Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What I Should be Doing...

I should be getting off the computer chair, I should be cleaning and I should be doing laundry.
What am I doing, you guessed it, sitting here thinking about what I should be doing!!
Okay it just got better, hubby is now cleaning the floor right beside me as I 'm typing, ha, ha, guess I'd better go he has a way of making me feel guilty. *wink*

I received these in the mail today, a big thank you going out to Shelley.
These little coffee coins from Etsy are for handing out to friends, co-workers and friends so when they are buying you a coffee(grin, ha, ha)they will get your order just the way you enjoy it!
I love these, thanks so much Shelley.

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OH MY #6 said...

How cute!


PS. i should be doing something too!