Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My free spirit

Dancing to the beat of her own drum
at Angelo's.

Jillian is my free spirited child, vivacious, lively with no reservations. Her smile is as contagious as her strong will, she will attempt to try anything and usually succeeds at everything. Her spirit is sometimes challenging for Mommy and Daddy, discipline is very difficult. We don't have a time out spot, we have a time out area, trying to make her stay in one spot for two minutes was wearing me out, LOL. :)
I try to have "special" days for my girls. This entitles one special girl going out with Mommy to have a restaurant meal, movie, park or just about anything to her liking. This month Jennifer had a birthday party so that gave me open opportunity to give Jill her special day while her big sister was already occupied.
We dropped Jennifer off at Adventures on Wonderland(indoor jungle gym, little tyke area and birthday rooms), Jillian and I headed next door to start our day. We went to Angelo's (an Italian eatery), we ordered many tasty pasta treats cannoli's and our favourite lemon drink. While sitting down there was a gentleman playing a keyboard and sax, I could see Jillian smiles ear to ear and her feet tapping to the beat. I instinctively knew what was coming, before long she slid from her seat got up on the floor and started to dance. This spirited soul clapped, sang, twirled and shouted more(can't wait until university, LOL!!!). Before long she captured a very large audience that commanded an encore after every song.
I watched my youngest without being self conscious, no care in the world, didn't matter if she didn't have the right moves or looked silly. I sat there wanting to get up grab her tiny little hand and join her, I didn't. When did we as adults stop dancing, feeling uninhibited to twirl, feel the music in our hearts?
I did snap photos to remind Mommy and Jillian someday that we must never forget to follow our instincts and our free spirit, what if I had got up and grabbed her little hand and danced?
I don't really think it would have mattered to too many people, I think it was me holding myself back, too self conscious
I love my Jillian's free spirit.
Next we went to Adventures and Jillian played in the Little tykes area, her sense of adventure made me smile, laugh and at times a little nervous. Her contagious personality was a little magnet to the other kids and soon she had many little ones following and joining her in play. I was able to sit back and admire her many attributes, I am so proud of my youngest and overjoyed I am her Mommy.


Beverly said...

You go girl. Dance to your hearts content. So cute.


mommy24treasures said...

I am so glad you had your camera so you can remember this moment.
Jillian sounds like an absolute sweetheart. I love children that are full of life and personality even if it does mean you need a nap now and then to keep up!

Doris & Dan said...

Her smile and her wonderful spirit would make anyone smile. She is a great reminder to enjoy life.

Keep smilin!

redmaryjanes said...

She is just darling and I love to watch my kids dance. It melts my heart.

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

She sounds so much like my girls. It must feel so good to have a child who can express themselves.

I meant to tell you I love your new blog!!! Great look.

Glinda said...

So glad you could enjoy and be in the moment; I would love some of her uninhibited characteristics; I hope she embraces them always.

I adore the new look of your blog!

Headmeister said...

You have just given me something to remember when my daughter is finally home - I have to force myself to get up and dance with her. I would have done the same as you, but because the thought of getting up makes me uncomfortable, it probably means I should do it...lol.

Still thinking of B...

Steffie B. said...

Too cute.....and what fun to have special days with them.

So tell me....is your header a book? I would so love the print to frame for in the girls hallway.

You can email me privately if you want. I just love that header! ;)

Diana said...

I LOVE this story, thank you so much for sharing. She is beautiful your little one (how old is she?).