Monday, September 3, 2007

Garage raising

On September 1st, our garage looked like this, we had floors no walls.
There was a happy Hubby but he was a little behind schedule, due to
cement scheduling and weather.

Settle back girls, this hottie(LOL,LOL)is mine all mine, sorry.
I know your all jealous, diggin' those shorts and socks aren't ya?

On September the 2nd Hubby started hammering some walls up and
it was like a call out to the neighbour guys. One by one they came over
with carpenter aprons filled with hammer, nails and good will.
By the end of the day we had three walls built and my hubby had the
biggest grin on his face, like a kid on Christmas morning.

Today again, all the neighbourhood guys all came over, built the last
remaining walls and with brute strength lifted them up and set them in place!!
I like this photo, it looks like the guys are all placed against the wall for a
"time out".

This wall was extra heavy , built with 2 by 6's not 2by4's , so they was a
lot of grunting and groaning getting this big baby into place.
What a great bunch of guys.

There you have it , all the walls of our garage up, thanks to a great bunch
of neighbours.
This couple of days reminded me of a barn raising.
My hubby and I were overwhelmed at the generosity and good will of our neighbours.
They came out and give us their time, expertise and hard labour.
From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you , word can't express our gratitude.


Headmeister said...

I envy you that you have such great neighbors... mine are totally awful... just awful. It totally reminded me of a barn raising too just looking at the pics!!! Oh, and another thing - ANY man who can build anything is sexy, no matter if he IS wearing black socks with his (my hubby can't build much of anything, Gol love

crazylady said...

A man with socks and sandals wears them to ward off women kissing the feet. Watch out babe, when you stay a la Crazyhouse....

Nothing like a ManHouse being built that brings tears to my eyes. Pure unadultered undisturbed blog time awaits. said...

Wait, did I see Sen in the picture "raising" the barn?!?! If she were running the show she would have had all of Toronto there pitching in! Lol. Nice bunch of neighbors you have. Lucky you. I don't know that my neighbors would get their hands dirty. Seriously....

a&mg said...

Very cool! Did you serve whoopie pies and shoo fly pie to all the helpers?

Ms. Dragonfly said...

Wow. I'm impressed with your neighbours.
Impressed but wondering if you're Omish?
I don't this would happen in my neighbourhood.

mommy24treasures said...

what wonderful neighbors.

Glinda said...

I am so touched by their kindness.

A little envious too...I think our neighbors would probably break a few hips and suffer blow vericose veins if they hoisted those walls up...not a one under 70 in this neck of the woods ;)

Jewels of My Heart said...

This touched my heart.... Good for them! It's nice to see people are still caring and will go the extra mile to help a neighbor...
I have to say I am humbled.

nikki said...

I loved all of the pics...especially all the guys in "time out"...what a great community you have there! THOSE are neighbors!!!!

P.S. I hope your mom had a wonderful birthday.

redmaryjanes said...

Your husband will be so happy to have that HUGE garage/mancave! You have wonderful neighbors, that was a lot of work.

tundrachica said...

Just exactly are you going to be putting in such a big, honkin' garage? That's HUGE!...and look at ALL that testosterone! EEERGH!

secret agent said...

jealous here..... I so miss my garage.
our neighbors are horrid.....sit on their butts all day and stare at the ground when we walk by...
we now pretend it is in reverence :)

tell those boys to take their shirts'd be much cooler that way