Monday, August 13, 2007

Thelma and Louise

Well they are at it again, Thelma and Louise, partners in crime.
Quiet as little mice Jen and Jill got up before mommy and Daddy and decided to make themselves a little breakfast. Well needless to say the mess was unbelievable.
Mom and Dad run into the kitchen to see a pound of butter massacred, some globbed on to English muffins, some on the floor, on kitchen chairs and each other.
Then they decided to feed the fish, Lenny and Frankie. They dumped on can of fish food in the bowl and stirred. They thought the water was a little dirty so dumped three quarters of it out so that poor little Goldie's were flopping in the breeze(thankfully no fishies died in the making of this film).
So Mommy ranted, Daddy calmed and then the cleaning began. Everyone was fed and watered and Mommy got her coffee so the day was back on track??? Come on were are talking Thelma and Louise, their little crime spree was just beginning.
Mid morning the back hoe came to back fill our big sand box(thank goodness)and after a few hours I went to good ol' Timmies to grab some java so we could have a break.We had put a movie on for the kids, all was quiet and they were all comfy.
We snuck up and sat down with Mr. Backhoe and started to enjoy coffee, twenty (maybe not even that long)minutes I went in to find Jillian covered in paint, panic set in, where was Louise??
I found the hallway and carpet covered in a lovely shade of green, and still no sighting of the other partner in crime.
In to the bathroom and there was Louise covered in paint, glitter, feathers, she looked like something out a bad drag queen Broadway show. The sink was covered in blue paint, the walls and door in a complimentary green(blue and green should never be seen, not at least on my walls).
Now on to our bedroom, under my bed was a lovely shade of red, some glitter glue and stickers,
I am now to the point that my temper was ready to blow. Stand back she's ready to blow!!!!
I asked Louise "What in the heck were you doing with glitter glue, feathers, paint and stickers?"
In a sweet little voice "Mom ,Jill and I were making you and Daddy an anniversary card".
Oh hell there nothing like a 5 year old to make you feel like a piece of crap,grrrrr.
After the mess was cleaned, kids fed lunch it was off to the laundry room to do a load before nap time. I opened the door to another crime area, not yet taped off in yellow crime scene tape, no, not one warning.
They found my secret stash of party supplies and squirted silly string everywhere, and the day goes on...............


mommy24treasures said...

came upon your blog...
Your story of the day sounds so familiar! hmmm I remember when my Jacob and Chloe were partners in crime at 2 3 and 4 things have slowed down some at 5.

Sophie's Mom said...

Oh my.... what a crazy day! So glad you are capturing all of it on your blog. When THEIR kiddos are doing things like that you can remind them of way back when... ;)

Glad I could give you a laugh with the feet in the stirrups comment over at Sam's blog! You needed a laugh after this day! said...

I'm glad you clarified what your "party" supplies were. I was thinking battery operated.... I know mind in the gutter....AGAIN...

nikki said...

Oh no! I read this post with my jaw on the floor...I would've blown for sure!
How did your anniversary card turn out???

Jewels of My Heart said...

OH MY! LOL I am sorry to laugh but it is toooooooooooo funny when you're not the one it happened too... It will be a card you will never forget... just think one day you can tell your grandchildren about the card their Mommies made you and Grandpa and perhaps it will give them wonderful ideas to make one for their parents too... hehee

Day Dreamer said...

LOL...just when I think my little bandit was too much! I do see now that two can be, er, twice the fun!

I can picture them at breakfast! Much too funny for me to drink coffee and read this at the same time!

Never a dull moment? Jewels above is right, at least the idea of future payback is a small consolation!!!

crazylady said...

call off the rescue search, missing members of "party of Crazyhouse" have been found!
That is SO NOT gonna happen here right? RIGHT!?
Happy Anniversario

secret agent said...

have you no photos of these criminals??? the feathered capers???

ha ha!!!!!

redmaryjanes said...

Alright now, I do feel sorry for you. But their escapades sound just darling! I love how you call them Thelma and Louise. Thank you for your kind words this past week, they meant a lot to us.

Ms. Dragonfly said...

You need a camera in your house, you'd make a great reality show!
I too have popped my cork at my boy only to discover his intentions were so pure, like a little angel.
Your antics crack me up.

Sam said...

Now I'm so thankful my two are 8.5 years apart!!!! YIKES!!!