Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thelma and Louise .

Photo courtesy of Sam at Just Keep Swimming

Well Thelma and Louise ride again.
In the early morning hours as Mom and Dad snored away like two bears in hibernation something dreadful was being conspired with whispers and giggles.
Thelma and Louise tucked under flannel and fleece decided to tiptoe out into the kitchen and prepare their own breakfast, you can see where this is going can't ya??First,they fed the fish again, poor Lenny and Frankie's gills were clogged with food, unscathed again they had full little tummies and they were rescued in time , jeez, I thought only cats had nine lives!!
Next it was on to the dog, on the menu for him this morning, Rice Crispies and water. Thelma dumped half a family box of crispies into the dog bowl, he gulped them up and lazily retired to his bed to watch the crime unfold(grinning all the while, I'm sure).
Louise got out the English muffins, toaster and butter. With good intentions she cut(Yes, all knives will be stored in the evidence room under lock and key)the muffin and stuck it into the toaster, this makes my hair stand on end!!! Thelma then butchered the butter, she cut and smeared a perfectly good pound of butter, leaving her fingerprints at the scene, EVERYWHERE.
You could be a blind crime scene investigator and not miss a print (on the floor, counters, cupboards, chairs and anywhere else you can think of) and that's not even taking the honey into consideration!!!!!
Next came out the rest of the Rice Crispies and the bag(full, last night) of milk, let's just say I am thawing a new bag as I type.
Now Thelma with a little good sense this morning decided she had better cover her tracks before the bad cops came out she decided to get the broom from the closet, all the banging woke Dad.
Now Dad knows from experience if Mom is awoke from hibernation, crawls from her den to see the mess that had incurred she is going to roar. He quickly started to clean, now I can hear the noise, thinking how sweet hubby has left me in bed started breakfast for the girls, I start to close my eyes and dream of Hugh Laurie,oops, I mean my husband. Then rudely Jennifer shakes me into the present to tell me "Dad is grouchy, he woke up on the wrong side of your bed".
I shuffle sleepily to the kitchen and ROAR, "What in the heck....."
Lets just say you'd have to be one fast police officer to take down Thelma and Louise this morning, they run out of sight before I could finish my sentence.
How was your morning....................


mommy24treasures said...

my last post had a tub of oatmeal everywhere but I think this mess is a little worse. Makes me feel a little better maybe? I don't know... I made big brother clean up the oatmeal since he left it out of lock and key. It took him 30 minutes.
I used to have 2 parters in crime; they finally have a little more sense that came with age and I haven't had a mess like you are talking about in a couple of years, but I did my time, I had them too friend...

Steffie B. said...

sorry....I am just cracking up! What we would do without them?!?!?!? Life would be so dull! ;)