Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spooky Dude

Being the organized Mom that I am (not!) I went to Walmart to find some items to make Jennifer a witch (this has already changed, a witch wears a dress, don't ya know, ) costume for Halloween.

Browsing a round I purchased 1 metre of fabric for a cape, make up, a broom(could of used mine, but might be riding that night) and some striped stockings, gloves and the cutest witch hat. Jillian and I were finished so I decided to take one more cruise around the Halloween section so I could see if there was anything else I could find to decorate the house(hubby loves to decorate for Halloween).

Now as we are cruising Jillian is hugging me, a little apprehensive about the decorations. I am reassuring her they are pretend, letting her touch them, press buttons and holding some of them. I see her starting to show some interest and excitement when what should happen, the lights went out!!!!!

It went to blackness in an instant, the emergency lights (note, to Walmart, they are dim as a lit candle)came on. All the inflatable(all up on 12 ft. shelves) ghosts, goblins and one huge vampire in a wooden box deflated and fell. The wooden structure came crashing down about 2ft in front of us, the sound sent Jillian literally out of her skin. She came at me like a scared cat, claws and all (note to self, lackadaisical mom, cut fingernails). Jill nearly tore the safety belt from the cart trying to escape, I am franticallyy trying to shove her back in the seat, it is surprising to me the strength she possesses. Her screams are like something from a horror flick, fitting for the occasion, All she kept screaming "Mom, spooky dude".
I put the cart in high gear and get the heck away from the goblins, to my delight(by this time I can't believe it, I can't help but laugh!!)all the scary ghosts, skeletons and spooky ghoul faces are illuminated(of course they are, they having been charging under the million and one lights all morning long!!). This is like a haunted house that I have paid big bucks to go through, screaming once more Jillian is frantic. I am sprinting with Jill on my hip, I run past the pharmacy(screech, I halt, I want some Mommy smarties), I make a b-line to the Advil when a employee(big, scary, far scarier than the freaking ghouls in Halloween section)tells me that I have to get out of the aisle. I tell her that I just want to grab some Advil quickly and I'll vacate, She says she can't see it(oh, I can, but you won't let me down the aisle, it's right in front of you!!). Okay, she must now realize by the frantic screams and my frightened face, I NEED the Advil, she throws it at me(yes, that's correct!!). Just because it's dark, you thought I couldn't see your face, oh ya, I did!!
We sprint to the front of the store , I know for a fact the registers and bank machines will only function for about 10 minutes after the generators kick in. I couldn't believe my eyes, there were a hundred people in front of me!! I began to think if Jillian continued to scream she might clear the room but no luck, everyone held their ground and flashed me dirty looks.
Standing there for a couple of minutes, flashlights came on scene and told us to leave our carts and walk safely to the front doors. What, I just made some great purchases, leave them , I need the Advil, I have a drive home with this child, please!!! No compassion at Walmart, I walked quietly, grudgingly , to the front doors .
After all this , I am telling Hubby about our expedition and Jennifer replies "I don't want to be a witch, they wear a dress, don't ya know. I want to be a cowboy."
Always the way....


mommy24treasures said...

oh how funny!

redmaryjanes said...

Oh man! Wow, you'll never forget today, that's for sure. Poor little Jillian.

A Special Family said...

Oh my, gulp, it's like something out of a horror movie.
Poor Jillian & your poor ears!!! lol

Was that the Wal-Mart in L?? I remember going there so much as a student, loved it :)

Doris & Dan said...

Poor J! A lame-o but still scary haunted house...seeing the bill after I leave there always makes me scream with fright.

Keep smilin!

Beverly said...

What an exciting shopping adventure. Glad I am not you.


secret agent said...

that is hysterical
poor kid's gonna be scarred for life

kris said...

ditto to secret agent, she might never be able to visit Waly World again... eek.

Great read though, I couldn't help but laugh my bootie off.