Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm it!!

I have been tagged by Senja for the middle name tag.
Rules are you have to list one fact relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name.
J- I jumped or should say bungeed off the Ontario place tower when I was 29 yrs. It was exhilarating .
A- Adoption, you all know that I have two adopted girls from China, the love of my life. Knew from a young age this was the way I would be building my family.
N-Nights, worked nights(not what your thinking, not a lady of the night) for three years full time, my internal clock never got used to it.
E-electrical shock, received a bad electrical shock when I was 5, from a tea kettle when I was camping. I had wet feet and I unplugged tea kettle from socket and whack, I was jolted unconscious, yes, that what happened to me. There you have it.
If you have not been tagged, your it, what, I'm lazy!!!
Give it a try , it's fun.


crazylady said...

Hm, blogiverse full of Jane's, Jayne's and Lyn's and Lynns.

You're always part of the in crowd.
The shocking news explains it all.

redmaryjanes said...

Our daughter's middle name will be Jane. It was my great grandmother's middle name, and then passed to my aunt.

tundrachica said...

I've got to get on the meme as I was tagged by Laydfrog. But love the bungee jump..want to do that before I leave this planet.

As for where I live...we can drink anywhere we want. No permit here needed just a good ol' valid I.D.

Come up for drinks.... said...

I'm working on mine.... great list..