Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Enjoying the sun and some pool fun. Trying to
stay cool in this humid weather.

Next we are off to garden.

Jennifer took this shot of Mom, gardening with
my Tim's(never too hot for coffee). My flower
garden isn't doing as well as I'd like due to such
dry conditions. I am watering like crazy trying to
keep them alive and thriving.

My beautiful little helper. When Jillian is having
her afternoon naps Jennifer and I usually garden
or do some big girl crafts such as beading. Beading
is not so much fun with Jilly-Bean, she thinks anything
that resembles a skittle or smartie should go in her mouth
or up her nose.
Monday is probably going to be a productive day for the Man Room, I believe the walls for the frost footings are going to be poured, then dirt will filled in when they are set. So the backhoe babysitter will be back(Mommy will be drinking a hot coffee ,yahoo).Who knew a yellow mighty machine would be so entertaining, Jillian will actually stand still for twenty minutes!! If I had known this I would started construction in June!!


Ms. Dragonfly said...

Your pictures are lovely. And I would like to come over please. The photo of your girl with the hat on, is so perfect. Serene.
And if the angle was better, I could look down your top in the gardening pose. Sigh.
Better luck next time.

Two Kayaks said...

Ms. Dragonfly is so presumptuous,isn't she? ;P
I knew I like you from the very beginning...a fellow coffee hound!
The pictures are sweet!

secret agent said...

nice orka!!!!
that looks like so much fun.

beads up the nose huh??? too funny. said...

Somehow (?) when I was changing my site around I missed placing you back in your position. Sorry I have missed all the activity at your house. Love the new addition...... Dh will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Day Dreamer said...

I love that you let them play in the dirt below! LOVE THAT!

I would love it if I had more time to garden! Next year, for sure!

Wow, you've got a lot going on over there! Love love love that hat she's wearing!

nikki said...

Wonderful photos of you and your girl.

tundrachica said...

First of is never to HOT for coffee...I learned that living on the East coast. Secondly, get that picture of your cutie in a frame...she's beautiful.
When M was little I could use construction sites as a carrot for good behavior. We would do drive bys and some times if the site was closed for the evening we would sneak in and go 'touch' the huge machines. Big tractors ROCK!

Diana said...

I need a backhoe over yonder way...unfortunately only INSIDE reno's this year.
Beautiful shots of you and the girls....
How is your kitchen coming? Or should I ask?

kris said...

RIGHT. They like to put stuff up their nose. God, I need to be taking notes or something.

Beautiful pics. I wish I had a garden to speak of that needed watering.

Mrs. Incredible said...

Put one ice cube on each flower in the root area in the afternoon. As the ice melts, it will give them a little extra "drink."

Or you could just put the ice in a cocktail and the hell with it ;)

Salome's Mom said...

Beautiful pictures, just great. Oh the coffee thing, I think even if I were in a bath house in Calcutta I would need my coffee.

crazylady said...

provocative garden pose....
I saw it in a nuddie flick once.

A little Miracle grow on those tomatoes?

Jenny is so beautiful. Momma is hot hot hot.

kris said...

Just had to tell you that your comment on my last post CRACKED me up... I suffer this same fate, as I imagine most women do that haven't had "jobs"!

Ms. Dragonfly said...

PS just to tantalize you, yes my pet... I DID work at Timmy's.

Steffie B. said...

Love the hat picture!

redmaryjanes said...

Those are beautiful garden pictures!

crazylady said...

your comments on people's blogs are out doing me. Stop it. You are the current title holder to Ms. Snark.
I'll have to mud wrestle you for trophy strings attached.

here basking in your greatness.

A Special Family said...

What lovely pictures! You seem to find great ways to have fun!
Can I ask a question? I have been offered a job in the city near you (L) do you think it is a good place to raise kids? are there good adoption links/communities?
My email is aspecialfamily AT yahoo DOT com
Thanks so much!