Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Years Resolutions.

It's that time of year again, with the impending New year fast approaching I mull over whether I will make promises I can't keep. I do this to myself every year, with great enthusiasm I write down all the things I want to accomplish.
I start off the year like a race horse out of the starting gate,I am excited at the prospects of accomplishment, overcoming an obstacle that weighs me down, feeling like a winner, then it happens.
I get lazy, fall into a slump, forget my motivation. Then of course disappointment sets in, I often think why do I set myself up for the let down, the fall.
I guess to stop challenging myself, expecting of myself, is to stop growth.
So here it goes, my list of New Year's Resolutions.

1. I will try to exercise more, get on the treadmill, lose 30lbs that I have gained this year.
2. Try not to let my Mom get to me , try to understand her more.
3. More patient with my children.
4. Get more organized, stop making excuses.
5. Limit my caffeine, I am way overloading on this stimulant, sorry Tim Horton's stocks are about to plummet.
6.Make an effort to visit my Dad more, try to understand his issues.
7. Stop feeling like I have to be my parent's parent.
8. Make more playtime with my kids, house work will have to wait.
Stop cursing, LOL. I am going to start giving myself time outs.
9. Go for my liver enzyme tests, PCR test to see if I am still in remission, I am a year overdue. I just want things to be OK and not have to face a relapse, chicken, bawk, bawk, that's me.
10. Look after my dog, make his golden year's the best, he is almost 15. Stop complaining about his dog hair and that he is stinky.

Okay, are you making some resolutions, want to share??


maia said...

30 pounds??? Where do you have an extra 30 lbs. I can't see them from here!

In remission from?? I was always terrible about my follow up testing. But I'm 12 years clean from cancer, so now I only get normal checkups (when forced).

mommy24treasures said...

yeah looks like you would be one skinny minny losing 30lb!
I do pray you stay in remission.

Hope we can all help motivate each other through the year to keep a few resolutions. I have not made my list yet but always do the 31st.

May you have a wonderful 2008.

redmaryjanes said...

I want to lose 20 pounds and read more!

Two Kayaks said...

Great list, Kerri! I don't normally make lists of resolutions, but this year I just might. We'll see. I know I want to get back into my running regime...does that count?

Jewels of My Heart said...

I still have 30lbs to go.... I want to be nicer.... more patient and not so GRUMPY!
Happy New Year

CresceNet said...

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crazylady said...

I am not making resolutions. I plan on making solutions.
Dont know which ones yet. I'll set the bar low. Like lose 1 lb, and drink larges instead of extra larges.
Swear less? &%$$* not!

Hope you stay healthy in 08. And I'm relieved to hear more snark is on the agenda for the coming year.
You look fab BTW.

your travel pal

Diana said...

Love the list. Your dog, kids, hubby, parents, and friends sound like they have a great person in their lives.
Please, for their benefit and yours, do follow through with #9!!!!!!!!
Here's to a healthy 2008.

Mom2Boober-Do said...

I'm doing revolutions this year :O)
And they say living well is the best revenge, so all I want to do is LIVE WELL. And lose 30 pounds. And pay off my adoption debt still sitting on one credit card. Amoung other things... :O)

secret agent said...

Damn Kerri........
yeah, go to the doctor please.

My dogs aren't old enough to resolve to quit complaining about the fur.
but when they are, I will do the same :)

Tasha said...

Try to curse less. (I'll never make it.)