Saturday, April 28, 2007


Things that you might find Jillian doing,

1. Painting her lips and the computer desk with a lovely shade of blue highlighter, she looked cyanotic for two days, the desk faired well with a little T.S.P.

2. Painting Mom and Dad's bed,sheets, wall, floor and not to mention herself with Burt's Bee's hand balm. Thank G*d she's cute, it surely saved her on this occasion.

3. Running around the house yelling "Bad Baby", the other nickname her Jie Jie calls her.

4. Sitting on her Mom's hip.

5. Biting, scratching or hitting if her sister wants some cuddle time from Mom.

6. Yelling "love yee"

Princess Puddin' Pop

Things that you might find Jennifer doing,

1. NOT wearing a princess dress or dress of any kind, this picture was taken before a friend's birthday party, the smile was for mom and the camera.

2. Collecting bugs, worms or just about anything that will gross out her Mom.

3. Playing in her treehouse that her Dad built her.

4.Teasing her little sister (starting a fight, Mom is learning not to intervene, I might get hurt!!)

5. Standing in the naughty spot for four long painful minutes (painful for me that is)

6. Asking her family for a "sandwich hug"

1 comment: said...

Love Yee? All I get is "go away". A treehouse? Are you looking for a head injury? My kids will soon learn to straddle the trunk and climb to get the coconuts way up. Ok, no coconuts, maybe just some hairy rat squirrels.
I'm gonna add you to my blogroll,...yeah, I'm trafficing again.