Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tagged, my lovely home.

Here is a recent photo of my hubby
helping clean the girls room, my hero.
Notice I hadn't finished the laundry,
no socks available for photo, sorry honey.

This is our bathroom, I really
don't have time to clean, notice the sign!!
Doesn't any one read around here, geeeezz.
Please your welcome to use the washroom,
just don't sit on the seat.....

Tried to take a photo of the bedroom, but the
darned pole kept getting in the way. Thought
an old photo of hubby and I would make the
masses happy. Before his haircut..

Told you we were in the midst of renovating,
hope we get finished before the man room.
Now you can all see why my typing is so bad,
the cat's favourite spot is lying on the computer
This is an open invitation for you to come over
for dinner anytime, were a little short on chairs,
could you please bring your own.
Stop on by again, thanks for coming! I was tagged by
Diana, stop by her house, it's gorgeous, tell her I sent you.


secret agent said...

Oh you are a funny one. Were these photo's in your dossier??

The poor cats... tell me they were saved.

kerri said...

Yes, the photos were in dossier, homestudy was really cheap??
I am a cat lover, let's hope so!!

Sam said...

You are too funny!!! I need you to email me ASAP!!!!

Day Dreamer said...

Oh that was too funny! Thank you , Kerri! I did need a laugh today! You are a hoot!

-Annie (ssshhhhhh)

Diana said...

Okay, okay, point taken. You are excused from this meme until after the reno's are complete. Then I will be looking for the real deal.

Love the cats.

crazylady said...

Oh you soooo stole my idea. Wench.
I have to show my innerds and I have thus far avoided it. Better this than showing my bare bum (RONY!).
Okay, I'll do this instead. Marginally less anxiety provoking.

Stacy said...

Due to the fact that we will be traveling to China we don't take any chances missing the phone call. Therefore we can't accept any dinner invitations. We will be sitting by the phone for the next 12 months. Thanks for the invite though. ;o)

You are so funny! Great post!

Ms. Dragonfly said...

Why is MY hubby in YOUR bed?!?!?!?!?!?! said...

Ok. Who's hubby is it?!?! I just want to lick him!

Sen, if you don't post your innards I will. Remember I have a file of your can't hide forever.

Diana said...

Ditto Rony on the Sen meme....they are like your menses, unavoidable and you have a month (max. and I am being NICE and PATIENT) to complete.
BTW he is MINE...all MINE, claws out everyone!

Steffie B. said...


Salome's Mom said...

OH my, I am laughing so hard.


Headmeister said...

Holy crap I busted out laughing at that last pic with all the cats.... wait - it kinda looks like my