Monday, August 20, 2007

The New Zoo Revue

This weekend we set out on an overnight outing , I know , I must of had a brain fart and forgot what the last trip was all about. We had planned to go to the Toronto Zoo and stay in Oshawa then the following day we were meeting up with good friends we travelled to China with.
With the green machine packed to the roof, we headed to the infamous Ontario autobahn, the 401. The first animal we can review are the parrots, they squawked from the time we left the driveway. "Are we there yet", "I want to get out of my seat", "I want to watch a different movie", and the famous"I'm Hungry". I threw the parrots some crackers, they seem to quiet down until we hit our FIRST traffic jam, sitting for what seemed like hours the parrots began to fight, hitting pecking and pulling out feathers.
We finally arrived paid for parking and walked the mile from the lot to the zoo. The first zoo animal to review are the monkeys, the girls at this point are hanging off us they are fighting and swinging on the front entrance gates, yes we are still trying to pay for admission.
Jennifer fro some reason turned into our second animal, the Tasmanian devil, she growled, snarled and did everything to try and annoy us to the point of the family not enjoying the trip.
After several warnings and timeouts we seen the third animal come out, it was Jillian as the laughing hyena, she was getting a smile out of her sister getting time outs which made the Tasmanian devil go in circles.
Mommy and Daddy are getting beyond annoyed we are furious, then came the last melt down, I blew, I asked my husband for the phone and said" Give me the phone number of the motel", he said it's in the van (mile away remember), great!!
I handed him the phone and said call 411, get the number and cancel we are going HOME!!!
He looked a little surprised but knows when I say something I back it up and he let his fingers do the walking, Jennifer is now the fourth animal, a slippery seal, I was trying to grab her in the middle of her meltdown so we could dart to the van so we could vacate as soon as possible. She was furious that the best part of her trip the motel had been cancelled.
I felt like a piece of crap doing this but I felt like it was necessary, I couldn't reward her bad behaviour with a special treat, so true to my words we are back on the 401 going west toward home.
Around 6pm, we decided the animals must be watered and fed so off to Swiss Chalet we go, the girls have both napped so I am feeling optimistic that we are going to be okay.
We get into the restaurant and so far so good, dinner came quickly and everyone was eating when all of a sudden the monkey has made another appearance!!
Jillian started to crawl on the back on the booth seat, making noises at the young couple not obviously parents and not wanting to have any company at their table. Trying to tame the monkey made her shriek and cry , after many tries the handlers decided to put her back in her cage, off to the van for her. A smiling sister ate her meal.
Off heading west we listened to Jillian scream for 1 hour, my spirited, persistent and stubborn child stopped as pulled in the drive way.
The last animal to be reviewed was the meanest, grouchiest animal, the bear , wishing she had of stayed in her hibernation this morning and avoided the zoo crowds.


redmaryjanes said...

Good for you. It's tough to stand my your word and turn around a family event. It will pay off later when your children listen to you and behave accordingly.

secret agent said...

Oh no....
How awful.... can't you just give some ace promazine or something for these times...

good for you... most would never back it up.
and at least you got a couple miles of walking done... good for the heart.

Swiss Chalet.... yum! We don't have them here.

mommy24treasures said...

oh yeah, we have had days like that one... You aren't alone...It will pass... At least they didn't make you lose your sense of humor.;) great post about a trying time. said...

Good for you for standing by your word. Abbey throws here "Fluffy" out of her bed every night and then cries cuz she wants him back. I fixed her ass and told her i threw him away. Guess who stopped throwing her stuffed animals out of the bed?!?

ladyinblack said...

Good for you! I know that you wanted the break in the motel and the visit just as much as the girls did, so you ended up being punished too and you certainly didn't deserve it! Many would have caved and gone ahead with the plans but you did the right thing by following through. It's the only way that kids learn - and it doesn't matter whether they're 2 or 12 or 22! It's a good thing Daddy backed you on this one or there would have been one more animal (hint - he'd be bunking with Jack). I hope that his support made you feel a bit better about the whole deal.

Ms. Dragonfly said...

I am so not looking forward to TWO kids during these types of escapades. We have had similar situations, but it seems kinda do-able with one child. Two kids sounds abit.... grey hair making. DH is usually worse than me, meaning he has a shorter fuse, I try to work through it if I can.
It's so hard to plan outings and then get the proper star moon planetary alignment to foster good moods of the kids (har). These types of days are few and far between.
This weekend we are taking off to the lake for four days. This will be our first overnight trip with Shrimpy, I am thinking many tantrums will be had.

T & R McGrath said...

Oh boy Kerri, is this what I have to look forward too?? You are scaring me!! LOL

I do admire you for standing your ground, most would not have.

A Special Family said...

Good for you! Sooo few parents make consequences for their children that are appropriate and you just did it :) We are our children's greatest teachers and we have to teach them that we don't get rewards in life if we don't co-operate, work hard etc and that their behaviour affects others.
Well done you!
(even though I'm sure you're a little sad - (((BIG HUGS)))!)

Jeter's Mama said...

I always stick by what I say, my sister thinks it's mean, 'cause she always goes back on her word.

Steffie B. said...

Oh I am so sorry.....but I am cracking up over here at your story. I can sooooo visualize every moment of it.....I was wincing in pain as I continued reading on......but you made it so funny....hope you had some good wine waiting for you at the "home zoo"! ;)

Doris & Dan said...

Hard to be the zookeeper on days like that.

Keep smilin!

crazylady said...

Our admission fee costs less. Come round here next time for beer and wings. No hassle, and I'll cave on the sugar deal to get the girls to hang privately in cell block #3.
The Lanterns are calling. Please come!

Jewels of My Heart said...

I am so sorry..... but you just make me laugh! You did the right thing... good for you Mama bear for being strong... Maybe next time you can enjoy all of the animals.