Sunday, January 13, 2008

Loof Toof

Yesterday Jennifer was complaining she had a sore mouth, upon inspection I couldn't see anything inflamed, swollen or anything like cankers ect. So I told her we would keep on eye on it and I would give her some mouth rinse at bedtime.
In the afternoon there were frantic screams in the family room, rushing down I discovered Jennifer jumping up and down with delight. Open mouthed for all to see, she was pushing her tooth back and forth(making me gag, LOL).
Yes my baby is officially becoming a big girl, she is about to lose her first tooth. I don't think I have ever seen Puddin' Pop this excited over anything, she is just dying to get to school so she can share the big news with her friends(whom many have lost there's already).
So the remainder of the day, she pulled, poked, prodded and continued to make me queasy.
She would ask if she talked funny, where did the tooth fairy live, what did she look like, what does she do with the teeth, how does she get my tooth from under my pillow and my favourite, how much money does she leave kids!!
Well just how much is the going rate these days??
I just love my Jennifer's innocence, I just want to keep her my baby forever, sigh.


mommy24treasures said...

I don't like to watch them wiggle either...:) I am the official puller here though, if someone needs help. Jacob has pulled 6 all on his own, Chloe pulled 2, 1 disappeared on its own, guess she swallowed it? and I had to yank one that was bothering her. We still wish Santa had brought her two front ones though... No tooth in sight yet....
Yea for your big girl!!!!
Oh by the way Caitlyn walked by the pc and said "dat cary" and pointed to your new monkey smooch ;).

Jill W said...

I don't like to watch them wiggle their teeth either! YUK! The tooth fairy brings our kids a golden dollar coin...which of course I tell them they must save & not spend. When I was a kid, we got 50 cent pieces. I still have some of them today.

Sophie's Mom said...

I don't mind the tooth wiggling, it's the blood when they pull them! Noah has pulled many of his own, and gets great joy from it. Talk about big kids, he's 8 and the dentist is referring him to an orthodontist, because he has crowding and an overbite (I think). Ugh. Too young if you ask me! Paige had ZERO issues with her teeth, I guess Noah's the one that's going to break the bank at the dentist! :)

Debz said...

Oh how exciting for her. I think the going rate these days is 3-5 dollars...any more and they may yank em all out!!! LOL

Rony said...

OMG. I forgot their teeth fall out. I hope fm is home when that happens. It grosses me out.... So does that monkey! lol..... And what's up with the dude in the tights?!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...


YAY Jennifer! (I just love your picture of the tooth fairy Kerri). Don't you worry, your baby girls will always be your baby girls no matter how many teeth they lose or how old they are. I just want to give them both a big hug, they are just so sweet.


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

P.S. I just saw that Jillian's Forver Family Day is tomorrow. Hope you guys have a wonderful day!


shuey6 said...

our fairy leaves a quarter or two, and a dollar for the "big teeth" or a traumatic extraction... such as the time my daughter's tooth was knocked out by a soccer ball...

redmaryjanes said...

The toothfairy leaves five big ones at our wonder money's tight around here. Also, we have a special pillow that hangs on the doorknob for easier access for the fairy. Sometimes it's a challenge getting the goods out from under the pillow. I've had to do many recon hiding missions while helping the tooth fairy. It's much easier to put it in the pillow on the doorknob.

nikki said...

Oh wow! The first loof toof. That is big stuff.
You will be taking a picture once she loses it, right?

It's hard when they get big. (sniff)

Steffie B. said...

That is too funny.....that first wiggly tooth always brings such excitement.

Love your new picture by the way, although I'm not sure that red lipstick is your color? Perhaps hot pink?

Carol said... son hates losing his teeth. He has one now hanging by a thread, and he won't let anyone take it out.....ugh!

So glad she is excited about this.

crazylady said...

J. looks sexy in tights.

The whole teeth thing is disgusting. I mean really. See Tasha's post on what to do with the baby teeth (last week at uzebek ubet)

Can't wait to wish you Happy Family Day!We beat you by a day. We were NOT prepared to get handed babies off the airplane. It has been uphill eversince!

secret agent said...

How much $$ is the fairy bringing these days??