Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gadgets I love.

This is my curling iron-hot roller set, used to think it was a cool gadget when I had time to do my hair. Now it's shampoo, throw a towel on my head, blow dry if I have time. Don't hate cause I'm gorgeous!!
Oh I love this baby, my convection oven. Can't cook to save my butt, this stove helps me fake it. I can throw a whole meal and dessert in and cook all at once. A time saver , essential in this home if you have seen my 2year in action.
My kids FRS radios, they are great for the neighbourhood. They neighbours do not have to suffer my ear piercing screeches to the kids while they are in their treehouse. I give them the radios and I can signal to them when I need to get their attention. A win -win, they like their toy and I don't yell(much).
Everyone has one, right? We need one to make the nine hour trek to the cottage, either that or I jump from a 110 km van screaming down the 401. I sit quietly suffering through Curious George for the 100th time but Tim Hortons dull the senses and calms the urge to pull the doorhandle and drop and roll.

As you well know from my excellent blogging skills(stop laughing now), I am not a teckie, gadgets terrify me. My five year calms me down after trying to put on a DVD by patting me on the back and telling me "It's okay Mom, I can put the DVD in, it's easy." (smartie pants).
Thanks to all my blogie buddies who have helped me set up my site, your invaluable.


Ms. Dragonfly said...

Your comment on my blog made me crack my first snicker of the day!
I'm waiting for the coffee to perk and still feeling 'stinned' so that's quite a feat.
Now about that curling irn set, it looks like a briefcase from the Godfather!
And your Curious George comment... stop drop and roll... sorry my joke machine is still not awake and I have no funnies to contribute, but you my friend, are strumming my funny bone with your fingers.... ok now move alttile lower.....

crazylady said...

the dvd neglectomatic is on the shopping list. Thanks for the final bit of ammo to tell FM that "Kerri has one!"....

redmaryjanes said...

I think the walkie talkies are a great idea. I could use those.

Diana said...

Love the walkie talkies, how far is the range? The next village? That would be nice!
I'm going to but them on my shopping list right next to the Elefun game.