Thursday, June 28, 2007

A week has come and gone.

Lookin' for a new home.
Today hubby went back to work after having one week off, the question your all wondering, did he get my kitchen finished??
The only thing he did in my kitchen was eat and make a frickin mess, not from construction I might add.
There was some action on the man room front, he managed to rip out bushes and hedges to make sure the excavation could start immediately, growl!!!
So from the ice palace, a cold front has moved in and a warming trend is nowhere in sight, is it
cold on your side of the bed hon??


crazylady said...

On now, he won't know what spoon hit him.
You are not going to like my post tomorrow. Just sayin'. Maybe you can use it as leverage.

nikki said...

I have SO been there!
My hubby is the King of the "half project"...he starts something and then assures me he'll finish it. Hmmm...still waiting on several such projects.
What can ya do?

Doris & Dan said...

I also find putting the tools on his side helps to motivate.

Keep smilin!

Stacy said...

Sometimes the only way I can motivate Ryan is to do the job myself. For some reason he either doesn't think I can do it, or more than likely he doesn't want me to talk about how I finished _____, so he will step up to the plate.

What if hubby comes home and finds you working on the kitchen? Would that help?

Just a thought. Good Luck!

kris said...

Happily single right now... at least for the moment. Cuz frankly I'd rather have married life back, even if it means dealing with half-assed attempts at getting stuff done!

Hang in there!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Welcome to my world.... my son was on a concrete slab for almost a year because I ripped out the carpet and we had the lamenent flooring... finally my 9 year old son and I put the floor in ourselves a couple weeks ago. Our whole house needs 1/4 round molding put in for over a year now and more flooring put in.... I know where you are coming from.

kerri said...

Thanks for all the support, means a lot to hear I am not the only person who has jobs that remain half finished.
Now for my sinister sidesick, what have you got cookin', should I be scared, very scared?? said...

My hubby is allowed to do any type of home improvement for this simple reason. We would still be waiting....Keeps momma happy and warm between the sheets... *snicker*

Diana said...

Hubby's side of the bed is a tad cool right now too. Pretty much the same reason. Too many projects half started .........need to borrow the wooden spoon and maybe slip a jackhammer under the sheets.

Steffie B. said... pour soul...I'm sorry it's ot getting done. Hope you can have a good weekend!

Ms. Dragonfly said...

I know. Hire someone. That will get the bug up his cold a$$.

secret agent said...

I always threaten to hire someone.
This post is funny... I can very much relate.
Mine gets stuff 80% done
and trashes everything in sight while doing it.
The last 20% take years...
Good luck... I have no advice, I too need some

secret agent said...

and.... growing up in an Italian family... the wooden spoon threat was huge.
he's not Italian is he??