Friday, August 10, 2007

My Man's best friend

Jack as honorary best man

Dressed in tux that we rented from
the same place that hubby got his.
He had gained some weight(pre-wedding jitters)
before the wedding so his front legs didn't
fit into the arms, oh well he still looked
handsome. His bow tie matched his Dad's.

This is Bud-Bud now, he is 14 yrs now,
a little arthritic and gray but handsome
just the same.

A year before my hubby and I started to date, he purchase Jack. Jack was bought to train for duck hunting and trials. While dating I often threw a dead duck or two to help in the training process, it was amazing to watch the skill of this beautiful muscular lab, I was smitten not only with the man but with his dog.
While going out on dates Jack would often accompany us, hubby had a truck with a bench seat. Jeff, Jack in the middle and me in the passenger seat. Jack used to lean so hard on me it felt like he might push me right off the seat and out the door, he was a little jealous at first of the attention I was getting. But as all good love stories this one to has a happy ending, I found Jack's soft spot, food and a comfie couch.
When my hubby and I decided to buy a house and move in (yes , oh, before marriage!!)together I just could not have Jack outside sleeping in a kennel, hunting dog or not!!
He started coming in hours at a time, then for long periods, then he was let in the backroom, before you knew it he was on our bed and the comfy couch like he owned the new place.
Not long he had lost his taste for duck, unless it was out of the oven a la orange, and he was just my baby. I would dress him for Halloween, take him trick or treating, get his photos done at Sears and take him everywhere. Friends and family commented how much hubby and I needed a child. We felt like we already had one, that's how much we loved him.
When our adoption for Jennifer was complete our biggest fear was that after 9 yrs of being number one son he might be jealous, not a bit. They had a good thing from the start, she threw food and he liked to eat, love at first bite.
He is just amazing with the girls, he loves their kisses, hugs and tolerates the odd tail pull(and genital check, yes, girls that's his penis, leave it alone).
Never has there been a more lovable, intelligent and best friend than Jack, we love him to bits.


A Special Family said...

What a beautiful member of the family!!

Ms. Dragonfly said...

I love the photos of Jack. They are really great shots. And the unfolding story of canine love, so sweet. Encore!

Jeter's Mama said...

You are my type of lady. Jack at the wedding - priceless!

Jewels of My Heart said...

What a sweet pal.... love this post. I miss my Brewzer...
What a dapper groomsmen he was at the wedding.

mrs incredible said...

Wow, you are a good Mommy to that little Dog! Great photos.

T & R McGrath said...

I loved this post, you know how much I love doggies!

They bring so much happiness into our lives!!

crazylady said...

Hot dog you were gorgeous back then too(wayyyyyyy back then, snicker)...

Jack sitting in the middle of the truck huh? Prevented any funny business occuring at the drive in I'll bet. Was his breath sweeter than J's?
Labs come with built in override buttons (food, food food).
He is 14? Our lab won't see 8 I'll bet. said...

I see your dog has good taste. Love the hat. Love your dress too, and your man not to bad himself! You were a stunner darling.

Day Dreamer said...

Jack is a very handsome dogchild. He's lucky! Where he owned only one human, he now owns four! Very sweet post.

secret agent said...

I LOVE this story.
I LOVE that you brought him in the house and his hunting days were over.
They know when they have it good!
I have a feral cat living in my house right now... asleep on an air vent!

tundrachica said...

You had me at the picture of Jack in the tux. What a lucky dog!