Friday, November 30, 2007

To her BirthMother

To Her BirthMother

You gave her birth. We’ll give her life
You gave her todays. We’ll give her tomorrows
You gave her race. We’ll give her identity
You gave her heritage. We’ll give her future
You gave her possibilities. We’ll give her potentials
You gave her up. We’ll have to let go
You dream of her future. We’ll work hard for your dreams to come true
You gave her hope. We will too.

Tom Fisher - "I am now the proud father of two adopted daughters, both are from China. Our second adoption was in February of this year." © April 17, 2006
As I celebrated the three wonderful young years of my precious baby girl, I got this lump in my throat today. I was standing at the sink washing up dishes from lunch listening to her and her big sister laughing , sharing the new birthday toys, it hit me, hard!!
In the city of Fuling today there is a BirthMother and Father wondering what and where their child is doing today as she celebrates her day of birth.
I know her heart is heavy, maybe tears stinging her cheeks as they stream down her face but I think she can feel the love that we feel for Jillian deep in her soul.
I hope she knows how deeply I love her, how I will always honour her and teach our child how much you loved her.
So today I not only celebrate Jillian's life but her BirthMother who gave it to her. I honour her decisions she made for Jillian and I thank everyone who was involved in entrusting our family with such a precious gift.
Happy Birthday Jillian,
Love and hugs,
Daddy, Mommy and Jie-Jie.


Doris & Dan said...

Beautiful poem. True words.

Happy Birthday Miss Jillian!!

Keep smilin!

chloesmama said...

What a fantastic post. I loved that poem!! Happy Birthday to you, Jillian!!!!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Simply beautiful... You touched my heart. The feelings we share with our children's birth mothers. I know my heart often aches for them and I will be forever thankful for them.
Happy birthday beautiful Birthday Girl!!!

Steffie B. said...

Beautiful....these heart felt poems and words about our precious daughters always gives me goose bumps and brings tears to my eyes!

Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kerri, Jeff, Jennifer and Jillian

We would like to wish Jillian a very Happy 3rd Birthday!! Hope she had a great day.

Talk to you soon!
Mark, Jen and Abby

crazylady said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy to you celebrating

I can't believe where time has gone

I think there isn't a day that goes by that birthparents don't reminiss. This day most of all

go easy on the patty wagon

redmaryjanes said...

Beautiful. God Bless you, Jillian and her birth family.

nikki said...

Lovely, Kerri.
That's all I know to say.

Now,give that birthday girl a big squeeze!

Sam said...

So beautifully said! Happy 3rd birthday, Jillian!!! You are a special little girl with a very special family!

Ms. Dragonfly said...

You speak the truth for me too Kerri. I see birth mothers so differently now.
It's all connected.

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Jillian!!!
Wow, 3 years old already. Hope it was special.

T & R McGrath said...

I just loved this post! It made me cry, but in a good way!

You do not see a whole lot of blogs talk about the birth mother! I have so much gratitude toward her!!!

Hope the birthday girl had a great day!

Oh, and thanks for the kind words you posted on my blog aobut staying home, I really think that is going to be the right path for us.