Monday, November 5, 2007

The sad tale of Princess Pee

Once upon a time there lived two Princesses in a tiny castle with their Mom the King, oops the Queen and Daddy the King.
The little Princess, to protect her identity we will call her, Princess Pee. Pee was an adorable little girl , but, yes there was a butt, there was a little problem with her sitting on her throne.
Now the Queen was getting a little digruntled with her Princess "I'm a big girl now" pull up pants. Not only were they breaking the royal bank but PP Princess is having her coming out party soon(refer to countdown clock)and we want her to be able to get some big girl underwear.
The Queen is just tired of pull ups and changing"stinky bums".
We have tried royal treats(carmels, yes resorted to bribes), princess stickers and kiddie soap(special sparkly foaming , you name it). We have tried saying if you go pee princess we will have high tea with the china cup and saucer and special cookies(every princess loves a tea party right?).
Now pee refuses to sit on the throne, fusses and screams, kicks and does her famous Princess pout. When the Queen or King finally settles her down she sits forever, we get her off put on the pull ups, you guessed it she will pee.
The last couple of days we have had pretty good sucess, not a lot of royal tantums and the Queen is doing her happy dance(thinking of an extra $40.00 in her purse), keeping her fingers crossed we may have turned a corner.
All I want is for Princess Pee is for her to have the honour of doing the royal flush, not to be wearing depends for her royal wedding to her Prince(like her Daddy will ever think any suitor will be a Prince, LOL)


nikki said...

Dear Queen,
Please try not to worry too much...what's an extra 40 bucks to the Royal Family afterall?
Princess Pee Pee will certainly become Princess Pee Pee in the potty sooner rather than later.
Your loyal servant

mommy24treasures said...

ha I can't outdo Nikki's comment. I will just say I enjoyed your fairytale.:):):)

Jeter Mama said...

FIRST of all - you must go into writing children's books - I'm just sayin'
Second may I make a suggestion regarding Princess Pee??
Take the pull ups away COMPLETELY. Let her pee and poo on herself a few times, and realize she doesn't like that very much. It may sound mean and like tough love but I did it with both my twins and it worked. I needed to travel EVERYWHERE with LOTS of changes of clothes, and had to clean up SEVERAL pee-pee puddles in my home for a couple of weeks, but it is the only thing that worked. I just found that they were becoming to dependent on their pull ups and we were going no where with the potty training. (I also made sure I always had towels covering the couches just in case they did pee pee while sitting on them)
Doing this - they were potty trained in about 2 weeks, and yes I tried everything else first.

Sophie's Mom said...

Hang in there! Sophia absolutely refused to sit on the potty, until I got rid of her diapers. We only use pull-ups for bedtime (not naptime) and I call them "night time underwear". Straight up cotton undies, and don't rush too quickly to change her if she has an accident in them. Let her feel the yuck for a bit. :)

You're almost there!

Amy said...

Take away the pull ups. When my lazy Nicole was 3 years old (now 14) she didn't want to use the throne. I wanted her toilet trained so she could go to kindergarten. I said OK, you don't need to use the throne, but you can not have diapers anymore. She went pee pee one time on herself. She has been using the toilet ever since.

Dolores and Shawn said...

Oh dear...Sorry I don't have a lot of experience with the potty. Not looking forward to that though.

A Special Family said...

Thank you for the good laugh! Kerri, I had lost your blog the link on my new site doesn't work, I kept thinking it was monkey king but didn't know that wasn't the URL. So please I found it again, I was going to have to do a plee!

Thank you for all your kind comments during my sad time and illness!