feeling uninhibited to twirl, feel the music in our hearts?
I did snap photos to remind Mommy and Jillian someday that we must never forget to follow our instincts and our free spirit, what if I had got up and grabbed her little hand and danced?
I don't really think it would have mattered to too many people, I think it was me holding myself back, too self conscious
I love my Jillian's free spirit.
Next we went to Adventures and Jillian played in the Little tykes area, her sense of adventure made me smile, laugh and at times a little nervous. Her contagious personality was a little magnet to the other kids and soon she had many little ones following and joining her in play. I was able to sit back and admire her many attributes, I am so proud of my youngest and overjoyed I am her Mommy.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lady Legend

Question for everyone out there, how did the sweet little ladybug become the China adoption mascot? Who thought of it and where? Was it from the old rhyme, "Ladybug, Ladybug fly away home."
I love to think about all our little ladybugs flying home to their forever families.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Yesterday our family found out someone who we have shared something monumental and life changing with is fighting for his life. This has rocked our family beyond belief, we can't begin to share the emotions we felt this morning.
After getting the news, sharing tears, I decided to take my girls to the park and just breath in there innocence. I watched them play oblivious to the pain of the world can offer, I watched them giggle, chase each other, hug, pretend to be someone else and escape into a make believe place. I felt almost jealous that I was a grown up and my heart couldn't forget the pain it was feeling.
I wanted to escape to the make believe magical place where I could laugh and forget and not think about B and his family and how much they are hurting.
Just when I thought my precious five year old hadn't got it, she began to pick the old dandelion heads in a big bouquet. With a very serious little face she asked her sister to come over to Mommy. Standing in front of me she asked me blow the dandelion and help her wish come true. I asked her what her wish was, half expecting her to say what she always does, a horse Mom.
My eyes welled and a lump held the cries in my throat as she replied, "All these wishes Mommy are for K and G's Daddy to get better and stay with them."
I had thought she didn't get it......

I love you Princess puddin' pop, you show me the wonders of mankind and how good people can be. I am so proud to be your mommy.

Our thoughts are with you B. Fight.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Box, better than the present.

We purchased this electric piano for the girls yesterday. We are going to enroll Jennifer in lessons, if she enjoys it we can decide to invest in an upright piano. there was some excitement when we set it up in the front room, they tickled the ivories for a while then decided to take the box it came in outside. We the old idea the box is better....

Daddy cut open a little door and window, I set up their tunnel(hoping this wears them out and exhaustion sets in)to crawl through. All I could hear were giggles, belly laughs and lots of girlie screams. After they started to wear down a little Mommy brought out the tea party set with juice and cookies. This helped get their second wind.

A couple of cuties.

Some cuddling going on, yes, it happens *wink*!!

There is that little smile that can melt a glacier(and my heart).

There's some serious beauty.

This was our Sunday afternoon, lots of playing and being lazy. Is their anything better?
Hope your enjoying your Sunday!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spooky Dude

Being the organized Mom that I am (not!) I went to Walmart to find some items to make Jennifer a witch (this has already changed, a witch wears a dress, don't ya know, ) costume for Halloween.

Browsing a round I purchased 1 metre of fabric for a cape, make up, a broom(could of used mine, but might be riding that night) and some striped stockings, gloves and the cutest witch hat. Jillian and I were finished so I decided to take one more cruise around the Halloween section so I could see if there was anything else I could find to decorate the house(hubby loves to decorate for Halloween).

Now as we are cruising Jillian is hugging me, a little apprehensive about the decorations. I am reassuring her they are pretend, letting her touch them, press buttons and holding some of them. I see her starting to show some interest and excitement when what should happen, the lights went out!!!!!

