Sunday, April 29, 2007

My typical day

Things I might do in a typical day,

1. Overload my washing machine, it's amazing how much my Maytag Neptune will actually hold. I love this thing almost as much as my Timmies (almost). I also pull rocks , polly pocket clothes and shoes, used kleenex and barrettes out of my dryer,why doesn't my husband ever leave money in his pockets, doesn't he know how long it takes me in a day to scrape up enough change to buy a medium double cream??

2. Drive to Tim's once a day (maybe twice, shsh..dearest hubbie would be irate). It's sad that my oldest yells out my order before I do, her and the employees have a budding friendship.

3. You will find me sprinting around the house screeching" Jilly come here, are you stinky?", her reply as she out running me "No, bad baby".

4. Letting our senile(my first baby)lab out for the hundredth time, he gets out the door and can't remember if he should be going out or coming in so he just sits and barks.

5. Pulling , kicking and screaming one of my children over to the naughty spot, where's Super nanny when I need her.

6. Constantly repeat, sit down, get down, take that out of your mouth, use your spoon, and my favourite, take your finger out of your nose!!!

7. Play referee, Stop hitting your sister, Don't fight, share.... where is my damn whistle.

8. Cook gourmet meals, yeah right. Senja, I do have alpha getti's and ravioli's in my cupboard. Sad when you ask your 2 year old daughter what she wants fro lunch and she grins and yells "ravies, Mom".

9. Look in the mirror once a day and think "Crap, when did this happen". Enough said on that subject.

10. Get lots of squeeze hugs , sloppy kisses and my favourite having tea with the princesses *grin*. Makes it all worth it right?

3 comments: said...

Have you figured out how to bypass the flashing "lh" code on a paused washer? It means load heavy...really load exceeded. Sears repairman snarked at me with that one. Already do 2 loads a day on average...not including sheet changes every 4 days.
I can't get over how much Sparky has changed! She is SO like the missing 3rd brain of my pair Meg and Jazz. Honestly couldda happened right? The triplets? Can you imagine?
LOTS of fighting to disperse here too. I agree, get out of the way before you get hurt.

Diana said...

Congrats on your new blog's a great way to vent and get support for this craziness known as parenthood. Watch out though it gets addictive......

Jeff said...

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