Thursday, July 26, 2007

Getting to know me, Getting to know all about me...

As promised some answers,

If I could live anywhere in the world it would still be in Canada, I love this country. I love it's diversity, not on with it's ethnicity but also with it's landscapes. We have beautiful mountains in the west, flat plains covered in miles of golden wheat and miles of amazing beaches in the east.

My hubby and I have talked about moving to China for six months when we retire to immerse ourselves in the culture, it's one of our dreams...

I am the Monkey King, because I named this blog after the famous children's story out of China.

It holds a common link for both my girls, Jennifer comes from Jiangsu province, the home to the Monkey King and for Jillian she was born in the year on the Monkey.

As far as choosing China for our adoptions, it originally was not our first choice. Originally we chose Vietnam, the babies are so young, our paperwork was completed and on it's way when the most unexpected and devastating thing happened. Canada closed Vietnamese adoptions, we never did get the "whole" story but they felt that some babies had been coerced from the mothers, it has not been opened as of yet(it's my understanding they are getting very close though). I was devastated, I called it my Vietnamese miscarriage, I felt like I had lost a child, that I really never had, only in my heart.

RMJ has asked me the most difficult question, I really don't know what makes me a good friend. I like to think it's because I am loyal, trustworthy,dependable and always there for a good laugh or cry. I find it sometimes difficult with kids to be there for (you know who you are!!)my friends as much as I like, but my nearest and dearest friends know this and accept this. It just makes the times we can get together that more special to me, the telephone is a great invention.

My biggest regret, I really don't have any, I feel one is shaped and molded by life's experiences whether good or bad. I guess if I was to pick my brain, I wish I could have told my Grandma that "I love you more", it's been 2 months and I miss her so much it feels sometimes that my heart could actually fall into pieces from the ache. I tell her, I hope she hears...

My favourite food is all of them. No I would have to say pasta, my Mom makes the best Italian food, her pizza is outrageous, it goes straight to the hips, yikes.

My favourite adult beverage is off limits, I can't drink alcohol, I have Hep C from a tainted blood transfusion so I am in remission at present. If I was to drink it could fire up the old virus and I could lose my life so no vino for me. My drink of choice was white wine.

My favourite time of the day is the morning, my girls run into our bed to cuddle for a half hour or so.

I am reading Mao and The Snow flower and the Secret fan. Mao is an eye opener, it is a slow read but worth it. I can't read it in bed though, it's too darned heavy, scared it will fall on me when I doze off(usually every night).

I love Autobiographies, figure if I can learn or be inspired through someone else's life experiences.

I also just love fluff, trash, something I can, pick up and put down and not have to hurt the brain .

I live in Southwestern Ontario,not to far from London.

I love Tim Horton's as you all well know. I drink a medium, double cream everyday. If I go through the drive through my eldest shouts out my order before I get a chance. Through their tree house window they play Tim Horton's drive thru, they have a doughnut box, tray and some cups. They even have the prices down, I think Mommy might go to Tim's just a little too much??

My kids favourite food,

Jennifer(5)she is my chicken, fish, salad and fruit girl. Not very fond of sweets, given the choice, she eat a salad or a piece of cake.

Jillian(2), now there's a sweet tooth, loves anything that contains sugar. Jill loves chicken, fish and fruit, we work on the veggies.

Their all time fave is chicken Caesar salad.

Ideal day consists of morning cuddle time, leisure morning watching girls play outside while I sip at a coffee. Lunch, afternoon swim, dinner and play time with Daddy and Mommy. Night time story and kisses goodnight.

My heart soars when I see my girls bonding , they have really started to interact and play together. They tell each other they love one another. I love to over hear them giggiling in their rooms at bedtime sharing secrets.

What makes me sad is the hurt I am experiencing at present with the loss of my Grandma. Sometimes it still hurt so much it feels like my heart might actually break, I miss her.

Mammograms and dental work up there with a colonoscopy, ahhh, yikes!!!!
I must admit I have never had a boobie squeeze, well not with a professional, but the idea of having them pancaked between two sheets of plexiglass doesn't appeal to my senses(good senses). Dental work is not another of my favourite past times, I white knuckle the whole appointment in fear. I really have no reason for this because I have a fabulous dentist, she is really amazing. I have not had cavities for 10 years, knock on wood.

