Friday, January 25, 2008

Monkey Clips

While Mommy and Daddy slept the 2 little monkeys crept quietly into the bathroom and played hairdresser. They played, sprinkled, dusted and shook lotions and potions. They applied hair products, face cream, lipstick, shampooed their hair, all while we slept!!!
The kicker was they decided, or I should say Jennifer decided to cut hair.
Jillian was the recipient of a new do, thank goodness she cut Jillian hair at the back, at her crown.It is hardly noticeable, yet, can't wait for it to start growing!!
I love the look on her face here, I think she was quite please with herself, LOL.


First night of Karate was last evening, she did so well!!!

Stylin' in her outfit. ;)

Mie Mie loves the outfit or she thinking of ways she can tie up her sister with that belt, LOL.

Posing for Mom at home, didn't want to go to bed , wanted to practice some more.


mommy24treasures said...

oh yeah we have a beutician here as well... Out of all 3 Caitlyn is my beautician. A nice style of spiked bangs is the look for winter apparently. I have such a hard time disguising it...
I knew she would look wonderful in her Karate outfit;) glad she enjoyed it!

Sophie's Mom said...

Oh my! Paige did that when she was 3ish, and I had to get her a very short haircut. I'll never forget she looked in the hairdresser's mirror and scowled, "I look like a BOY!" It was a cute (short) Dorothy Hamil cut, and she never cut her hair again! ;)

Doris & Dan said...

Eek! At least they did not go to town and try for a mod punk look.

Kicking butt little one!

Keep smilin!

Rony said...

we hide the scissors or else they would be whacking their hair off. they are fascinated with scissors.

Carol said...

Love the uniform...? Outfit? Those are some moves!!

Beverly said...

ooo interesting cut huh? I am very hopeful that Glenys never gets this idea.


Sam said...

HEEEHEEEHEEEHEEEHEEE!!!! Just glad it's not my kid acting up today! BTW, I kennel my kid at night and nap time! I put a gate up when I'm sleeping or showering so Kieren won't run amok. Yeah, I'm cruel that way!

Great pics!!!

Steffie B. said...

Boy do you have your hands full....perhaps gates in front of the bedroom doors????? lol That's what I least for Sophia at this point!

Dolores and Shawn said...

I'm sure Jennifer is a hairdresser at heart. This will come in very handy!

nikki said...

Oh my goodness...those two sure are sneaky! (sometimes I'm thankful that Lily doesn't have an accomplice!)
Glad that no major damage was done.

LOVE the karate outfit - and looks like Jennifer is enjoying herself already. How fun.

Katie said...

Oh NO! Too funny!

Very cute pictures!


crazylady said...

you might want to reconsider the karate. You're outnumbered and now they mastered scissors while you slept.... can't you see how much damage is coming your way.
Sleep with ONE eye open Missy!

maia said...

The karate pictures are AWESOME! She looks very bold and sassy!
As for the haircutting mischief...I have to admit I did something similar when i was a kid.

redmaryjanes said...

She looks fantastic!

Jewels of My Heart said...

What were you thinkin' Kerri?
I thought by now you would know you shouldn't be sleeping.... that is when the mice come out to play.