Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy birthday Mom

Today is my Mom's birthday, I want to wish her every happiness and tell her how much she is loved.
Birthday hugs and kisses,
Kerri, Jeff, Jennifer and Jillian, Jack too.


kris said...

Happy birthday to your mom!

Headmeister said...

First, a HUGE happy b-day to your gorgeous momma!

Second, I am still in awe over that tree house...

Third, and the reason for my comment: Mu husband stopped drinking soda of any kind and lost 15 lbs in ONE MONTH, without doing ANYTHING else. He has since lost another 7. Regardless of whether you try the same, I think you look amazing, and totally gorgeous. Not kidding :)

mommy24treasures said...

may your mother have many more!
Hope the party was a fun time.

Salome's Mom said...

Happy belated birthday to your sweet Mom!


redmaryjanes said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mom!

kerri said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes and comments for my mom.
I too think she is beautiful.
Headmeister, thanks for your compliments.((hugs))
I really must try leaving the coke alone, I have no willpower, it sucks. I marvel at yours. :o)

crazylady said...

You kiss yo' Momma for me.
Mine only gets air kisses now.

Glinda said...

Stunning, both of you.