Saturday, February 16, 2008


Let me set the scene the last couple of days at our house, the last couple of days Jennifer has decided to put a question mark on every sentence(and I mean every!!!!).
Where does the food go after you chew it?
How does the water come out of the tap?
How does your tooth grow?
How do fingernails grow?
Why did you get married?
Why do Mom and Dads sleep in the same bed?
How do the babies get in the Mom's womb?
How, what, where, why, Mom, are you listening to me, Mom!!!!
I am going out to buy some chewy toffee, duct tape(kidding??) jube jubes, any other suggestions, LOL!!!


Jewels of My Heart said...

hehee I know it can get frustrating.... I so long for the day when my Hannah starts asking questions. she still only says a couple of words... It is getting to the point that I am becoming worried..... My question for you,"Why, why, why won't my baby talk?" Sorry, couldn't resist... just figured you were a font of information.

Anonymous said...

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nikki said...

Why do you think she is asking so many questions?
What happened to make her so curious?
Why are you growing weary of answering them?
Don't you have all the answers?
Do you hate me now?

No more questions...
You know I love you, my Queen.

Martha said...

Your kiddos are SO gorgeous! Mine are much younger that are asking these same type of questions. Fortunately, when I try to really sit them down and talk about how babies get in the womb, their eyes glaze over and they lose interest. :) My day is coming, though, to start 'splaining things.

crazylady said...

I just give my standard,
"I dunno" a la Homer Simpson.
They don't exactly see me as a Google anymore. :)

Or you can say "why do you ask?"

crazylady said...

Someone is fooling around with scrapblog and doing VERY WELL.
Nice lid.

mommy24treasures said...

you are just growing in your bloggy knowledge everyday! I am glad you kept the monkey king pic. I LOVE it. It is you...

None of mine have ever done the question thing. Wonder why??? Do you have any ideas??? ;)

OH MY #6 said...

for some reason I can see your post. But, wanted to say, hello, anyway!


Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

That is too cute!! My 5 year old brother constantly ask ?s OVER and OVER again!! I guess it is just a part of life!! :o)

redmaryjanes said...

The questions never stop, they just get more complicated.

~Amy~ said...

I love your look...its getting more and more fancy! :) I love the questions...I hear them all...the...time too! haha

Sam said...

Cullen was so like that! I stopped him in the "why" phase by answering EVERYTHING with "why do YOU think?" I would then have him answer the questions! When he got older and hit the question stage, I would answer everything with a question!

Cull: "Mom, why is the sky blue?"
Mom: "Cull, is the sky really blue? Wow! Why is that?!"

I really annoyed him so he stopped!

Blog looks great!!! You're so good!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

I love the new look. Too funny about all the questions. Hope you have some good answers ready (lol).


Beverly said...

I hate the why questions!!