Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Party.

My Hubby's company always throws one terrific Christmas party. The last couple of years they have had it at The Circle R Ranch, it has been a huge hit for the kids.
They have pony rides, hay(sleigh, but no snow to speak of)rides, pizza party and presents from no other but Santa Claus(his helper because the REAL Santa is too busy getting the toys ready)!
This is Mommy, Jen and Jillian riding on the hay wagon with the horses Ben and Jerry.

This is Jen and Jill with their favourite little pony"Skittles". They would have rode him all day long, trying to pry Jilly off so other kids could have a turn was a challenge. LOL.

You can see by the huge grin on her face Jill is having a blast!!!

Jen taking her turn with the very tolerant, gentle and adorable "Skittles".

Jen wanting Daddy to let go!!

The End. LOL.

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crazylady said...

Wow the hair
You are movie glam.
You mean some companies still have enough money to host Xmas parties?

Lucky lucky girls