Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Can't beat em, join em..

Wanted March to come in like this.

We got this!! So if you can't beat em, join em!
We went outside this morning for 2 hours. We had quite the storm last night, freezing rain, sleet and then come the dumping of the dreaded white stuff, about 10 cm in all.
So Mommy shovelled, the girls tobogganed and then we sat and had some hot chocolate and took a much needed break.

Here is Jack enjoying some playtime, he loves to rub his face in the snow.
I personally he saw the camera come out and is playing shy!

Oh Mom, put the camera away!

I am not going to be on your blog, Mom, did you hear me!!!


3D said...

Fun in the snow...much better then my shovelling and scraping the car out of the snow. Thud

Keep smilin!

Dolores and Shawn said...

Would it be wrong for me to be so happy that I'm not in the middle of that?

Debz said...

Looks like fun!

T & R McGrath said...

I love those pictures, your furbaby is just too cute!!!

nikki said...

I'm with you! Can't wait for Spring...but Lily and I were out playing in the white stuff today too!
Enjoy it while it's here (and keep prayin' it goes away SOON!)

OH MY #6 said...

I love chocholate labs. I had one named..Fletcher!

Are we sick of the weather yet?

Love, just love your new BLOG make over.

Have a good day.


kris said...

Hey... I don't remember Jack... where's he been hiding? CUTIE.

Carol said...

I just want to come over and play with you guys!!

We have spring over here....

Wierd weather....but the rain is coming for the, fun, fun.

Denise C said...

Love these sweet pictures Kerri! Your babies are delightful!! And that sweet Jack!! What a cutie as well!
Have fun in the snow!!!

Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

Doesn't this mean you'll see this lamb again at the end of March? Only three weeks away...Here's hoping for spring!

girl of 1000 blogs said...

oooh pretty blog!

Sam said...

Just hope the storm we are having right now will not head your way! We have been under a Blizzard Warning for most of the day and through 6pm tomorrow! We could have up to 20" of snow from this storm and we aren't getting hit the hardest!!! UGH!