It went to blackness in an instant, the emergency lights (note, to Walmart, they are dim as a lit candle)came on. All the inflatable(all up on 12 ft. shelves) ghosts, goblins and one huge vampire in a wooden box deflated and fell. The wooden structure came crashing down about 2ft in front of us, the sound sent Jillian literally out of her skin. She came at me like a scared cat, claws and all (note to self, lackadaisical mom, cut fingernails). Jill nearly tore the safety belt from the cart trying to escape, I am franticallyy trying to shove her back in the seat, it is surprising to me the strength she possesses. Her screams are like something from a horror flick, fitting for the occasion, All she kept screaming "Mom, spooky dude".
I put the cart in high gear and get the heck away from the goblins, to my delight(by this time I can't believe it, I can't help but laugh!!)all the scary ghosts, skeletons and spooky ghoul faces are illuminated(of course they are, they having been charging under the million and one lights all morning long!!). This is like a haunted house that I have paid big bucks to go through, screaming once more Jillian is frantic. I am sprinting with Jill on my hip, I run past the pharmacy(screech, I halt, I want some Mommy smarties), I make a b-line to the Advil when a employee(big, scary, far scarier than the freaking ghouls in Halloween section)tells me that I have to get out of the aisle. I tell her that I just want to grab some Advil quickly and I'll vacate, She says she can't see it(oh, I can, but you won't let me down the aisle, it's right in front of you!!). Okay, she must now realize by the frantic screams and my frightened face, I NEED the Advil, she throws it at me(yes, that's correct!!). Just because it's dark, you thought I couldn't see your face, oh ya, I did!!
We sprint to the front of the store , I know for a fact the registers and bank machines will only function for about 10 minutes after the generators kick in. I couldn't believe my eyes, there were a hundred people in front of me!! I began to think if Jillian continued to scream she might clear the room but no luck, everyone held their ground and flashed me dirty looks.
Standing there for a couple of minutes, flashlights came on scene and told us to leave our carts and walk safely to the front doors. What, I just made some great purchases, leave them , I need the Advil, I have a drive home with this child, please!!! No compassion at Walmart, I walked quietly, grudgingly , to the front doors .
After all this , I am telling Hubby about our expedition and Jennifer replies "I don't want to be a witch, they wear a dress, don't ya know. I want to be a cowboy."
Always the way....

Monday, October 8, 2007

Speedy recovery wishes..

My best friend H's Mom fell yesterday and fractured her hip.
Our family wishes Grandma F a very speedy recovery, hugs and kisses.

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, giving thanks for family, good friends and blessings.
For those on the roads this holiday weekend, safe travels.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Apple Picking

We went to our local apple orchard, to pick some tasty crisp eating apples. My favourites are Johna(sp?) Golds and of course the old Macintosh. The kids (Mommy and Daddy too)eat as much as they put into their basket.

"Is this a good one Mom?"

I love this little face. Pucker up, baby.
We found some of the apples a little small and sour this year, I don't know if it had anything to do with having such a dry growing season.

Jillian finding the perfect apple.

Jennifer getting a helping hand from her Daddy.

Checking out the pumpkin' patch.

On our way out of Apple land we bought the best apple pie(next to my Grandma's)we have ever tasted. We must go back again, we are craving another. *wink*

Monday, October 1, 2007

A day of injustice and Sadness

Four Doctors and a U.S. drug company were acquitted of criminal charges relating to the distribution of a tainted blood-clotting product that left many infected with HIV and hepatitis C in one of Canada's biggest public health disasters.
After an 18-month trial, Superior Court Justice Mary Lou Benotto acquitted former officials from the Canadian Red Cross Society, Health Canada and New Jersey-based Armour Pharmaceutical Co. of criminal negligence causing bodily harm and common nuisance endangering the public.
Dr. Roger Perrault, the society's former national medical director, former Health Canada officials Dr. John Furesz and Dr. Donald Boucher, and ex-Armour Pharmaceutical executive Dr. Michael Rodell were charged with one count each of criminal negligence causing bodily harm and common nuisance endangering the public after patients were given the infected blood-clotting product in 1986-87octors in Canadian Tainted Blood Trial.
My emotions today from 4pm on have been anger, sadness and that of disbelief.
How could this happen??? What happened to our justice system today??
What about lives lost, families lives turned upside down, ongoing suffering, financial losses and I could go to fill this freaking page!!
I wanted closure, there was none today, I was in total shock watching Dr. Perrault slither his way out of the courthouse saying he was okay with the verdict??
Well let me tell you how my life had been 10 years ago, it was turned upside down finding out that I was Hep C positive from a tainted blood transfusion. Newly married to a wonderful man thinking my wonderful life as I knew it was over. It jeopardized my employment, I quit my job, too sick to work, it almost cost me an adoption of my daughter. How do you think it was to be on treatment for 18 months, my 3 yr old rubbing my back while I threw up 3/4 's of my day. How did it feel when I discovered hunks of my hair surrounding me in the bathtub one morning, do you care? I am one of the LUCKY ones, I have been inactive for 2 years, what about the ones who succumb to the pain and suffering of HIV and HEP C, what about their loved ones they infected, is there anything more horrific to think you gave the woman or man you love a disease that is going to take their life. What about the loved ones left to mourn and suffer the loss of a parent, sibling, spouse, they now have to live out their lives thinking their family members died in vain? There is also a huge financial burden on these families, having these health issues has cost people their jobs, their lively hood and dignity.
I sit here tonight my fingers shaking at the keyboard from rage, having my own pity party of how this has robbed me of so much. All I ever wanted was someone to say to me "WERE SORRY", this was too much to ask.
So now I say it to those affected so tragically with this scandal, "I am so sorry this happened to you and your family, my heart aches with you, for your pain and suffering. You are all in my thoughts tonight and my prayers.