One career I would choose is hairstylist. Why, because maybe I could find time to do my hair, and find a style that would get me into the twentieth century.

I don't have twins but I have a 5yr and 2.5 yr old. My biggest challenge as a parent right now is my youngest tantrums, they are making me a crazed woman. Right now we are doing the naughty spot, she is getting the hint, I also remove her favourite animal BaBa from her and give him a timeout from her naughty behaviour. Jillian is my spirited child, I admire her determination, perseverance and strong will even though it's contributing to my premature death, aaahhhhh.

My favourite cook, my Mom. Mom would make me ravioli , lasagna or pizza(she hasn't made one in forever, my hips thank her). Second favourite cook, the naked chef, he doesn't have to make a meal....

I met my hubby at my Father's home. My in-laws only live two doors down from My dad's, Hubby came to visit and show off his new vehicle, I happened to show up at the same time. Spent the afternoon talking and the rest is history. Not my first, was engaged to a guy before hubby, turned Jehovah's witness, I ran out of there fast as I could (no offence to anyone, just not for me). I feel blessed everyday I wake up to hubby.


Ms. Dragonfly said...

I'm a professional boobie squeazer! I'm not being a 'tard either. I help woth breastfeeding, so I've always got someone's in my hands at work.
Anyways, that was way off topic... I love your responces. I like the reasons behind King. I got a lump in my throat over your grandma.
And I look forward to seeing my kids bond too. Lastly I get your Vietnamese miscarriage. Ouch.
I had a domestic miscarriage. Hurt like an SOB.

Two Kayaks said...

As K2 and I were flying into Toronto from San Francisco, we looked at each other with knowing glances. We love our Canada and as much fun as SF was, Canada is our land.

Steffie B. said...

Love your sorry I missed the post.

Now my question is answer as well....The Monkey King....had no it!

Mark & Michelle said...

Thanks for answering my questions.

Next time I am heading out that way, I will drop you a line - perhaps we can meet and have a Timmys!!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Thank you for sharing... this post was so special... it's so wonderful to get to know all of my blogging friends... I feel like we were just sitting on your porch and talking like old friends... I just might do a post like this too but I would be afraid no one would ask me any questions. lol

a&mg said...

Thanks for sharing so much! This is a great thread going around--good way to get to know each other.

Mrs. Incredible said...

thank for the post! Did you see the Monkey King on "Big Bird Goes to China?" Funny/bad editing.

Doris & Dan said...

Love the questions and answers. Our grandmothers are all special and I still miss her. Hugs!

I will stay in Canada purely for the Tims!

Your description of an ideal day sounds heavenly.

Keep smilin!

crazylady said...

So Mr. Man came over to show you his vehicle eh? sure.... heh heh. Was it big?
You know reading this post got me all nostalgic and I figure it's time we had a roadie trip to see your "Pit".
Whaddya say, you and I don some white T shirts, and dh soaks the hose and creates some mud, and see what flings....
I'll bring the coffee in lieu of wine crate.
I want to give you a Grandma smelling hug.

A Special Family said...

Great answers and questions.

If I can't afford TO prices, I will be heading to the city near you when I get back, I actually just had a job offer there for 2 years time...!

I know many people with Hep C so glad yours is in remission!

nikki said...

Very cool...
your Jillian and my Lily sound like 2 peas in a pod.
When will she be three?

tundrachica said...

What a great post to share the most important things in your life...hubby, mom, girls and grandma. I like the story of how you and hubby met...was his car the only thing he showed you that day? hee!hee!

Sorry to hear about the hep C. UGH! We LOVED Canada as we drove through to our final destination. We have pondered moving there when we start looking at the retirement much to do in the big outdoors!

Headmeister said...

Love the answers! I was warned about the boobie squeeze and yet when I had it done, it was a cake walk - truly it was. Love the Monkey King name now that I understand it - just beautiful, actually. And I TOTALLY agree with the Naked