Saturday, September 15, 2007

It is really melting my heart watching my daughters and the bond that has been lovingly created between the two of them. Mind you it has not always been this way, I can remember the look that Jennifer had standing looking out the window at the airport as she saw her sister for the first time. I truly believed she thought Jillian was going to be a newborn baby not 14 months old and not someone who was going to take her toys, need attention, get affection and interrupt her life as the only child. Jennifer had a lot of resentment, showed a lot of anger toward me especially because Jillian clung to me. There was a lot hands on her sister, she pushed her, tackled, and hit her. Then there was Jillian who had to held 24 -7, if Jennifer came near me Jill would come at her with her claws out ready to attack, she didn't want to share.Big time jealousy issues with both girls, it was very challenging, not unexpected but far worse than I had anticipated. We made an effort to take Jennifer on outings of her own once a week with Mommy or Daddy, this was a big help, it was her time , no Jillian and all the attention was given to her. This also gave Jillian one on one to bond with Mommy and Daddy and have some alone time. As Jillian got a little older and her mobility and verbal skills improved there was some positive interaction happening and I found my self looking for games and toys that both girls could play, my favourite(and still continues to be)was Fisher Price's little people's zoo, farm, and the doll house. It has been over a year and a half that Jillian joined her forever family and I would say that the last six months my girls have been inseparable, they are lost without one another. They are not without their sister squabbles, fighting and then turning around and hugging. Jennifer the angry little girl has turned into a very protective, loving big sister and jealous Jillian has turned into a loving little sister who looks up to her big sister for guidance and affection. They are sisters and the best of friends.

Jillian sneaks into her big sister's bed to cuddle, again this melts Mommy's heart!!

The most beautiful sound is the two of them giggling and sharing some together time.
God made us sisters, our hearts made us friends.
Love keeps us bonded thru thick and thru thin.
Being family gives permanent ties, for which I am grateful to be in your life.
Though our paths may lead down separate roads, God gave us each other to help with the load.
God had a great plan, as He always does.
Growing together was the best for us. I can't imagine my life without you.
Sisters are for keeps.
And forever true.
Author Unknown.


nikki said...

Oh Kerri! My heart just melted too...that is sooooo sweet. (I looove the picture of them in bed together)

Sisters are so wonderful...I'd be lost without mine. I sometimes feel horrible that Lily may never know that special bond (but she has a cousin who is as close as a sister, so that brings me comfort)

Glad your girls are realizing at a young age how special their relationship is!

Sophie's Mom said...

Awe... how sweet! Sophia's favorite is her 7 year old brother Noah. She calls him, 'my boy'. He gets down on the floor and pushes trucks with her, etc. She just loves him. Very special sibling relationships!

Love your pictures!

redmaryjanes said...

What a beautiful post! They look so cute together and a sister is the best person to go through life with.

mommy24treasures said...

wonderful. I think one of the best gifts you can give a child is a sibling. Watching my 3 little ones grow together is such a joy and a blessing. We have small squabbles now and then to work out too, but for the majority of the time they are so happy to have one another to play with and also feel very alone if one goes somewhere without the other.

secret agent said...

love hearing stories that work out so beautifully.
I want two definitely.

Ms. Dragonfly said...

I love this post. My heart felt warm (seriously). And it is insightful for me as I am wondering how Shrimpy will take having a little one that will require much specialuzed attn from me. I liked reading your story. Gives me hope it will turn out ok.

crazylady said...

What are you feeding Sparky? She is Amazon chick! Holy tall.

I thought I had the market cornered on sisters. When I go and pick up S&D, they are in the classroom on their mats holding hands silently.
It brings me as close to tears as I get.

So glad the boxing matches were worth the fight. You will never separate them now you realize!

Steffie B. said...

They are just precious....I am seeing this with Sophia and Daniel as well....a bond, with Sophia being a bit jealous at times. I'm so hoping to brng home a sister for hoping! ;)

Beautiful post!

tundrachica said...

Excellent! I think I need a sista! said...

This makes it all worth while.