Thursday, June 14, 2007


I am frustrated, all the coffee, drugs or visits from Super nanny have not helped!!
Jilly-bean has always been my spirited child, she rebels against Mommy and has always wanted to test her boundaries with me, but lately..
Every night for the last week she has gone to bed, tucked in with story, hugs and kisses and lights out. Five frickin' seconds she is out of her bed partyin' and destroying like only an f5 tornado can do. So in goes Mommy to tell her it's lights out and time for sleep, tuck her blankets(she must be OCD, they have to be tucked in a certain way)she gets in and I walk away, she follows me screaming and screeching like a cat being swung by it's tail (I LOVE cats, none were injured in the process of this bedtime routine). I then follow Super Nanny's advice and do not interact with her, place her back in her bed and sit at the door not looking at her. Jill will get out because she is testing Mom, I put her back in , this cat and mouse game goes on for a half hour. Tired of this game, she resorts to something that gets under my skin, she scream so the neighbours think I a killing her. This continues for another half hour, I am NOT happy at his point. the night before I was so frustrated I retreated to the family room downstairs(afraid I might scream myself) and she she followed me, sat at the top of the stairs screaming. After a long period of time, she gave in and went in,tucked herself in (to her liking)and went to sleep.
Last evening my husband put her to bed and she got out once, placed back in and she went off to dreamland like an angel, I was PO'ed. I felt like I was a failure, what was I doing wrong??
Pullin' out my hair and lifting up my eyelids.

8 comments: said...

Have you considered drinking? Not you, her?

But seriously. I have no advice as I have the problem (Abbey) sleeper. Every night. Seriously. I have to walk away because it is frustrating. I don't know if it's a phase or what.


Day Dreamer said...

Oh, my oldest son was like that. We joke about it now but it was "Mommy Hug" at everything. I couldn't leave his side or that phrase would begin. You can well imagine bedtime. He drove anyone nuts with that phrase when I was out of sight. He eventually grew out of that, thank Goodness. I hope this is a short lived phase for you both. It seems, tho, that you are on the right track. Super Nanny to the rescue?! I understand the failure feelings. I get them all the time when (because he's the main caregiver...) hubby can calm baby down better when he cries or hurts himself. She'll outgrow this pretty soon. I'd bet you a big 'ol latte!

secret agent said...

This is a great post... a real live person doing the Nanny techniques.. though one time it took 21/2 hours for this kid to give up on the show. I'm curious as to the next time you put her to bed... please share

Ms. Dragonfly said...

Ya my cure is wine.
My boy never tried to leave the room but he did the cry thing, we ignored it. I went on the patio with a stiff drink.
Every night it was better, now it's fine.
I recall though feeling like a #1 Loser Mother . And crying too.
Alcohol makes everything better.

kerri said...

Thanks so much guys, hubby put her to bed tonight and yes of course she's out like a light. We did our best to tire her out all day, playing, shopping, swimming and baseball.
The peace and quiet is heavenly!!
I am going to put the duct tape and scotch away(kidding, ,really!!)

crazylady said...

and people mock me for having a futon on the padded floor in an empty uninteresting room.
Yeah, people, I have sooooo been there and bought the poster.

nikki said...

Oh please do NOT think yourself a failure because that would make me a total, big fat LOSER. I completely gave up in that area a LONG time ago...there wasn't a drink stiff enough to get me thru it!

Hey! Let hubby put her to bed every night -- whatever works!

Steffie B. said...

Wow.....I really don't have any advice. Thing 1 and Thing 2 keep me hopping all day, but they have been great sleepers for me. Yikes....did I just jinx myself??? I'd let hubby put her to bed too. They are much different for their Daddy's! ;)