Monday, June 4, 2007

A fishin' we will go.

Mom catching a sunfish

Puddin' Pop trying her luck

Daddy baiting the hooks
Today we had a lazy "family day". We went fun fishing at the dam in our village. It is strictly catch and release as you can tell by all the algae on the water, can barely lift a minnow through the green gunk. The girls had a blast, Jillian was not thrilled that Daddy put one of her favourite pets on the end of hook. Her reply to him baiting her hook was(of course)"Bad Daddy, no, no bad".
Jennifer was very cross that Mommy was the only one that caught a fish, she said I cheated, I saw the fish and put the hook in front of his mouth, ya I did!!
Our family day was fantastic, the rain held off, Mommy caught the fish(reminded hubby at least hundred times)and we enjoyed our time with the little monkeys.


crazylady said...

A SHREK bait box? Clearly the bar has been raised, and I did not get the RSS feed.
Hello, we're friends remember?
J (big J) looks great!

Catch and release is the only way to go. Your hair seems perfect (still) and no doubt you land the best fish.

Christi said...

darling girls!

nikki said...

Glad you enjoyed your family fishing day -- and congrats on catching the only fish, Kerri! said...

Fishing? Now that's one we haven't tried yet. Mommy looks pretty glamorous out there fishing. Girls of course are cuter than words.


Ms. Dragonfly said...

Lose lazy days are the ones that I remember best from myfamily too. Sounds like you guys had a blast. (good for you for making the only catch!)

secret agent said...

so how did daddy explain the minnow?

Day Dreamer said...

I'd remind him who caught the fish, too! LOL

Good, fun quality lazy days! Love those!

Tracy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your little monkeys are adorable!!!

redmaryjanes said...

You should come over and fish with us! Eli has some matching caterpillar rubber boots!

Stacy said...

FUN day!

LOVE the ladybug rainboots! Always be prepared!