Friday, November 9, 2007


Here I am at fours years old cradling one of my favourite dolls. I always had a baby doll in my arms, it was my favourite pastime as a child. I never had a favourite, I had many, they all had a name and a special outfit, but I was always their Mommy.
Andy M, my neighbour was always the Daddy, poor little guy didn't have anyone else in the neighbourhood to play with!! We would walk our babies up and down the street(lived in small town, never any traffic on the roads), fed them and carried them everywhere we went.
As I got older the baby dolls sat on my bed,got pushed into a corner as I grew and moved on to Barbie. I can remember packing them away in a box to give to my cousins to play with, not upset because I felt I was too big for dolls.
As my hubby and I completed our adoption and we received our referral photo for the first time I can remember thinking how I couldn't wait to buy Jennifer her first doll.
My Aunt made her tons of beautiful handmade doll clothes, knitted them little sweaters, smocked little nightgowns and made them quilts.
The first doll purchased will always be remembered because we were caught by the local television station and put on the 6 pm. newscast(it was close to Xmas and they were doing a story on popular toys).
As I sat on the floor to show my daughter how to hold her baby ,feed it, cuddle it, nurture and love it, I was flooded with childhood memories. I had dreamt of playing dolls with my daughter.
I am making a plea to those waiting Moms out there, in the constant roller coaster of emotions that adoption can lead you to, don't give up on your dreams they do come true, I promise.

Jillian with her doll she calls"Baby"

Jennifer calls her doll "Oprah". (Mommy is a huge Oprah fan, one wish in life would be to meet her)


Beverly said...

Oh sweet. Glenys is still a bit wary of her dolls but I loved playing with them and prayed every night that one would be come a real baby.


mommy24treasures said...

I bought several dolls waiting for each of my girls to come home. retail therapy helped me so much.
I love the Oprah doll!;) how funny.

nikki said...

That was a very sweet and sentimental post, but now I just can't stop giggling at Jennifer's Oprah doll - I just find that so hilarious.

Dolores and Shawn said...

Too cute about the Oprah doll! How funny is that? said...

What a sweet memory. I was only ever into the baby dolls. Never the barbies. Weird, huh?! My girls don't play with the dolls, however they carry their "Mickey Mouse" all over the place. He even sits in their high chair with them! Too funny.

A Mom- In-W8ing said...

Nice post. I remember carrying around my “babies” as a little girl too. I still have some of the special ones packed away for some day…

Smiles! :o)