Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's all about him...

The next two days, it's all about him, my Superman, my hero.
A chance meeting in my Father's driveway changed my life forever. I met Jeff, he was visiting my Father, showing him his new truck, yes, he already knew my Dad, this was to be my Dad's best kept secret. After sitting talking for a short time Jeff left and I was anxious to question my Father, did he have a girlfriend, what do you know about him, what does he do, where does he live and again does he have a girlfriend?
To make a long story shorter, he called , we started to date and before I knew it he had bought a house, we worked on demolishing and rebuilding it from the ground up. I knew that not only were we building a house but we were building our lives together, he asked me to marry him after four years of dating. Now while we were in the early stages of dating I had told him that I wasn't able to have biological children, I told him that before this was going to go any further he had to make a decision, bail or accept that our family was going to be made through adoption.
He immediatly said "Adoption, we can do this, it 's what I want". I accepted his proposal, the ring was on the end of a fishing lure that I dropped 25 feet into a lake!!
Our wedding was everything I dreamt and more, quiet, intimate and personal. We had immediate family only, it was as we were planning our wedding I became ill, numerous Doctors were telling me that I was sick but were unable to pinpoint what was going on, they knew I was battling something. In the midst of being ill, we started our first adoption. It was during a routine exam by my Hepatologist that they found I had Hepatitis C, we were devastated, we worried for our Adoption and my life.
Treatment was started immediatly and it was then our vows were put to the test. I knew I had married an amazing man, but I had no idea. This man stayed up nights looking after me, never left my side and we made it through six months of hell, only to find out that the virus was still active.
He was determined fight for my dreams of wanting to be a Mom, he wouldn't allow me to give up hope, he fought for me, for us, he made an appointment with the social worker despite everyone telling us that we would probably be rejected before our paperwork even left Canada.
I am so proud of this man, he is the most wonderful husband, he puts his family before himself always. He is a man of his word, he has always kept his word, always, he has lived up to his wedding vows and more. It is because of him I am well today, he fought for me when I didn't have any fight left. It is because of him I am a Mom, he didn't let me give up when everyone was telling me it wasn't going to happen.
You are my heart, my soul, my best friend and my love. Thank you for loving me, I am honored to be your wife.
I love you Ralph, forever and always.
Alice, xo.

* Sorry for any spelling mistakes, my editor is on vacation, spell check isn't working for me, go figure!!


Kelley said...

Beautiful, beautiful post! You are one lucky lady! (And he's lucky, too!)

3D said...

What a special and strong bond you have with a special and strong man.

Keep smilin!

girl of a thousand blogs said...

Thanks for sharing something so personal... he's lucky to have you, too!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Beautiful.... the two of you, the photographs, the life you share, your children, your hearts and how you have stood beside eachother and how he carried you when you couldn't take the next step on your own.... beautiful...
Your family's story is one of triumph, strength, faith and LOVE...
Thank you for sharing and I am so glad that the four of you are together and well.
God Bless

mommy24treasures said...

what a wonderful husband. You are very blessed.

Dawn, Chris & Zoe said...

When I first met "your man"
He reminded me so much of my brothers.
He was kind, funny and so helpful when we asked questions.
We thought his bartering was the best.
What a beautiful post

Sophie's Mom said...

What a beautiful tribute to your man. I have goosebumps.

OH MY #6 said...

This post is AWESOME! What a wonderful tribute. Love the pictures also.

I finally fiqured out that I can't view your BLOG with Firefox. How silly that I didn't realize before. I too am in Canada.


crazylady said...

You know when people write this stuff, you wonder if they're really all that, but having met him myself, I can sigh with total agreement. He is the Monkey's meow. And how could I wish anything less than such a man to deserve a woman of such high calibre. Happy Anniversary, and happy everyday love. Our stories are eerily similar. Perhaps our fatal attraction. Love ya babe. Can't wait to have you all here this Spring. I MEAN IT. Pick a date. We'll wine whine and dine you... Chinatown, Pacific Mall,,,, etc. Waiting...

Jonni, John & Sofia said...


This is the sweetest post. I love the pictures and the beautiful story. I also love your blog design. Ralph sounds wonderful and how great that you found each other.


nikki said...

I loved this, Kerri.
Such a beautiful love story you have...that is what it is really about.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Diana said...

Awwwww..that was touching. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful supportive man in your life.
Your post almost made me cry!

Denise C said...

Oh Kerri this is such a sweet post about your hubby! Sounds like you all have what dreams are made of!! May God continue to bless your lives!!!

Heather said...

Hi there - first timer to your blog and I happen upon the story of you and your husband. I cried, cried, cried! How beautiful...touched my heart today, thank you!

Your family is truly beautiful.


Debz said...

What a sweet post. I guess he was Dad approved straight from the get go hey? He sounds like a wonderful man. Thanks for sharing your story with us. It was very touching. *Sniff*