Saturday, February 2, 2008

Snow, Snacks and Sparks.

Here is Jennifer this morning getting ready for a winter camp day with the Girl Guides Sparks.
They will be there from 8am until 9pm, a very long day. It is 5 pm and I missing her, hope she is having a fantastic time. There is going to be one tired little monkey tonight, she hardly could sleep she was so excited!!

To start off the weekend we had snow, snow and more snow. This was a great oppurtunity to get outside and wear out the monkeys. I built them a little toboggan hill again by the dog ramp, it provides hours of fun, go figure?? I sit at the top of the hill sipping hot coffee and pushing my kids down the hill, winter isn't so bad, wink!!


My cute little penguin.

Snow angel!!

Later Saturday we started our New Year's shopping, I am excited, there will food and lots of it.
We purchased some really cute red envelopes this year for Jennifer to hand out to her class this year. The rat almost looks like Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Now I have to fill them with some chocolate money!
Hope your enjoying your weekend.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

I am sure Jennifer is having a BLAST...
Looks like the girls had fun in the snow...
Love the pictures...
Love the New Year's goodies..
I will have to see what all you do.. Get idea's for when it is my turn to do these neat little things..
Have a Great Weekend..

nikki said...

Hope Jennifer enjoyed her day!

And, I so wish we lived closer - Lily would LOVE to go sledding with your girls (and I'd love to sip coffee with you!)

Love all your CNY goodies...I gotta get on that.

OH MY #6 said...

Love, LOVE, love your new look.

I agree we might as well take advantage of the snow. Pictures are great!


girl of a thousand blogs said...

cute pictures and I like the blog updates, too!

I have red envelopes and we sent cards to friends... that's all I've done so far.

Superbowl is the holiday over here today. NY Giants fans.

mommy24treasures said...

great pics. Its just hard for me to believe those cuties could get into the mischief you say :):)
your ramp is a super idea. It is the little things they love the most.
Love your CNY look. Very festive;)
All of your snacks look great!

Jewels of My Heart said...

how fun! Nothing better than having your Mom make you a hill right outside your door.
Love the pics.
Oh, the penguin hat is darling!!!!
And your girls are beautiful all bundled up in their winter gear.

krj said...

Hope she had fun! The pics are great...

And I hope I can do your meme sometime. I'm having serious computer issues of late!

Carol said...

I want to come over and play!

That is awesome that you do that for her classmates! I can't wait to do those things with Ms Emily.

Your daughters are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Debz said...

They are so cute.
Love the new header too.

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

What a fun time! I love the sledding too.