Thursday, August 9, 2007

My beautiful girl

Jennifer at 5yrs, her beauty
takes my breath away.

Sorry I scanned this crooked. This is our guide
Lily holding on to Jennifer, she was 8 months.
Our second daughter is Jillian Lily, after this
wonderful, beautiful lady.

I love this little face, I melt
whenever I see this photo.
Recently while on Steffie's blog it got me taking my own walk down memory lane. I got to thinking of our first trip to China for our daughter Jennifer, Princess Puddin' Pop. It seems like yesterday we were anxiously waiting to get the "call".
It was on December the 10 th around 1 in the afternoon, the phone rang. My husband and I were busy renovating a room that was going to be the nursery, looking at each other we thought we should let the machine pick it up. Sighing at the inconvenience I ran to get, answering it like it was going to be a pesky telemarketer.
In an annoyed tone, I said "Hello."
"Hello, Kerri, this is Jenna, from Children's Bridge". My knees went to jelly, I forgot to breath and I couldn't even call out to my husband.
"I am calling to tell you , you have a daughter and her name is WuDai Lian. She is residing in Lianyungong Orphanage and she is 17 pounds and 27 inches long. Go down to your computer and I will send you a photo."
We ran downstairs to see the picture of our daughter unfold slowly(old computer, ancient dinosaur), we held each other and cried.
We then rushed over to my friends home to photocopy photos to show grandparents, who had just recently found out we were adopting. We had given them a fortune cookie ( weeks before)with a message inside saying"Your going to be grandparents".
We travelled in February to a beautiful, ancient and welcoming country that still holds a part of my heart. I remember the first time I laid eyes on our daughter, my breath was literally taken away, she was the most beautiful child I had ever seen. I couldn't even cry (like I thought I was going to )I was so overcome.
To this day I still have the same out pour of emotions when I look at her, she is a beautiful child inside and out.
I love you Puddin' Pop.


T & R McGrath said...

Hi Kerri, you are so right, she is truly beautiful. You can just tell that she is just as beautiful on the inside.

Your girls have such a wonderful mommy, I only hope I am half as good at it as you.

I loved your post, it made me cry.

crazylady said...

I' ve had troubles posting. You're not locking me out?

One day that face will be in movies and send you big cheques in the mail.

The 'call' day is the same feeling as winning a lottery I suspect.

Beverly said...

She is very pretty.


Salome's Mom said...

What an incredibly beautiful child.

Doris & Dan said...

What a gorgeous girl. Your story makes me so excited for our call to come.

Keep smilin!

A Special Family said...

That was such a beautiful post...I can't wait for that moment, hopefully it will happen in 3 months!!

kris said...

Took my breath away too :O)

secret agent said...

stories like this keep me plugging along
lovely child

Glinda said...


nikki said...

Steffie's blog had me going thru my old pictures last night as well...such sweet memories. I feel the same way about my sweet girl!
Your Puddin' Pop is stunning.

a&mg said...


redmaryjanes said...

She really is breathtaking. I have loved reading Steffie's posts too and now yours. It keeps me going seeing these girls and hearing their stories.

Jewels of My Heart said...

She is truly beautiful as is this post about her and your love for her. It's so touching to hear or read about someone elses memory of the first time they saw their child's face and the first time they held them in their arms... it never fails to take me back to the first times with my babies.
God Bless

Jeter's Mama said...


Ms. Dragonfly said...

Thank you my friend for sharing that. I loved reading it, and I guess I needed a good cry.
I need to hear the stories from the strong women that walk ahead of me so I can learn and picture myself there too.

mrs incredible said...

Well, she certainly takes MY breath away! What a beauty is right.

tundrachica said...

She IS beautiful and sounds like she's got an awesome mommy who is not going to let her forget that! :)